TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 309 - 'The Ceremony'



lost girlLost Girl Episode 309
“The Ceremony”
Written By: James Thorpe
Directed By: Lee Rose
Original Airdate: 18 March 2013

In This Episode...

The Dawning has begun. Stella wants Bo to feed off a room full of underwear models to prepare herself, but Bo refuses - she won’t kill for pleasure. Trick paints a symbol on her forehead, Stella reads the invite, and Bo is allowed to take a weapon with her if she chooses a side. She refuses. Dyson steps forward to go as her hand. Bo refuses but Dyson won’t take no for an answer, so they enter the temple through a wormhole.

The temple is filled with familiar surroundings. Bo and Dyson are in the bar, and they are met by a man who simply goes by The Caretaker. She has to find the key and accept it as presented. She must have it in hand to escape. He disappears, and while they wait for the first trial, Dyson admits he is in love with Bo, which aggravates her - she doesn’t need this shit right now. As they kiss, a demon pops up. Dyson tries to fight him but he swats Dyson away. Bo fights him, the demon spills the key, and Bo grabs it. The two disappear. Dyson is left to wonder. The Caretaker eventually returns and tells Dyson that he will be keeping him company here.

Bo is next at the police station. She is a cop; Lauren is her partner. In this reality or timeline or whatever, they dated, they are not together anymore, and Bo mentions that Lauren gave her love away. (Are we perhaps foreshadowing Lauren making a deal with the noorn...?) Bo goes home to her husband, Dyson, a doctor. Tamsin is their weird neighbor who is trimming her roses with bloodied fingers. Bo is on antipsychotic drugs - prescribed by Dyson - and I think the audience is  supposed to question what is real and what is Bo’s delusion. (I sure didn’t.)

That night, Bo reveals to Dyson that she is pregnant. He is deliriously happy. At some point (perhaps meant to be a dream-within-a-dream?) Bo sees a man cradling a baby - it is her and her dad. Dad leaves her with a woman, who is swiftly murdered by Aife, and Bo is taken. But back to the “now,” Bo doubles over in pain. At first she thinks something is wrong with the baby. But Dyson recognizes this as the start of her devolution. (So I guess playtime is over.) He insists that her key out of there is to kill him. She refuses, naturally, and they yell at each other. Finally, he wolfs out and threatens to rip her baby out of her. Out of instinct, Bo stabs Dyson. He drops, the Caretaker shows up, and a key falls out of Dyson’s abdomen. The wormhole is open, but the Caretaker informs her that only one of them can leave. If she tries to take Dyson with her, they will both be stuck there forever. Bo doesn’t play by those rules. She draws the magic symbol on the floor in Dyson’s blood, and it creates a different wormhole, which Bo escapes through - with Dyson.

Back in the real world, Bo is sobbing, begging for someone to help Dyson. Everyone comes running; Lauren starts chest compressions. Bo suddenly gets very calm, her eyes glow blue, and she speaks in a demon voice. “I am his daughter. Death will fear us.” She sucks chi out of Lauren, Kenzi, Trick, and Stella, all at once. “I will decide who dies.” Then she shoots it back into Dyson, and Dyson wakes up, alive and well. Bo has completed the Dawning, and she is fully in control of her powers.

Dig It or Bury It?

What the fuck was that all about? I mean, I get it - Bo’s biggest challenge is her emotions. Maybe it is because I don’t have any emotions of my own, but why would a monster show make the biggest baddie of all Bo’s feelings? In addition to the general obnoxiousness of the touchy-feely aspect, this episode was disjointed (not just because they were in another universe) and was severely anticlimactic. Not only did I not enjoy this episode, I am concerned that the show will now focus on this new love triangle bullshit.


It looks like next week we are back to the lighthearted, silly stuff: Bo goes undercover at a summer camp where bad mojo is going on.