TV Recap: 'Lost Girl' Episode 313 - 'Those Who Wander'



lost girlLost Girl Episode 313
“Those Who Wander”
Written By: Emily Andras
Directed By: Ron Murphy
Original Airdate: 22 April 2013

In This Episode...

Picking up where we left off, Bo is trying to fix up Tamsin but it is not working. I’m not sure where they came from, but a couple of truly obnoxious sluts in cocktail dresses are dancing around Bo’s house and just generally getting in the way. They make some vague mention of Tamsin dying - I guess the valkyrie’s curse is that they are forced to live and die and be reincarnated over and over for all eternity - then Tamsin wakes up and the sluts disappear. Bo needs Tamsin to help her get into the compound, but first they pay Massimo a visit so Tamsin can get a “booster shot” that will juice her up when necessary - basically like a fae steroid shot. He also slips her the completed potion that is supposed to take Bo down.

At the compound, Dyson is with Aife, who is quite mad and says that Isaac was looking for the most powerful fae. She sold out Dyson to protect her daughter. Isaac, having revealed himself to be a psychopath, tells Lauren what he really wants from her: he wants her to take the stem cells from a fae, implant them into him, and turn him fae. Lauren is initially horrified by this, but when she realizes that the fae have ruined her life and this is the next step in human evolution, she decides to board Team Psychopath. Bo and Tamsin have been “arrested” and brought into the compound at this point. Tamsin is put into a cell while Bo meets with Isaac and Lauren and learns of their dirty dealings. Lauren isn’t totally without heart though - she did love Bo once. She will do Isaac’s surgery, but Bo must be freed, unharmed.

Isaac agrees but Bo must be held captive until the surgery is successful. She is put in the cell with Tamsin, and sees Aife across the room. When she starts spouting off nonsense about Bo’s father and how if he were here, he would kill them all, Bo gets distracted. Tamsin pulls her back to Earth, the girls get juiced, and they start fighting to lure the guards over. They take the bait and let the girls out of their capsule, and Tamsin immediately goes into valkyrie mode, making a room full of guards pass out, one by one. Bo releases the other prisoners, and one of them tells Bo that she truly is the chosen one.

Aife and Bo encounter Isaac in his office. He is a little wobbly but the surgery seems to have been a success. He comes at Bo with a knife, but Aife takes the blade for her daughter and drops. Dyson shows up and chases Isaac, giving Bo some time with her mom. Tamsin shows up, reminding her that they need to get out of there, and the “you are the chosen one” fae volunteers to stay with Aife. Shortly after Bo and Tamsin leave, Aife feeds on the fae watching over her.

The girls get lost on their way out and end up in the operating room. Tamsin lets her facade down and reveals to Bo that this was all a trick. (I am assuming to lure Bo to Isaac....? Tamsin also seems to be jealous of Dyson’s love for Bo, and who knows what else.) Bo says that she always knew Tamsin would betray her (*cough* liar! *cough*) and the girl fight begins. Tamsin tosses the potion at Bo, but other than a few sparkles, nothing happens, so they go at it old skool. Bo gets the upper hand, but looking into Tamsin’s weakened eyes, she can’t take any more energy from the girl - despite taunts of “finish me off.” So Tamsin comes back with a small circular saw blade and holds it to Bo’s throat. Tamsin feels like she is already dead, so Bo convinces her to fight, and just like that Tamsin drops the blade and is back on Bo’s side. (Yeah, I don’t know what the fuck just happened either.) Bo will get Kenzi while Tamsin gets Dyson and they will all meet up at the Dahl. 

Dyson has chased Isaac into a field, where Dyson reveals that Isaac didn’t receive the wolf’s stem cells; he got a cabbot’s stem cells (some kind of female fae whose special talent is, apparently, to birth a lot of children). Dyson ends up finding Tamsin’s truck on the edge of the field and climbs in, picking bits of Isaac from between his teeth. As they drive, the song “The Wanderer” plays on the radio. A dark, shadowy figure appears in the road ahead. Tamsin gets scared and tries to run down the figure, but the figure turns into black smoke and knocks the truck over a cliff.

Bo is at the Dahl and can’t find anyone. The doors all lock and “The Wanderer” plays on the radio. Bo thinks this is her father and starts yelling at him to make a move. He does: The Wanderer tarot card falls into Bo’s hand, then a black smoke envelops Bo and she disappears. The Wanderer tarot card flutters to the floor, and there is a new figure on it - Bo. 

Also: The charm that Hale slipped into Kenzi’s pocket was a protection charm that would essentially render her immortal as long as she has it on her. Even still, she wants to go see Massimo about turning her into a fae. Bruce, a huge, beefy Morrigan goon, who turns out to be on Kenzi’s side, insists on going with her (he has a little crush on her). Trick wasn’t actually kidnapped; Hale just hid him in a trunk for safety. He lets him out then sends him to Scotland with Stella until things die down. Hale plans on resigning as Ash.

Dig It or Bury It?

I don’t know if it was because the two shows I watched before this (Bates Motel and The Following) were so good; or if it was because there wasn’t an episode last week; or maybe it was just bad. But I literally have no idea what happened here. Tamsin is good, then bad. Bo “knew” she was bad, yet the moment Tamsin gives up, Bo trusts her again. Maybe split personality is a side effect of dying. But seriously... what the fuck? Trick just automatically leaves the country because Hale says so, and because a hot piece of ass is going with him? Anyone else, I would believe it, but Trick has spent the last three seasons demonstrating how devoted to “the cause” he is. (I’m not exactly sure what that cause is - good?) Ugh - this episode was just one giant mess.