TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 215 - 'Mr. Sandman'


Grimm Episode 215
“Mr. Sandman”
Written By: Alan DiFiore
Directed By: Norberto Barba
Original Airdate: 22 March 2013

In This Episode...

Andre, a charming, handsome South African frequents grief support groups. At them, he befriends grieving young women then takes them home. He then turns into a giant mutant fly creature, sprays red sand in their eyes, blinding them. While they scream in panic and pain, he tackles them and sucks their tears directly from their eyes with his freakishly long tongue. Then, he leaves. The first woman we see him do this to is Molly. After he leaves Molly, she is stumbling around her own home, and pulls a bookcase down to herself, killing her instantly. An autopsy reveals that she was blinded recently, and the red sand in her eyes contains tiny red parasites. The closest disease the medical examiner can come up with is river blindness, which is transmitted through the bite of a specific kind of fly. That fly is only located in Africa and there have been no reports of the outbreak here. On top of that, the parasites were transmitted through direct contact, and seemed to be in a state of stasis, only becoming active when they hit the eye. A second woman, Kelly, is attacked, but she survives. She has the same parasites in her eyes, but they are growing very quickly, growing barbs that hook into the eye and don’t let go. Within a few hours of her attack, the parasites have essentially eaten her eyeballs away.

To the Grimm cave! Monroe, Nick, and Hank head to the trailer and do some research. They match the attacks to an African creature called a jinamarooshunte. That’s a hell of a name; I’m just going to call it a jim. So the guys stake out a grief group where there were reports of Andre’s distinctive classic Cadillac with tail fins being parked out front. As soon as the group lets out and Andre sees the cops around, he runs. Wu, Nick, and Hank give chase. They split up and Nick discovers Andre cornered in a room, buzzing about (like a fly) as he tries to get out the window. Nick arrests him, but before he can click the cuffs closed, Andre gives him a wallop of eye parasites and escapes. Nick refuses a hospital; they can’t help, so Hank takes him directly to Rosalee. She figures he has about three or four hours before the blindness is permanent. There is a cure, but it requires scooping out the eye of the jim while it is fully transformed. Nick quickly realizes that the blindness and the parasites have given him superhero hearing.

The jims have a history of returning to suck the tears out of the family members of the recently blinded victims - it a vicious cycle. Andre returns to Kelly’s house and attacks her sister Casey. Casey is a fighter though, and she does her best to fend him off - including clamping her hands over her eyes. Hank and Monroe bust in, leaving Nick and Rosalee in the car. Andre is scared away and Hank think he goes outside, so he follows, Monroe in tow. But Nick hears otherwise and hurries into the house. He follows the sound into the attic, which is exactly where Andreis hiding. The two fight, and despite Nick’s blindness, he does a pretty good job and eventually gets him onto the floor in a wrestling hold. Nick’s buddies rush to his aide. Monroe scoops out the eyeball, then Rosalee smushes it up with some powder to make a paste, then spreads it onto a cloth and ties it over Nick’s eyes. It stings - but it works. The next morning, Nick and Monroe are out in the forest playing real-life fruit ninja while blindfolded. It quickly becomes clear that Nick has his vision back - and still held on to the superhero hearing.

Meanwhile, Juliette is certain she is going crazy, so she talks to Rosalee and explains what she has been seeing. In addition to the giant gaping pit, she has seen a blurry, staticky, ghostly, hunched figure trying to talk to her - but she can’t make out the words. Rosalee doesn’t see it, but promises to do some research on it. When the ghost returns, Juliette finally confronts it. The ghost rises, and shuts off the ghostly flashlight that has been obscuring the details. It is Nick, and as soon as he reveals himself he disappears. Renard has been suffering similar hallucinations. In his, he wakes up to find Juliette naked in bed with him. “What are you doing here?” he asks, alarmed. “You wanted me here.” No, I didn’t, you have to leave.” Juliette morphs into a demonic, withered husk of herself and asks “Kiss me like you did before.” Renard screams - like a full-out horror movie girl scream.

We also learn a little bit more about Renard’s family. Not much, and I think we could figure out most of it from previous episodes. He is a hexenbiest, but only a half-hexenbiest because a hexenbiest can’t be a royal. So he must have had one parent of each. Rosalee and Monroe surmise that that might be why he wants Nick on his side: it would give him better standing with his royal lineage. In Vienna, Adalind meets with an old woman who was good friends with her mother. She is - or was - hexenbiest as well, and she reveals to the woman that she is pregnant, and it could be either Renard’s baby - or his brother’s. Either way, that’s royal blood, and that makes the child worth a lot. The old woman promises to help Adalind with that.

Dig It or Bury It?

This one made my eyes hurt, merely by the power of suggestion. I liked it though - it was damned gruesome and that fly Wesen is badass. However, I feel like Andre’s story didn’t really have a satisfying ending. I’m not sure exactly what I wanted from it, but somehow it just left me wanting more.

Juliette’s story is constructed in an odd fashion. It feels like it was filmed almost as an afterthought, and then cut into the show after the show was already cut. I felt it last week, too. Renard’s waking nightmare also had that same feel. Was it once all part of one episode that was chopped up and spread out as a B-story?

Big Bad...

Jim. This insect Wesen hails from Kenya. He feeds off tears like an opium addict. So when he hasn’t had any, he starts to suffer severe withdrawal. In Nick’s books, one of the jim’s victims has their brain removed - it is black and crawling with red parasites.


If you die in the video game, you die in real life.