TV Recap: 'Falling Skies' Episode 308 - 'Strange Brew'



Falling Skies Episode 308
“Strange Brew”
Written By: John Wirth
Directed By: David Solomon
Original Airdate: 21 July 2013

In This Episode...

Tom wakes from a nightmare of aliens, in bed, with Rebecca. This isn’t before the invasion; it is as if it never happened. Rebecca makes breakfast and Tom sees the boys off to school before he heads to the university. All the people we know are in this version of Tom’s life. Pope is a philosophy teacher; Lourdes is a student sleeping with him. Maggie is also one of Tom’s students; Anthony is the dean; Jean is Tom’s secretary; Weaver is a homeless guy walking around with a sign promising the end is nigh. Marina and “Cochise” (Doug Jones without his alien makeup) are also teachers. Tom doesn’t know Anne Glass, but she keeps calling, sending expensive gifts, and leaving love notes for him. Dai returns as Anne’s husband, confronting Tom about sleeping with his wife.

This version of Tom’s reality begins to fracture as he tries to remember how he knows Anne. Throughout this new reality, Tom hears virtually everyone discussing four options for various vacation getaways: Jacksonville, Boston, Chicago, and New York. This includes Anne, who meets him for coffee as they plan a romantic getaway. Tom insists that he doesn’t know who she is, that he loves Rebecca, and that he is not running away. He refuses to choose between the four cities. Things get blurry, and his reality fractures. Suddenly he wakes, on Karen’s table, with an alien facehugger being ripped painfully from his face. The skitters have towers in those four cities and Karen is trying to probe Tom to figure out which one the Volm is planning to hit. Weaver and the Mason boys raid the place, and Tom walks right into a wall, blacking out. He wakes in the Charleston clinic, two days later, and wastes no time letting Weaver and the crew know that the skitters are stepping up their timetable to get the grid up. Weaver wants to know if they are still on for the original plan, and asks Tom to get the map. He is faced with four: Jacksonville, New York, Chicago, and Boston. Tom turns around and shoots Weaver point-blank.

Tom is again on the skitter table, again having a facehugger ripped from his face. I am 99% sure this is the real reality. Karen shows Tom Anne and Lexi in a cocoon, dead. She didn’t want to, but she had to, and if he wants to save his sons, Tom needs to reveal the target city. He refuses. Karen and a skitter take Tom out to a balcony. They are in the leg of a massive tower and watch as the grid (a purple spiderweb of light) goes up over the sky. Tom tackles the skitter and the two fly over the balcony. The skitter goes splat when they hit the concrete; Tom used him as an airbag and gets away with a minor limp.

Meanwhile, back at Charleston, Weaver is fairly sure that Marina is the mole. Marina is aware of this, and doesn’t blame them, but for now she believes the best decision for the town, and for humanity, is to get the Volm weapon operational and blast a hole in the grid.

Dig It or Bury It?

I’m not really a fan of the whole dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream storytelling method. At least this one had a purpose; normally it is just a lazy device. It still felt fractured. The whole thing about Lexi and Anne being dead is weird, because clearly they are not dead. Lexi being part alien is too good a storyline to waste by killing her off after three episodes.


The mole is finally uncovered.