TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 211 - 'Can't See the Fae-Rest'


Lost Girl Episode 211
“Can’t See the Fae-rest”
Written By: Shelley Scarrow
Directed By: Gail Harvey
Original Airdate: 2 July 2012

In This Episode...

Rich twentysomething men are turning up dead at exclusive parties. After three deaths, in which each victim appears to have been crushed to death, Dyson and Hale decide it is a fae serial killer. They send Bo and Kenzi undercover as society girls to see what they can find out. At the party, the girls split up. Kenzi goes to a back room with the party host, Russell, when he offers her a tour of his house. Someone sneaks up behind Kenzi and knocks her out. When she comes to, Russell is dead and another party goer, Clive, has been knocked out.

The prime suspect is an exclusive men’s accessories designer named Lita. She is the only one who has been at all the deadly parties, and the only one who isn’t on Dyson’s witness list. Bo and Dyson visit her, looking for some new accessories for Dyson. As soon as he mentions Russell, Lita gets nervous and turns down the job. She is a snake fae, and tries to escape. Dyson catches her and she is brought to fae prison at the Ash’s compound. While Lita is in custody, Clive is killed and they realize that Lita is not the killer.

The killer is a homeless woman named Maganda, who has been outside several of the crime scenes. Maganda is a fae who is desperate to get back the bits of wood from her home tree, and will kill to get them all back. All the men had tchotchkes made from wood from Maganda’s tree. An importer/exporter named Heinz who specializes in exotic goods chopped down Maganda’s tree and used the wood to make things like a jewelry box and an iPad case.  He promises to hunt down every last splinter and return them to Maganda. In the meantime, Maganda will reside in the Ash’s dungeon as her punishment. She is fine with that. Someone else has been moved to the dungeon: Lauren. When the Ash won’t help her figure out what the cursed nail is - or give her the clearance to research the documents that could help - she flips out and says she is out of there. The Ash locks her up.

Dig It or Bury It?

Holy hell, that was a dull episode. There was no action. There was no sex. There was no witty banter. It was just a story with a huge red herring; a story that wasn’t interesting, and was beefed up with uninteresting side plots.

Fae Tales

We have a number of fae in tonight’s episode. In addition to Maganda, who is a batibat, Lita is a motawama, a snake fae. She uses her own shed skin to create her accessories and sell them to humans - a huge fae no-no. Heinz is also a fae, a kobold. Kobolds are known to have “sticky fingers”


Bo is determined to find an artifact that will release Lauren from her life of servitude.