TV Recap: 'The Originals' Episode 104 - 'Girl in New Orleans'



The Originals Episode 104
“Girl in New Orleans”
Written By: Michelle Paradise and Michael Narducci
Directed By: Jesse Warn
Original Airdate: 23 October 2013

In This Episode...

Davina removes Elijah’s stake in a curious-puppy way. She tells Marcel that she doesn’t want to give up Elijah - he told her to find a way to kill an Original, and dammit, she is going to figure it out! She also wants to go to the music festival. Marcel refuses, and Davina explains how she can make someone’s blood boil - then demonstrates on Marcel. He agrees on a compromise. She can go out, but she must remain with a chaperone at all times: Cami. Cami doesn’t want to do it, but Klaus compels her into doing it.

Marcel goes over the rules for the music festival with his inner circle: eyes on Davina and Cami at all times, and absolutely no witches in the quarter. He and Davina meet Cami at her bar, and Davina is overjoyed to watch the band play. The fiddler, Tim, is a boy she has known since she was ten years old. She had a crush on him, but when she had to leave school suddenly, she didn’t get to say goodbye. Klaus has a plan, and through a combination of quick actions and compulsion, he gets Cami and Davina to meet Tim at St. Anne’s church. While the kids flirt, Klaus and Cami chat in the back of the church. 

The church has a gruesome tale attached to it. One of the seminary students killed nine of his classmates, then himself, in the church. The student was Shawn, Cami’s twin brother, which is one of the reasons she is now a psych major: her brother never showed any signs of mental illness and he wasn’t on drugs, so she couldn’t figure out why he would snap. The church has been abandoned ever since the incident. Marcel is friendly with the priest, Father Kiernan, and while he was on leave, Marcel installed Davina in the attic.

Klaus sends Cami on her way and has a little chat with Davina. He wants her to switch sides and work for Team Klaus. Davina believes that Marcel is her friend and doesn’t want to betray him, so Klaus takes it up a notch and threatens Tim’s life. Davina starts to boil Klaus’s blood and breaks his bones, but he does not give up Tim. She loses it and a storm whips up inside the church, causing all the windows to blow out and giving Klaus - and Tim - a chance to disappear. They haven’t gone far - Klaus has Tim up in the rafters and again extends the offer. Davina again refuses, and Klaus throws Tim to the floor. Davina sobs over her dying friend and Klaus offers to heal him - but she must ask. Davina, whimpering, asks Klaus to save Tim, and he does. He compels Tim to forget everything - including that he saw Davina that night - and tells Davina she now owes him a favor. After all, it would be a shame if the vampires and witches knew Marcel’s secret weapon had a weakness. Marcel comes in shortly after Klaus leaves, wondering what Davina is doing there. Rather than turn to him for help, she fires back snottily, “I live here, remember?”

Agnes convinces Hayley she and the baby need a checkup. She makes an appointment with a doctor way out in the bayou, where Marcel won’t bother her or her patients, and sets it for late at night so there is less of a chance that Hayley will be caught outside. It’s all a setup. As soon as Agnes drops off Hayley, she places a call and tells “them” to “do it quickly.” The doctor wants Hayley to take some blood pressure pills, but Hayley is “no good with pills” so she preps an injection. “Them” barge in, so Hayley injects the doc with the drugs meant for her and escapes out the window. They guys follow, but Hayley does a pretty good job killing them - all but one. Rebekah, after receiving a text from Hayley about the doctor’s visit, went to find her, and took care of the last attacker before he could strike Hayley. Of course, a whole new fleet of bounty hunters show up and shoot arrows at the girls. It knocks Rebekah out and when she wakes, Hayley is gone. Rebekah meets up with Klaus back at the doctor’s office, both looking for Hayley. She stumbles up a few minutes later, completely healed (due to the baby with Klaus’s blood, which can heal anything) and no memory of what happened to her.

Also: Rebekah finally finds Elijah but she can’t enter Davina’s attic. Elijah mind-melds with Rebekah, sharing a memory only the two of them know so he can be sure it is not another trick. He reveals that he doesn’t actually want to leave until he has a chance to talk to Davina, devise a plan, work out some kind of deal with her.

Dig It or Bury It?

Okay, I am dying to know what Marcel has on Davina that keeps her so indebted to him. The best I can come up with is that someone or something killed her parents (at Marcel’s command, of course), Marcel swooped in and protected her, and she feels like he is truly looking out for her. Of course, that is a totally boring explanation and I’m sure show creator Julie Plec has something way more awesome up her sleeve. After all, they gave Cami an interesting trauma. It doesn’t make her any more interesting, but at least there is some better motivation there.

There was an awful lot of compulsion going on in this episode, especially with Cami. I wonder if it can scramble your brains.


Everyone’s secrets are revealed, and Klaus heads to the bayou with Marcel to investigate remains.