TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 201 - 'Something Wicked This Fae Comes'

Lost Girl Episode 201

"Something Wicked This Fae Comes"

Written By: Michelle Lovretta

Directed By: Robert Lieberman

Original Airdate: 16 April 2012

In This Episode...

In the season two premiere, Dyson has blown town, half the light fae elders are dead, and the Ash is in a coma. All this uncertainty means the light fae are vulnerable to an attack. Hale and Bo have been trapping and killing underfae which are coming out of the woodwork in hopes of wreaking havoc. With the Ash near death, the physical land which the light fae lay claim to is in jeopardy of being usurped.

The remnants of a skinless body lead Bo and Kenzi to a traveling carnival of misfits. They are fae, who use the cover of sideshow freaks to pass in human society. Dyson returns to town, cold, distant, and in handcuffs - he was arrested for starting a bar fight - and rejoins the group somewhat unceremoniously. The investigation leads the group to find a large chunk of partially digested skin - about the size of a hand and arm. Lauren is fascinated when she discovers a map tattooed on the skin from the inside and definitely premortem. The guy who was killed - a fae - was a "sheath" for a sword which can be used to chop up something bigger and heavier. In this case, it is a heartstone, which is what binds an area of land to one side or the other. With the Ash comatose, the heartstone is vulnerable. In order to break the spell binding man and land, one must chop it with the sword, then have sex with the attractive young lady who comes out of the stone, all while an accomplice recites a chant that draws energy from sexually charged masses of humans. In this case, it is a rave.

It is Zale, the ringmaster of the sideshow, who is also masterminding the takeover of light fae land. Bo finds him, but doesn't get a chance to do anything. Dyson finds Zale's accomplice and snaps his neck with a flick of the wrist. Stopping the chant stops the ritual, and the light fae land is safe. For now.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a no-go for me. For one, they introduce this wicked-looking carnival... and do virtually nothing with it. That is just cruel. Other than a few "colorful characters," we didn't even get a glimpse at their skills. And second, the ending was anti-climactic. Blink and you will miss Dyson snapping the carnival worker's neck, thereby rendering Zale's ritual useless. Third, Dyson was mopey and moody tonight. It was obnoxious.

It is interesting that Syfy Channel chose to air the second season of Lost Girl back-to-back with the first episode. Tonight's episode was the first of the Canadian series' second season. Maybe they are planning on airing season three (underway up north) concurrently? 

Fae Tales

The fae that ate the tattooed guy was part of the carnival, and called a Tesso. Tessos are rare Japanese fae who absorb knowledge by eating it.

Spritely Humor

The rave makes Bo hungry, and when she is hungry she is horny. "Can you make it through on your own," Kenzi asks, "or do I have to plug your muff?"


It's the fae Hunger Games: fae get let loose in the forest with bows and arrows and are forced to kill others in order to survive.