TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 112 - 'Last Grimm Standing'


Grimm Episode 112

"Last Grimm Standing"

Story By: Thania St. John & Cameron Litvack

Teleplay By: Naren Shankar & Sarah Goldfinger

Directed By: Michael Watkins

Original Airdate: 24 February 2012

In This Episode...

Nick and Hank are called in to a gristly double homicide in an actual log cabin in the woods. Bloody fingerprints from the scene belong to a man named Dimitri, who is on parole for possession charges. Dimitri is supposed to be working at his uncle's boxing gym, but he hasn't been there in a few days. One of the boxers, a rhino-faced vessen named Brian takes Nick and Hank to the running trail he and Dimitri used to train on. The guys get called away when Dimitri's car is found, completely stripped, outside an abandoned warehouse. Inside the warehouse, Hank and Nick find plenty of bloodstains, Latin writing, weird symbols, and medieval weapons. It looks like underground fights were being held there.

Underground fight clubs are nothing new in the vessen world. Monroe knows a guy who knows a guy who can help him find a fight club. Monroe is told to show up to a spot at 6pm, and a guy will meet him there and lead him to the fight. Instead, Monroe is kidnapped and dragged to the fight. He is caged like a dog, and Dimitri's parole officer, Leo, is the one running the show. They have been waiting for a blutbad and put him in the ring for tonight's first cage match, against six-time winner Dimitri. It is a fight to the death, but Monroe refuses to do anything more than defend himself.

Nick shows up and offers to fight Dimitri in place on Monroe, to win both their freedoms. His plan is to just hold out long enough for Hank and their backup to show up and put an end to this. Nick fights well, but Leo fights dirty, and sends another goon into the ring, forcing Monroe to step up. He and Nick work well as a team, and manage to hold them off until backup arrives.

We learn a little bit more about the captain's involvement with the vessen. He originally supplied a list to Leo of gangbangers and meth heads who were "safe" to use in the cage fights. Leo strayed from the list because the fights were no good, and the vessen he was kidnapping created better fights that generated more money. He refers to the captain as "your majesty;" I don't think he meant that sarcastically. The captain later goes to a priest, asking for help with a "parishioner who no longer fears the sword, is beyond redemption, and needs his wraith." Later the captain shows up to watch Leo get devoured by an unseen monster.

Dig It or Bury It?

I like that we getting to see the captain's involvement in the vessen, and I like the way they are handling it. It is slow, it is methodical, but it is focused and doesn't create questions it can't answer. The rest of the episode was purely mediocre. The fight scene at the end was pretty awesome - the best I've seen on Grimm, except for the fact that it was horribly shot. The camera gets too close and the cameraman seemed to go out of his way to make the footage extra-shaky. Otherwise, it was a wholly unremarkable episode.

Big Bad...

...Lowen. Lowen will "rip your face off and eat it." Especially fierce are the gladiator lowen, fueled by generations of violence and enslavement at the hands of Romans, who used them as sport.

We also meet a dickfellig (insert childish giggling here), who is the rhino-faced boxer.


We get more Grimm lore next week, when powerful coins that the Grimms are tasked with guarding, are unleashed.