TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 206 - 'Over My Dead Body'


Grimm Episode 206
“Over My Dead Body”
Written By: Spiro Skentzos
Directed By: Rob Bailey
Original Airdate: 5 October 2012

In This Episode...

Remember Angelina? She is having fun at a cowboy bar, but when a guy who bought her a couple beers and some chicken wings insists she owe him, she leaves. He confronts her in the parking lot, tries to rape her, and she fights back - literally tearing his throat out. Another guy comes out of nowhere, puts a gun to her head, and takes her away. It turns out the slug she killed had been hired to kill some guy. His boss offers Angelina the job. She accepts, but then discovers her target is Monroe.

She chooses to go to Monroe and tell him. Against her wishes, Monroe gets Nick involved, who has to be talked down from arresting Angelina. He finally agrees to work with Angelina in order to save Monroe. Hank babysits Monroe while Nick and Angelina visit the crime scene and find the cell phone of the guy Angelina killed. Nick uses it to track down the guys who hired her. Angelina confronts one of them, the “sidekick” who admits that his boss, who I will call Baldy McGee, was hired by someone else much higher up the food chain. All the sidekick knows is that the hit has been called on Monroe because he is friends with a Grimm, and the hit is meant to send a message to the wesen community.

Nick feels pretty bad about this. The only way to trace the chain of crazy is to turn over Monroe to Baldy McGee. However, he is a snake wesen, so he will know if Monroe is actually dead or not. Against Rosalee’s wishes, the team mixes up a deathfaint, which, for all intents and purposes, will make Monroe appear dead. He has about two hours before he absolutely must be revived. Even still, there is a chance he won’t make it.

Angelina meets Baldy and his sidekick in the woods, and Monroe passes Baldy’s death test. But Angelina needs to wait for the big boss to get paid. The big boss is a lovely, wealthy blonde woman who, as we had seen throughout the rest of the episode, has a long-standing romantic relationship with Renard. She pays the bounty and leaves, but before Baldy can take possession of the body, Angelina gets nervous and starts resuscitating Monroe. Nick and Hank come out of the shadows, and all hell breaks loose. Amidst the hail of bullets and blutbad teeth, Angelina is shot, Monroe is alive, and it looks like Baldy and his crew escape. Before Angelina dies, she tells Monroe that the big boss was a woman.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was lackluster. That was probably due in large part to the obnoxiousness of Angelina, who dominated every scene. She’s not a good actress and she is just unpleasant to watch. I felt like there was a lot of jibber-jabber in explaining what was going on - far more than necessary. Like it was filler. Overall it was just tedious. And anyone who didn’t see Renard’s girlfriend as being the one who called the hit should check and make sure they don’t have a brain slug sucking their intelligence out of their head.

Big Bad...

...Konigschlange. This is a snake wesen; Baldy McGee is a konigschlange. He is very sensitive to bodily reactions, and can sense if you are scared, excited, lying, or dead by sniffing for your blood rate and heart pressure. He is a walking vitals machine.

Grimm Tales

While babysitting, Hank has some questions for Monroe about the visibility of his wesen face. Sometimes he can make non-Grimms see his face; sometimes he can prevent them. He demonstrates for Hank. One change is done when stressed, but relatively calm; this one Hank cannot see. The other is when Monroe gets mad; this one scares the shit out of Hank - until like a kid on a roller coaster, he wants to do it again.


Juliette begins to regain her memory, but is she remembering Nick - or Renard? Also, Adalind is back.