TV Recap: 'Grimm' Episode 305 - 'El Cucuy'


Grimm Episode 305
“El Cucuy”
Written By: Michael Golamco
Directed By: John Behring
Original Airdate: 29 November 2013

In This Episode...

A gas station attendant is savagely beaten during an armed robbery. In the intensive care unit, his mother cries over her unconscious son, praying for the robbers to get their comeuppance. A few nights later, the same robbers hit another convenience store. This time, as they approach the getaway car, a beast is waiting for them, one that rips out the throat of both robbers, leaving behind two bloody corpses.

Nick and Hank are at a loss for both motive and suspects. One suspect may be David Flores, the “neighborhood hothead” who believes the cops are out to get the people in the Hispanic neighborhoods. Flores doesn’t have a rap sheet - he is a Marine with PTSD - so they move on to questioning a few people who were at the convenience store just before the robbery. No one saw anything out of the ordinary, but one guy suggests this might be the work of Ray Bolton, the neighborhood thug who likes to fight dogs on the weekends. With the victims looking like they had tangled with wild dogs, the guys head over with a warrant to take DNA swabs from the dogs. Bolton, as you might imagine, is not keen on this idea. He reveals himself to be wesen, one that Nick has never seen before, and when he realizes Nick is a Grimm, he tries to attack. 

Bolton is taken into custody, but none of his dogs are a DNA match to the samples taken from the victims. Luckily they still have Bolton for assaulting a police officer, but while he is in custody, another call comes in. A woman gets off the bus and is walking home when she is attacked by a would-be rapist. She is saved when a big, beastly creature interrupts the attack by ripping out the rapist’s throat. So clearly, Bolton has a sound alibi - and Flores is again at the scene. The woman does not know who her attacker was, but she hesitantly identifies her attacker’s attacker: El Cucuy.

Nick asks Juliette about El Cucuy. She describes it as a “boogeyman,” the kind of thing that her grandmother used to tell her stories about if she didn’t clean her room. A visit to her friend Pilar yields more on the myth of El Cucuy. When she was growing up in Guadalajara, there was a rash of murders that left her so scared she slept under her parents’ bed. She could hear women from all over the neighborhood finding their husbands dead and crying for El Cucuy, until one day, there were “no evil men left in the barrio.” El Cucuy is said to wander from place to place and if enough women call for help, El Cucuy will awaken and answer the call. There is no info on El Cucuy in the trailer. Either his family never came across one, or they aren’t wesen.

Surveillance cameras from the bus yield an interesting face: Mrs. Garcia, an elderly woman who was also at the convenience store crime scene. She is a lovely, slightly flirtatious old lady who has no problem going to the station with Nick and Hank. On the way, a call goes out for available units to go to Ray Bolton’s house. David Flores had been beaten up by Bolton’s crew and his mom called the police, fearing that her son went over to teach him a lesson. When Hank and Nick arrive at Bolton’s house, they find Flores there in his dress blues with a knife. The cops separate the two brawlers and Bolton wants to press charges. They send Bolton back in the house and take Flores to the car. Old Mrs. Garcia is gone, because old Mrs. Garcia is El Cucuy, and she is in the house, ripping Bolton and his goons to bits. Nick confronts her and she shifts back to human. “I had no idea you were a Grimm.”

Mrs. Garcia is taken to the station, and she is cocky. “I know it looks bad, but who would believe it?” She is done anyway; she did what she came to do. The cops have no choice to release her. How could a 70+ year old woman tear half a dozen beefy men to bits? 

As Mrs. Garcia walks home, a hooligan snatches her purse. She laughs, changes into El Cucuy, and runs after him.

Also: Juliette is very upset by the email she found to Nick from “M,” but she tries to play it off like it is none of her business. Nick admits flat-out that the email is from his mother and means she must be in trouble. Juliette is both relieved and saddened that he didn’t tell her that his mom is still alive. So he explains further, that he only just found out while she was in her coma. Nick is glad he no longer has to lie to her, and she gets excited about helping track down his mom. A simple IP search shows the email came from Slovenia (I am not even going to waste my time thinking about all the zillions of ways that that doesn’t mean his mom is actually in Slovenia) and Nick thinks she is heading to Greece.

Meanwhile, Adalind goes to the doctor for an ultrasound. The doctor hears two heartbeats, but only sees one baby, so she explains it away as an echo. Sebastian and one of his spies take photos of Adalind leaving the office, as well as her medical records. This all goes to Renard, who now has confirmation of her pregnancy.

Dig It or Bury It?

The El Cucuy storyline was interesting, but the resolution was a little unsatisfying. There is nothing the cops can do but let her go. This is starting to turn into a troubling - and boring - pattern. And is El Cucuy a wesen or not? She knows who Nick is, and maybe his family never came across an El Cucuy.

It’s so refreshing to see a show without lies. Nick is up front with Juliette about everything. Granted, this isn’t an absurd sitcom, but usually in TV shows, the two main romantic leads lie to each other constantly. This is supposed to lead to a quirky or comical situation, but it just frustrates me and distracts from the plot. It is a welcome change to have two, rational adults be honest with each other, thereby preventing torturous relationship drama.

Big Bad...

...Hollentier. A brutish combination of dragon and hellhound, its lineage dates back to ancient Egyptians. It is also incredibly stupid. Monroe thinks a hollentier wouldn’t know what to be afraid of.

We also have El Cucuy, who I think we established pretty well above. El Cucuy is a wesen, whom a woman in her village described as having eyes that glow yellow, razor sharp teeth, and foul breath.


Exorcism! Is a young boy possessed or just a wesen?