TV Recap: 'Fringe' Episode 409 - 'Enemy of My Enemy'


Fringe Episode 409

"Enemy of My Enemy"

Written By: Monica Owusu-Breen & Alison Schapker

Directed By: Joe Chappelle

Original Airdate: 20 January 2012

In This Episode...

We start out "Over There." Fauxlivia and Lincoln arrest Jones as the one who is creating the shifters. When they bring him into Fringe, Peter is shocked to see him - after all, in his universe, Jones got chopped in two. No one (in either universe) knows who Jones is. Peter talks to Jones, telling him what he knows about him. Jones is shaken - but only slightly. He demands a hard drive from Brandon's office, and gives them a time limit. When Fauxlivia and Lincoln don't meet the time frame, a cohort of his calls Fringe to let them listen as she gases an ER full of people to death. He promises that the next time, more people will die. Walternate makes the decision to let him go, but they slip an internal tracker in Jones's tea and plan to keep all eyes on him.

Out in the city center, Jones begins handing out money - and lots of it. Trackers on the same frequency as the one he consumed are on each bill, bringing dozens of little blips to Fringe's tracking software. Once they lose visual contact with Jones, he is gone. Peter starts looking at what they took off Jones's hard drive. Astrid hasn't been able to figure out the connections in the satellite imagery, but Peter does: they are sites that contain huge mineral deposits. On its own, the mineral is inert, but if you know how to monkey with it (like Jones does) it can become a weapon of mass destruction. Peter directs the team to a quarry with the highest concentration of this mineral - but he is not there. Peter realizes that the maps he has are for the other universe ("our" universe) so he comes back over to alert our side. Over here, they find Jones, a firefight ensues, but he makes it back to the other side.

After the Jones debacle, the two universes finally decide they need to team up. Both Olivias, both Broyles, both Lincolns, Peter, and Walternate are in attendance, and everyone seems ready to work together (except of course for their Broyles, who is still secretly working with Jones). Jones is always one step ahead of them - but Peter is the one factor he wasn't counting on and they hope to use that to trip him up.

Also: Walternate can't help Peter use the machine - only our Walter can. Elizabeth crosses over to convince Walter to help "a version" of their son. Walter agrees - and even leaves the lab and visits Peter at his house to tell him this.  Olivia asks Astrid to test a blood sample - I assume it is the blood of the Observer. And back on the other side, Jones is communicating with someone via the inter-dimensional Enigma machine. The person on the other side? Nina.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am quite impressed at the seamlessness with which we now flow between the two universes. They have done a good job differentiating between the characters in each universe - except for Lincoln. For most of the episode he was in his "over there Lincoln" get-up. Until he went back to our universe and put his glasses on, the only way I could tell the two apart was by their Lincoln's comm ring on his ear.

Our Liv and Peter seem to be getting much more chummy, and he is gaining the trust of colleagues in both universes. I kind of think that Other Astrid has a crush on him. I can't help but wonder if, rather than Peter making it back to his own time stream, if his mere presence will turn this universe more like his own. After all, this universe is essentially what the other one would be if Peter had died as a child.


When Jones's bio-weapon goes off in the ER, one victim slams his hand against the window (as they always seem to do in horror movies). When his hand slips down in his final death thralls, his palm is left behind on the window, leaving a bloody red hole in his hand.

Walter Babble

Walter has finally found molecular gastronomy! It seems like he should have been a pioneer in this. When we come in, Astrid is helping him with all his food experiments. She is soaking cheese and he is making some kind of pastrami dish while waiting for his parmesan ice cream to finish. I've had parmesan ice cream - it is delicious.


Olivia meets a girl who can sense death.