TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 203 - 'Bad Moon Rising'


Grimm Episode 203
“Bad Moon Rising”
Written By: Richard Hatem
Directed By: David Solomon
Original Airdate: 27 August 2012

In This Episode...

An old friend, Gerald, comes to visit Hank. His daughter, Carly (who happens to be Hank’s goddaughter), is missing. Nick sees the Wesen in Gerald, and hurries off to do some research with Monroe. Gerald is a coyotl - essentially a werewolf. Back at the police station, Nick has a few minutes alone with Gerald, who admits that his dead wife’s brother, Hayden, could likely be behind this. They left the pack more than a decade ago, and like with a street gang, it is blood in, blood out. Hayden lived in Texas until less than a year ago, when he moved to Portland with his kids.

A place of business leads to an empty apartment, where a classified leads the men to a foreclosed farm. Hayden and his kin are camped out there, and in fact, they do have Carly. They were getting ready to perform a fertility ritual on her (see below for more) but they got warning that the cops were coming, so they hid Carly in a well and sat around drinking beer and generally looking like hillbillies. Nick and Hank find evidence of a ritual about to go down, but it isn’t until Nick happens to see a rope twitching in the well that they find Carly. While he and Hank get Carly out, Gerald is fighting with Hayden and his kids. Hank and Nick rush Carly into the barn and take a minute to plan their next move. 

Under the stress of the situation, Carly goes coyotl, which freaks out Hank, whose nerves are already shot. He pulls a gun on the girl and Nick steps in front of her, trying to talk his friend down. He assures Hank he has seen what he has seen, that Hank isn’t going crazy. Hank thinks Nick is paying him lip service, but when Carly chimes in to back up Nick, Hank lowers his weapon. He still doesn’t believe all of it, and Nick has a lot of explaining to do, but for the time being, Hank is sated.

Hayden insists he wants to come in, unarmed, and “talk.” The caveat is that his boys will stay outside, guns trained on Gerald. They allow Hayden in. He thinks that he is going to scare them with his Wesen face, but Hank is prepared for it, and punches him. Hayden is shocked and doesn’t put up a fight. Next, they have Carly scream, drawing three of the four boys into the barn. When the boys see there is a Grimm among them, they surrender easily. All the while, Gerald easily takes on the one remaining kid. They fight, things get dicey, and Carly shows up in the nick o’ time with a crowbar to the kid’s head.

Also: Juliette remembers everyone - literally - except for Nick. She remembers Monroe, all her co-workers, friends, her house, but not Nick, and not that they live together. He shows her photos, so while she doesn’t doubt that he is telling the truth, she is wary of him. Monroe hypothesizes that that was Adalind’s plan all along: to make Juliette forget Nick. She is home by the end of the episode,b but they will be sleeping in separate rooms for awhile.  

Dig It or Bury  It?

A solid, if uneventful episode... until Nick has to tell Hank about the Wesen. Then the tension is ratcheted way up. Maybe it is because the scene was just well written. Maybe it is because it came at the right time in the series. Maybe it is because I couldn’t help but think how I would react in either man’s position. But whatever it was, it was gripping.

You know what else I like? For the most part, Nick is a straight shooter. He might skirt the truth and avoid giving all the details in situations, but when push comes to shove, he just tells it like it is. It is so refreshing not to have have a TV series built upon lie after lie. It gets frustrating.

Grimm Tales

The coyotls are much like a gang of werewolves. They travel in packs, and it is a “serious no-no” to leave the pack like Gerald and his wife did. One of the reasons they left was a barbaric fertility ritual that would take place on the eve of the first full moon after a girl turns 17. In order to be initiated into a pack, a girl had to endure a ritual that included being raped by her pack mates. And since your pack was your family... well, it just goes from bad to worse.


Yellow Fever is spreading amongst Wesen. It is basically like a zombie plague for Wesen - and Rosalie has it.