TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 308 - 'Fae-ge Against the Machine'



lost girlLost Girl Episode 308
“Fae-ge Against the Machine”
Written By: Alexandra Zarowny
Directed By: Andy Mikita
Original Airdate: 11 March 2013

In This Episode...

More Dawning training leads to frustration. Bo is given the rest of the day off, which is perfect because Lauren is being honored for her work with free radicals. Before she can go home, Tamsin insists that they have lunch - people have been lying to her about the Dawning, and it is more brutal than she ever imagined.

While enjoying a “lunch” of bloody marys at a dark bar, some locals pick a fight. The girls escape through the back with the help of a Hobbit-y fae named Balzac. Bo thanks him, which turns into a binding contract and she is obligated to help. Tamsin isn’t, but she is going to help anyway. At the same time, a large steampunk contraption at the bar has turned on, and Stella informs Trick that this is Bo’s invitation to the Dawning. As her closest blood relative, he must make decisions that the machine will give him, that will affect her - either positively or negatively.

First up, Bo, Tamsin, and Balzac must deal with Fang, a teenage hipster fae who has a cookie that Balzac desperately needs. Trick’s choices are food and drink. He picks food, that food being the poisonous yew berry, which affects all fae differently. For Bo, she speaks in tongues. This distracts Fang long enough to grab his gun. An unseen person shoots a blowdart that knocks out Fang, allowing Bo to grab a fortune cookie from a case behind Fang. The trio runs as more blowdarts hail down on them.

Next, they must go get a prescription. Balzac leads them to a gypsy, who instructs Bo to choose from two tarot cards. Trick’s choices this round are infinity or a snake pit. He chooses infinity. Bo chooses secret option #3, a card from the deck. The card is The Wanderer, which scares everyone - except Bo, who has no idea what it means and no one will tell her. More alarming is the fact that all the cards are The Wanderer. The gypsy writes up their prescription in a hurry, and shoos them away, but a cowboy shows up, the dart blower. Balzac is struck while they trick the cowboy into the trailer. Balzac insists the girls go on their own.

They have to go into Brazenwood, a lawless town that is something like a cross between poor rural towns and western towns. Tamsin initially refuses to go, but when they get there, she can’t help but continue. They give the fortune cookie to the gatekeeper who lets them in. Trick has to choose between food and drink again. This time he picks drink, and it asks for Bo’s least favorite drink. Trick pours it and it makes Bo drunk. While Bo is on a call with Lauren, who is getting frustrated by her missing girlfriend, Tamsin finds the apothecary. The prescription earns them a key, which opens the apothecary. Inside they find Hannah, the subject of their search. The delicate young woman takes some convincing, but she will go with them. Bo grabs a knife and the ladies bail.

Out in the town, Bo is met by the sheriff of the town, who introduces Whitman, the cowboy who has been shooting at them. Trick is given another “choice” - both are death. He turns both levers. Bo faces off against Whitman in a duel. She has a knife to fight with; Whitman has a gun. Then Whitman doubles himself. Bo weighs her options, takes a deep breath... and turns and throws the knife behind her. This is where the real Whitman stands - the two in front of her were both illusions. Tamsin is so excited she runs out and kisses Bo, something that shocks both of them. Hannah is free to go with Bo.

The trio return to the bar, and Trick greets them warmly. However, the machine requires one more thing: something that is both happy and sad. Hannah donates her tears - both happy and sad - to the machine. The machine is sated, it plays a little song, and gives off a burst of confetti. Bo has been invited to the temple for the Dawning. Yup, that whole thing was just to earn an invite. Bo remembers Lauren and runs to meet her, but Lauren - drunk and feeling abandoned - went out to drinks with another scientist who is a “big fan.” Tamsin finds Bo there, and they share an uncomfortable drink together. Tamsin leaves, and finds a tarot card on the ground outside. She hesitantly picks it up... it is The Wanderer. Tamsin is terrified. “Please, tell me she’s not the one.” Hundreds of The Wanderer cards rain down from the sky. So there is your answer.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a fun episode. It reminded me of a video game, with different levels to pass. Plus that steampunk game seemed like it would be fun to tinker with. I am guessing that The Wanderer card means that Bo is one that Tamsin must kill...?

Fae Tales

Hannah is a squant - a fae who cries at everything. Other fae believe squant tears are magic and often collect them until the squant dries up. When Bo tries to pick up Hannah and remove her from her tear-milking prison, Tamsin stops her. If moved against their will, a squant will literally dissolve into a pool of tears.


Who is ready for the Dawning?