TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 222 - 'Flesh and Blood'


Lost Girl Episode 222
“Flesh and Blood”
Written By: Alan McCullough
Directed By: Steve DiMarco
Original Airdate: 14 September 2012

In This Episode...

Preparations begin for battle. Trick gives Bo a tiny vial of her grandmother Isabo’s essence. It has great healing powers, and Bo is instructed to drink it if the darkness starts to take over. Bo is going to bind the whole group together with her blood, which will prevent the garuda from turning them against each other, and it will also give Bo a significant power boost. Kenzi is put on “darkness” watch: if Bo appears to be out of control, she must unbind the group and, failing that, she must kill Bo if necessary.

Before our band of merry warriors can roll out, an evil smoke monster sneaks into Trick’s bar and spirits him away to the garuda, leaving Kenzi and Hale to decipher Trick’s codes to figure out where the garuda might be hiding. The garuda promises Trick that he will not make him rewrite the laws, but he wants to show him, like the ghost of Christmas past, why he should want to rewrite those laws. With flashbacks, we see Trick way back as king during the original fae wars. Isabo is convinced that the leader of the dark fae could be reasoned with, and against Trick’s orders, travels to visit him. A mole in Trick’s kingdom forges assassination orders for Isabo under Trick’s name, and both light and dark turn against him. Trick finally gives in and writes the laws in his own blood to save his own hide. The garuda insists that if Trick were to rewrite the laws, that would be the true and everlasting peace.

Meanwhile, Bo and her team (consisting of Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren, Hale, Val, and Vex) roll out. Lauren injects each of them with Bo’s blood, but Vex puts up a fight, causes a scene, and gives himself the injection - in that he injected himself with no blood. Kenzi finally figures out that the garuda is hiding in an abandoned asylum for the criminally insane and the group heads out, splitting up and taking on some berserkers on their way to Trick. Vex suffers a multiple arm fracture and can’t continue (pussy) but then real trauma hits when a berserker slices Kenzi’s gut. She is bleeding bad. Lauren suggests that Hale can sing a high enough note to cauterize her injury and save her. So Hale cauterizes, and I laugh uncontrollably. Lauren finally figures out that Vex didn’t take Bo’s blood, which means that they are not fully bonded. She injects and Bo, who is facing off with the garuda, gets a rush of power. The ridiculous cauterization works and the team scrambles on to meet Bo and Dyson at the final boss.

Bo stops Trick before he can slice open his palm, and she and Dyson fight the garuda. They don’t make a dent, and Trick has been shaken enough that the garuda can possess him like he did Nadia. This is Bo’s chance to strike with the naga venom, but it may kill Trick as well. Remembering the vision, she does it, and the garuda is destroyed - but Trick is dead, too. Kenzi calls Bo on the darkness that is flickering through her eyes, but rather than drinking her grandmother’s essence, she feeds it to Trick, returning him to life. Her darkness gets worse and Trick commands Kenzi to unbind the group, she does, and Bo snaps back to her old self.

So, unshockingly, Bo and her team won and celebrating back at Trick’s bar. Kenzi has some sort of nasty rash or infection spreading up one of her arms but doesn’t want Lauren to look at it; she just wants some air. Hale’s concern for her throughout the episode is a sure sign they will hook up next season. Dyson tells Lauren that now is her chance to leave town and not be put into servitude by the next Ash. Lauren doesn’t want to leave and it is clear that next season the two will battle for Bo’s love. Bo takes a peek at herself in the mirror, and sees the darkness still flickering in her eyes.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a good way to end the season. There wasn’t too much dilly-dallying, we got a satisfying conclusion to the garuda storyline, but got a couple good little cliffhangers for next season.

There was one inexcusably stupid moment tonight: where Lauren tells Hale to hit a pitch high enough to cauterize Kenzi’s wounds. What the what? And then Hale does it, and it works - on the first try. It was just laughable. There is no way that is even remotely possible. It was really stupid and totally pointless.

I have to say I am glad the show is over (for now at least). I am kind of tired of it. To be fair, since Syfy aired the first two seasons back-to-back, I have been watching this show once a week, every week, for nearly 35 weeks. More than half the year. That’s just too much. I am glad for the break.


Season three starts up in January, undoubtedly being paired up with Being Human.