TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 305 - 'Faes Wide Shut'



lost girlLost Girl Episode 305
“Faes Wide Shut”
Written By: Jeremy Boxen
Directed By: George Mihalka
Original Airdate: 11 February 2013

In This Episode...

Kenzi is feeling left out, so she is actively seeking cases for her and Bo. One grabs her attention: a woman greets her husband, Graham, in lingerie when he gets home from his business trip. Before anything can get going, he explodes into a puddle of green ectoplasmic goo. Lauren goes with the girls so she can collect goo samples, but there isn’t much left. The wife explains that within minutes of her husband’s goo-ification, a clean-up team came in and sanitized the house. Wifey gets an unwelcome surprise when a trollop named Delia comes in, claiming to be the girlfriend (“We were, like, totally in love!”) Bo has to break up a catfight between the two, but does discover that on the night Graham exploded, he and Delia had been at a sex club.

So Kenzi and Bo go undercover. Within moments of arriving, Roman, the club owner and a light fae of the bacchus variety, requests an audience with Bo. Bo tries to use her succubus wiles on him, but it doesn’t work and she is thrown out. Kenzi has remained downstairs, watching the pretty people pair up. She sees some of them going into a secret back room with a special key.

As Kenzi laments this lack of a key to Trick, he happens to have one (“It was the 70s. The 1870s, and it was more of a social club back then.”) Kenzi takes the key to Bo, who has run into a little problem. A fae that Bo had sex with was found dead just a block from Bo’s house. Dyson and Tamsin brought Bo in for questioning, and after Kenzi alibis Bo and says she saw the blonde leave the house alive, they have nothing to hold her on. Tamsin tells Bo that she will be following her to the club. 

So everyone gets dressed up. Kenzi and Bo meet Tamsin and Dyson (still in cop clothes) at the club. A surprise member of their clan has shown up: Lauren, who is fighting the urge to be jealous and comes bearing a goo antidote. Tamsin and Dyson go upstairs to speak with Roman, who admits to being behind the secretion that causes humans to turn into goo. He zaps Tamsin with a scepter that shoots sparkly pink fae ecstasy or something. He tries to shoot Dyson with the sparkles, by Dyson deflects it with a metal bowl and the pink sparkles, for whatever reason, burn a huge hole into Roman’s chest, killing him instantly. Okay then.

Meanwhile, the ladies use Trick’s key to enter the VIP section. Inside, everyone dons red cloaks and jeweled masks, and wait in line to enter what looks like a sauna. A giant tentacle squishes the couple in the sauna and presses its sucker cups against the window in ecstasy. Lauren’s fears are confirmed: this is a manta (see below.) Bo sounds the alarms and scares away the people waiting in line for the manta-loving. A couple of club thugs grab Lauren, and Bo goes super-defensive, which makes Kenzi jealous. Kenzi pretends to faint so one of the other thugs will be forced to catch her and hold her captive. This pushes Bo over the edge. She goes evil blue-eyes and beats up the thugs. Lauren is scared that Bo is out of control, and talks her down, pledges her love, and finally gets Bo to snap out of it.

By way of denouement, Lauren tells Bo she doesn’t want to be involved in her “extracurricular activities” anymore. They plan on having an old-fashioned dinner date, and Bo goes home to change. When she leaves, Lauren places a mystery phone call and alerts the person on the other end (Trick maybe?) that Bo is a lot worse off than they suspected. 

Kenzi, throughout the entire episode, has been insanely jealous. No one seems to have time for her - or she just wants too much time from others. So she has spent the episode planting the seeds of doubt and jealousy within the others: Lauren, Bo, Trick. When Bo gets home, Kenzi has a whole Thai dinner spread for the two of them. By way of enticing Bo to stay, she tries to shovel some pad thai into Bo’s mouth. Bo encourages Kenzi to take the first bite. She does, and Bo attacks her physically. “The real Kenzi is allergic to peanuts, and that dish is covered with them. What have you done to my Kenzi??”

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode certainly had more sex than any other episode - and that is saying something. There was probably more sex in this episode than in any other TV show outside pay cable. This one had full-on nudity, too. Once you get past the sex and the tits, it was an average episode. A lot going on, maybe even too much. Something is wrong with Bo and someone may or may not be framing her; something is wrong with Kenzi; Tamsin is still full of hate; then there is the case o’ the week to contend with. I must applaud the show for the way it is handling the idea of an open relationship. Sure it is filled with crazy sex, but it is handled in a mature, responsible way - not just sex for sex’s sake.

Fae Tales

This week we meet a manta, which is a huge, tentacled, hermaphroditic underfae. It can only exist in warm, moist, humid conditions. It is pure sexual energy. When it is taken from its natural habitat, it dries up and dies.

Roman is a bacchus, which is exactly what you think: he gorges himself on debauchery. After centuries of this lifestyle, he cannot feel pleasure anymore, which is why he mates with the manta - it is the only way to feel again.


No one wants to believe Bo that Kenzi has been possessed. And yet, here we are.