TV Recap: 'Falling Skies' Episode 306 - 'Be Silent and Come Out'



Ffalling skiesalling Skies Episode 306
“Be Silent and Come Out”
Written By: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson & John Wirth
Directed By: Adam Kane
Original Airdate: 7 July 2013

In This Episode...

Hal takes Tom hostage at gunpoint, then hides out in a burned-out building. Weaver and the troops set up a perimeter, and Maggie admits that Hal thinks he is still under Karen’s control. Weaver tries to talk him down, but it doesn’t work. Matt leads Ben and Maggie through the sewer system to enter the building unseen. Tom is still trying to get through to the Hal he knows. Maggie comes in, followed by Matt, and they triple-team him. It seems to be working, but Hal is at war with himself. He turns the gun from Tom to Maggie to Matt, then finally to himself. Ben jumps at him from his hiding spot and everyone tackles Hal. The gun goes off - Hal is shot. It just grazed him, maybe gave him a slight concussion, but Lourdes assures the Masons that he will be fine.

Lourdes can’t find any implant in Hal, but plans to run some blood tests. Ben brings in Red Eye, who tells them that what Karen infected Hal with is some sort of bug. It can only be deactivated by the alien who implanted it. That alien is dead, but Red Eye says his race has developed a kind of tracer round to kill any implanted bug. The down side is that they don’t know the effects on the human body. If Hal doesn’t have a bug in him, the cure will kill him. Red Eye hands over a huge yellow crystal, which I initially mistook to be the world’s gnarliest suppository. Instead, Lourdes drills into it and removes some kind of pod or cocoon that opens up and spills black sand all over Hal’s face. He screams as the sand runs into his eyes, his mouth, any other orifice it can find. His veins turn black, then he spits up a puddle of silvery saliva. Hal’s heart stops, and Lourdes rushes to save him.

Hal wakes up days later - he is fine. He has no memory of anything that happened in the last week, including taking his dad hostage, but he is fine. Assuming that Hal was the mole, but no longer is, he is welcomed back into the community (except by Pope, of course). Red Eye claims to have found where Karen is keeping Anne and Alexis, so the Mason boys mount up and ride out to reclaim their squaws. Before they leave, Tom resigns as president and Marina is sworn in.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a chance for Falling Skies to do something ballsy and kill off one of the main characters. Few shows have the nerve to do it, and clearly Falling Skies is not one of those few. It wasn’t a bad episode; it was just slow. The hostage situation went on way too long with no new developments. It was like the world’s worst intervention.


The Masons are taken hostage - by humans. And it seems pretty clear that Marina is being set-up to be the next red-herring mole.