TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 103 - 'Beeware'


Grimm Episode 103


Written By: Cameron Litvak

Directed By: Darnell Martin

Original Airdate: 11 November 2011

In This Episode...

A pretty young woman gets on a bus. A flashmob erupts, dancing to "YMCA" of all things. The mob gets off at the next stop... and the woman is dead. She appears to have died from severe anaphylaxis: her head is grotesquely swollen and eyes bulgy. Coroner confirms the death, but it is definitely a homicide. There is an enormous puncture wound behind her ear, and she has at least 50mg of apitoxin (bee venom) in her system. A typical bee sting carries less than .1mg.

Nick and Hank start by bringing in the members of the flash mob. All of them have the same story - word-for-word. Nick is suspicious and one of the flashmobbers, Doug, goes through a brief shift in his arm - it is hairy and insecty. A glance around yields another shift, this one an insect face. Wu traces the IP of the original flashmob email and it sends Nick and Hank to Primrose Paper, an abandoned paper factory. They see a couple of flashmobbers meeting there in secret with an unknown woman. Suddenly, a swarm of bees attacks. The guys get away, but not before Hank gets dozens of beestings. Nick goes back that night with Monroe in tow and discover that the mystery woman is likely Melissa Wincroft, the owner of the mill. A few years ago, she had been embroiled in a class-action lawsuit with the dead woman on the bus, and another woman, also dead from anaphylaxis. Both dead women were on the legal team that brought the suit.

There was a third lawyer on that team: Adelaide Shade, the blonde who tried to kill Marie. Her and the other dead attorneys are all hexenbreit. The one whose horrible visage Nick saw in the first episode. She is brought in to protective custody while the cops track down Melissa. When Nick gets her alone for a few minutes, he confronts her. "You don't know what you are in the middle of," she insists, trying to get him on her side. Hank is attacked by bees in the bathroom, so Nick goes to help. When they come back, Adelaide is gone - presumably carried off by a swarm.

The two race to find Adelaide and Melissa. They split up, and Nick finds them in the basement, where there is a massive hive. Melissa has Adelaide hostage, and she is trying to get Nick onto her side: "I did it to protect you. This was a warning. Something is coming." Nick falters on who he should side with as the two women fight. When Hank comes in, it is clear that Nick has to follow the law of the land that everyone else can see, so he shoots Melissa. Her dying words to him are, "He is coming for you. Beware. It's close."

Dig It or Bury It?

I just can't get a read on this show. Sometimes it feels like a dark, serious show; other times, it feels cartoonish and cheap. In tonight's episode, it started off like a straight procedural, then brought in some cool monster stuff... then took a weird turn at the end by bringing in characters (specifically Melissa and to a lesser extent, the bee keeper) who were caricatures in a 1940s comic book brought to life. Melissa honestly felt like a Dick Tracy character. And really, would it have killed her to just say what is coming? Not saying what is coming didn't help her. Why must these characters be so cryptic. She could have said "Joe Smith" was coming for Nick. He still wouldn't have any clue what that meant, but at least it would have given him a place to start. 

Big Bad...

...Bees. The melfers are monstrous bee-creatures that may or may not be the actual big bads this episode. According to queen Melissa, they are also clarions, and sent the bees as a message to Nick that something bad was coming. I don't know if all melfers are clarions, but wouldn't it have just been easier to drop him a note? What kind of message is swarms of bees? Biblical, I guess.


Adelaide is a hexenbreit. We don't know much else about her. The hexenbreit and the melfers are mortal enemies, and the hexenbreit have an unremarkable curved mark under their tongue, regardless of whether or not they are in human or hexenbreit form.

Fractured Fairytales

So. Many. Bad. Puns. But kudos go to Hank, the only one who acknowledged his terrible pun: "The bee expert just buzzed me. Yeah, I went there."


A killer is on the loose, using hypnosis to kill women. I think that was also the plot of Bloodsucking Freaks.