TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 304 - 'Fae-ed to Black'



lost girlLost Girl Episode 304
“Fae-ed to Black”
Written By: Alexandra Zarowny
Directed By: Ron Murphy
Original Airdate: 4 February 2013

In This Episode...

Dyson is concerned about a rash of human deaths in mysterious circumstances. Tamsin thinks it is just humans being stupid, but Dyson is convinced it stinks of fae. He drags Tamsin to a rooftop where Lloyd the Magnificent is getting ready to walk a tightrope. Tamsin doesn’t care; Dyson tries to talk him down. It doesn’t work, and Lloyd plunges to his death. The only common connection between the victims is they all went to a New Age clinic called Better Way. Dyson sends Bo undercover as a new therapist to try to get ahold of the victims’ files.

Bo sneaks around and finds clippings from the deaths in the desk of one Dr. Parker. He specializes in regression hypnotherapy. This time Dyson goes undercover, as a patient, in an attempt to sniff out the fae. But between the incense, the candles, and the kitty litter (Dr. Parker has a therapy cat named Dr. Bob) Dyson can’t sniff anything out. After his hypno-session, though, he feels like he has been reborn. He is too happy, and soon returns to Dr. Parker. This time he is in a manic state and threatens Dr. Parker. Bo and Tamsin follow him there.

Let’s back up a second. With some help from Trick, he determines that the culprit is likely a rakshasa, an Indian shapeshifting fae that can only be killed by lead. Each victim has a nick on their neck that bleeds even after death. Lauren figures out that the nick is where the rakshasa feeds off his victim’s adrenaline. The patients have been hypnotized into remembering their earliest childhood joy, things like being a superhero or a tightrope walker. Dyson has this nick. His childhood dream was the be the king of creatures: a griffin. So he thinks he can fly. Bo beats the truth out of Parker, who has no idea what the fae are; the worst he is guilty of is performing treatments with little training. Bo realizes that Dr. Bob, the cat, is the rakshasa. She tries to find him while Tamsin talks Dyson off the ledge. Tamsin is not cut out for the kind and cuddly stuff, so she takes care of the cat while Bo talks Dyson down. It works, and she shoots him some healing rays to get all the rakshasa-venom out of him. Tamsin finds the cat, who shifts to epic proportions; she kills it with a lead throwing star she carries on her.

Elsewhere, Bo and Lauren are having relationship problems. The sex is epic, but Lauren is worn out. She can’t keep up with Bo, and her work is suffering. On the opposite side, it’s not enough for Bo. She can’t get enough chi off Lauren. She gets hit by a car and goes to Lauren for healing. It doesn’t help and Dyson realizes she is bleeding internally and insists that she feed off him. Bo resists, insisting that she can be monogamous, but the pain is too intense and she gives in. She later admits to Lauren what she has done. Lauren cries - and kisses Bo. They have both been trying to ignore the fact that Bo needs to feed and Lauren’s puny human sex drive is no match for Bo’s nympho side. She agrees that the only way this will work is if Bo can get some on the side. The only rule? No Dyson.

Also, Kenzi is totally getting shafted. She tries to talk to Bo, but Bo is in a sexually frustrated mood. She goes to Hale, who blows her off when he has Ash stuff to deal with - then tries to pay her off by “hiring” her as his stylist and sending her off with a Black card. Trick installs a bodyguard outside of Hale’s office in order to keep her out. I don’t know why she didn’t go talk to Trick - maybe she was afraid he would lecture her instead of helping her. Whatever the case, Kenzi is in bad shape. That rash she got on her arm after attacking the norn has morphed into a massive, bleeding, infected, seeping wound covering the entirety of her arm. Nasty.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was a good episode. Well paced, well structured and plenty of sex. There was lots of weirdness to go around: a killer cat, insane hippies, and the gnarliest wound I’ve seen on this show. So, you know, fun times.

I also appreciate how they handled the rakshasa. The producers wanted the final creature to be enormous, but let’s face it: this show does not have the budget to create something massive and scary. So they used some cleverly placed shadows, some growls and snarls, and had Tamsin looking way, way up. Quick, clean, and effective.

Spritely Humor

A sexually frustrated Bo complains to Kenzi that everything is about sex. “Why is everything about sex?” “Um, hi, wondersnatch, have we met?” Wondersnatch is now my new-favorite word.

Fae Tales

We briefly meet an ixtap - a suicide fae. She feeds off suicides emotions or something. She is not  connected in any way to the rakshasa; she is merely a red herring.


Eyes Wide Shut meets Aladdin in a freaky-deaky key party.