TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 204 - 'Quills'


Grimm Episode 204
Written By: David Simkins
Directed By: David Straiton
Original Airdate: 3 September 2012

In This Episode...

Ryan from the parks & rec department gets rear-ended by a guy driving erratically. He is covered in oozing boils and attacks Ryan. Ryan is a Wesen and goes into porcupine mode. He runs off, and is later cornered by Hank and Nick, who fire on him. Later, Ryan begins to develop the same rash and the violent demeanor that killed the other guy. Monroe and Rosalie go on a picnic, and Ryan attacks them. They make it away, seemingly unscathed, but once back at the shop Monroe realizes that Rosalie has the same disease. There is a cure, but Monroe will have to whip it up on his own, as Rosalie is already too far gone. Hank and Nick come in, dragging with them an unconscious Ryan. Monroe mixes up the antidote, but then Rosalie escapes. While Hank and Monroe force the antidote down Ryan’s throat, Nick chases down Rosalie, finding her in an alley. She attacks him with a knife, and Nick knocks her unconscious. Back at the shop, she is given the antidote and all is right with the world.

Also: Nick tells Hank all he knows about being a Grimm and Wesen. Juliette feels bad about not remembering Nick, but worries when memories of Bud, the Wesen repairman, start to come back. She invites him over and he accidentally lets slip that Nick is a Grimm. He tries to backtrack, but it is too late. Renard gets a call from the old country, letting him know that another nuckelavee (assassin) was on his way.

Dig It or Bury It?

I love that Grimm managed to squeeze in a zombie episode and still made it seem totally natural within the mythology. I also like that Hank knows - about damn time - but he is too “casual” about it. He mentions to the captain that one of the victims was acting like a “wild animal.” It’s kind of like when the dorky kid gets let in on a secret, and he drops these “wink-wink, nudge-nudge” hints to seem cool and in the know. I sense that this will bite him in the ass big-time. He will get cocky, or make the wrong comment to the wrong person, and get the crap beaten out of him.

Grimm Tales

The plague that is spreading across the Wesen is called fluvuis pestil-something-or-other. The coroner likens it to ebola or hemorrhagic fever. It starts as heightened libido, but quickly devolves into rage, zombie-like zone-outs, and of course, those festering boils.


Grimm is on hiatus for the next month, returning on September 21st at 9pm - Grimm’s regular Friday night time slot.