TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 208 - 'Death Doesn't Become Him'


Lost Girl Episode 208

"Death Doesn't Become Him"

Written By: Steve Cochrane

Directed By: Steve Dimarco

Original Airdate: 11 June 2012

In This Episode...

Trick enlists both Dyson and Bo's help. His friend, Donovan, buried his husband Christophe a week ago. He went to visit the grave and discovered that his corpse was gone. Bo and Dyson begin their search with a visit to Gary, a creepy butcher fae who eats human flesh. When seduction doesn't work, Bo threatens Gary with a lifetime in prison - with only vegetarian food to eat. He breaks, and reveals a rare fae, the Lich, is in town. The Lich likes to bring the dead back to life and enjoy their talents. He calls them his dolls. Christophe was a renown ballet dancer. He joined a world-class chef, a cowgirl from the Wild West, an 18th century composer, and others.

Bo and Dyson pay the Lich a visit. He has spent a lifetime (and he is an ancient creature) learning everything there is to know about everything - and still he wants more. The only thing he hasn't been able to learn is true passion. Excited to finally meet a succubus, he invites Bo to return that evening for a little cultural salon he has set up. She brings Lauren as her date, in the hopes that the Lich could tell them about the nail that is supposed to be the key to Nadia's cure. He obviously recognizes the nail, but plays dumb. Tired of being jerked around, Bo demands he release Christophe from his spell. Naturally, the Lich refuses, so Bo destroys a painting which she believes is the key to his power. It's not. Somehow (they don't show how), Bo and Lauren end up chained on stage. The Lich wants them to be the final act of the evening: Bo must feed on Lauren so the Lich can experience what true passion is, the only thing he has never been able to experience (don't even get me started on that one). When Bo refuses to drain Lauren dry, his cowgirl shoots her in the gut. She still refuses to feed, even to heal herself, so the Lich's "dolls" take Lauren and throw her down on the dining table. If Bo won't drain her, the Lich will eat her. Bo suddenly starts glowing red. Her hair blows in a nonexistent wind, and her voice becomes guttural. She sucks the chi from all the dolls while threatening to become more powerful than everyone, and have them all bow at her feet. She frees herself from her chains and collapses, back to normal Bo. She gives Christophe a little bit of chi back - enough so he can say a proper goodbye to Donovan. The others refuse to be kept alive. She strong arms the details on the nail from the Lich before she kills him. Nadia didn't get a disease; she got a curse. This nail belonged to the shaman who cursed Nadia. Somewhere there is a board with Nadia's nail hammered in. Remove the nail and it should wake Nadia.

Meanwhile, Hale takes on a high-profile personal protection detail, guarding the Glaive's 21-year-old daughter Tori. Tori is, as Kenzi calls her, a "trust fund faeby." She is spoiled and angry, no doubt in part to her overprotective mother, who has a list of rules of things Tori is not allowed to do: no coffee, no alcohol, no boys, no rap music, no fun. Kenzi takes pity on her and convinces Hale to let the girl have a little fun, and the two proceed to drink and dance. When Hale's back is turned, they escape back to Kenzi's house for more pre-partying before they hit the clubs. Tori pre-partied a little too much and starts throwing up. Kenzi gives her a cup of coffee to sober her up - and Tori collapses. Kenzi and Hale freak out, thinking they killed the daughter of the Glaive. They rush her to the bar, in hopes that Trick can get the Lich to resurrect her. The Lich is dead by this point, but Dyson is there. He pounds Tori's chest and she pops up, alive and well. She is allergic to coffee, and she needed someone to start her second heart.

Dig It or Bury  It?

This was a weak episode. The two storylines, the Lich and the glaive's daughter, each felt a little more than half an episode's worth of story, so that when both were crammed into one episode, they each felt like they were not quite fleshed out. Who is the glaive? Why does her daughter need a babysitter? The Lich's backstory was fleshed out enough, but Bo's sudden rise to glowy power was weird. I guess the best explanation would be that Bo had a heightened emotional response that allowed her to turn into super-succubus...? It was sudden, it was random, there was no explanation, and there were no repercussions.

Fae Tales

Lichs are part of an ancient Egyptian line of royalty. They have somehow found a way to remain immortal. Doing so requires them to eat human flesh to feed the body, and knowledge to feed the soul. They can raise the dead, but unlike a necromancer, a lich's victims come back as fresh as they were the day they died.


Little girl ghosts and an alternate reality plot should make for an interesting - and hopefully creepy - episode.