TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 101 - 'It's a Fae Fae Fae World'


Lost Girl Episode 101

"It's a Fae Fae Fae World"

Written By: Michelle Lovretta

Directed By: Erik Canuel

Original Airdate: 16 January 2012

In This Episode...

Meet Bo, a pretty, streetwise bartender. She's too smart to take a suspicious drink from a skeezy bar guy, but keeps an eye on him - especially when he leaves with a blonde pickpocket who succumbed to his date-rape drink. Bo follows, and when skeezy bar guy tries to take advantage of the drugged girl, she steps in and "seduces" him with a kiss. Her eyes turn blue and she sucks blue smoke from his mouth. He collapses, dead, with a creepy Joker-like grin on his face. Bo takes the girl back to her place. Bo's place is a crumbling, abandoned house. She throws a few personal belongings into a duffel bag; everything else goes into a trash can with some lighter fluid and a match.

The girl, Kenzi, wakes as Bo tries to sneak out. Bo convinces Kenzi that everything she saw was a product of her drugged mind - until Kenzi realizes she recorded the whole thing on her camera phone. Bo takes her out for milkshakes to calm her down. Once the initial shock wears off, Kenzi thinks the whole sucking people of their essence thing is pretty cool. She desperately wants to be Bo's "sidekick" - whatever that would mean in this situation.

Before any decision can be reached, Bo is kidnapped by Dyson, a cop who knows all about her supernatural powers. Taking her to an undisclosed location, we learn a little bit about who Bo is: she is a fae, an "evolutionary branch that predates humans." Specifically, she is a succubus - hence the soul-sucking that leaves a smile on the deceased's face. The fae are separated into two alliances: the light and the dark. The two factions have a tenuous peace, and an unaligned fae threatens that peace. Bo, raised by human parents and therefore having no knowledge of the fae world, won't choose a fae side; she chooses humans. Bo is let go - for now - but Dyson offers her assistance, including allowing her to feed - safely - off of him for strength.

Dig It or Bury It?

Honestly, I wasn't really interested in the concept. True Blood has been dabbling with the fae, and look how that turned out (not well). But despite the corniness of fairies, the show pulls it off with minimal cheese factor. The pseudo-political overtones of the "light" and "dark" fae were a little obvious - they couldn't have at least given the different tribes cooler names?  Why not just call them "good fairies" and "bad fairies"? 

Fae Tales

In addition to the traditional succubus ability of sucking the essence out of a person during an intimate moment, with a simple touch, Bo can seduce a person into a state of lustful hypnosis.


In order to "prove" her fae-ness (because sucking blue essence out of a person is apparently not proof enough), Bo has to fight two under fae to the death. Under fae are those who live (wait for it) underground because they can't pass for humans. In a Thunderdome-like situation, Bo faces off against an enormous warrior-type with a long forked tongue and giant stone mallets. He is big but slow. Bo dives between his legs to cut his Achille's tendon, then slits his throat when he is on the ground. Under fae #2 is a pain eater - he goes into Bo's mind, presenting himself as a kindly grandfather-type, trying to convince her to let him take her pain away. In reality, he is a Guillermo del Toro-type monster, with long arboreal fingers. Kenzi breaks in to the warehouse and Bo hears her calling. This breaks the pain eater's mind-meld and the pain eater dies.

Spritely Humor

Kenzi: "You can control people by touch - and not in a creepy handjob way."


Bo and Kenzi help a woodland fae who farts green fire to get his treasure back.