TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 214 - 'Midnight Lamp'


Lost Girl Episode 214
“Midnight Lamp”
Written By: Jeremy Boxen
Directed By: David Winning
Original Airdate: 20 July 2012


In This Episode...

Lachlyn needs Bo to bring him a fae named Sadie. She is an ifrit, an off-shoot of the genie species (or whatever). But first she must visit Ryan Lambert, a wacky, Q-type inventor who was the mystery man at Bo’s birthday party. She must get a “lamp” to trap the genie-ifrit in. The lamp is a metaphor, and instead Bo gets a tiny lucite music box - that plays “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain.”

Bo goes to an exclusive club that Sadie frequents, and is annoyed to find Ryan there, chatting her up. The two finally get Sadie alone in a private room, but when Bo tries to activate the music box, she does it wrong. She and Ryan argue over the box, and break it. So all three of them are trapped inside the “lamp” - an enormous labyrinthine palace filled with secret passageways, towering staircases, and doors that appear and disappear at will. The place was designed to make it difficult for captives to escape. Ryan designed each room with a mechanical panel, so he is able to tinker about and open up a channel of some sort that would allow Bo to briefly place a phone call. She calls Dyson and gives him the Cliffs Notes version of what happened.

Dyson brings the music box back to Trick and Hale, but it cannot be fixed. The ifrit can only be controlled by whoever holds possession of the box she is trapped in (not possible since it is broken) or by being “marked” by someone. Bo seduces Sadie and marks her with a hickey. When the hickey disappears Sadie will be free, but it will hold long enough so that Bo can command Sadie to burn through all the rooms in the music box so Ryan can get to the master control room and free them. It works. Back in the real world, she delivers Sadie to Lachlyn. He is displeased that only Bo can control her, and only for a short period of time, but Bo reiterates her feelings on enslavement (she’s against it) and promises that once Lachlyn has what he needs from her, Bo will banish Sadie back to her own plane of existence.

Also: Kenzi is on tour with Nate. Dyson discovers that the norn didn’t just take away his love for Bo - she took away his ability to love altogether. He tells Ciara this, and she is truly hurt and offended - not so much because he made a deal with the norn, but because he did it for a woman he had only known for a few months, but wouldn’t do it for Ciara’s husband, whom he had known for a hundred years. By the end of their adventure, Bo’s feelings towards have changed, and they go to bed together (er, rather, workshop table). Bo discovers that Ryan is a dark fae, which apparently upsets her for a few minutes. Then she gets over it.

Dig It or Bury It?

I really liked this episode. I enjoyed the conceit of Bo being trapped in the labyrinthine music box / genie lamp, and gadgets always make things fun. Plus, I really like Ryan. I don’t understand why Bo is so annoyed by him. He does a great job filling the quirky spot Kenzi left. I also don’t know why it is a big deal if Bo hooks up with a dark fae. She is unaligned; she had no problems sleeping with Dyson, a light fae, or Lauren, a non-fae.

Fae Tales

Conveniently, ifrit powers vary from ifrit to ifrit. Sadie feeds on adoration, and can ignite herself or her victim as necessary. Like a genie, she can only be controlled when held in a contraption (like a lamp). Unlike a genie, she can also be controlled if marked: a burn, a brand, a tattoo, or, in Bo’s case, a hickey.

We also learn that Ryan is a loki. Not the Loki, the god, but a loki, a mischievous fae.


There is a fae feasting on vagabonds. Betcha a buck Bo is on the case.