TV Recap: 'The Originals' Episode 110 - 'The Casket Girls'


the originalsThe Originals Episode 110
“The Casket Girls”
Written By: Charlie Charbonneau and Michelle Paradise
Directed By: Jesse Warn
Original Airdate: 14 January 2014

In This Episode…

We open on a flashback to the 1700s, and Rebekah giving a voice over about Casket Girls, French girls who were sent to the Louisiana territory to marry who they were told were gentlemen, but were usually louses. The girls were meant to class-up a seamy city. Despite this opening, and the title of the episode, the legend of the Casket Girls is never really delved into, other than it is an excuse to party in the French Quarter.

Anyway, Davina is busy scrubbing the compulsion from Cami’s brain. It is agonizingly painful, but she sucks it up - and is shocked when she remembers the whole truth about Klaus, Marcel, and her brother. Davina admits that Kieran knows all about Marcel - they are even kind of friends - which rocks Cami’s world. Josh encourages the girls to leave New Orleans, and he will meet up with them later, after the sun goes down. The girls hit the street, Davina in costume so she won’t be seen. But they see Klaus on the street and duck into Kieran’s church for the time being.

Marcel, Klaus, and Elijah know that Davina is missing. Klaus wants her back or will kill her trying; Elijah just wants her to be safe; and Marcel is somewhere between the two. But Klaus always gets his way. He compels Tim, calls Cami from his phone, and threatens to kill him if Davina doesn’t deliver herself to the compound. Sabine also knows that Davina is no longer under Marcel’s protection, so she breaks out the magic to do a locator spell on the young witch. It leads Sabine and three others in black cloaks to the church.

The witches burst in on Davina, but she is having none of that. With a fury we haven’t yet seen out of her, Davina uses her powers to sweep all four witches into the air, break their necks, and drop them back to the ground. Now she’s amped up and ready to take on Klaus, no matter how bad an idea that is.

Davina marches into the compound, where Klaus has Tim perched on a precariously high beam, playing his fiddle. After an attempt on her life and threats against her friend - all in the last hour or so - Davina is ready for a fight. Klaus demands she rejoin their family, while Marcel takes a softer, more tactful approach. Davina’s fury is first turned on Klaus. She may not be able to kill him, but she can force him through the werewolf transition and show everyone “the animal he truly is.” Halfway through, she gets bored and moves on to Elijah, making him choke on the blood of those he has killed. Finally it is Marcel’s turn. Before she can do anything to him, an iron bar rips through his chest - Rebekah is there, wielding the weapon. Rebekah is there to prove to Davina that she can trust her, that she is not like her brother. It’s a little bit “us girls have to stick together,” but not in a militant way.

Rebekah takes Davina, Josh and Tim into Marcel’s garden, where she shows Davina what Marcel does to his “friends” who betray him - or who he perceives to have betrayed him. Davina is shocked by what she sees. Tim insists she drink some water - apparently all that magic can really dehydrate a person. Tim collapses, and Davina follows soon after - it is painfully obvious that Klaus poisoned the water. Rebekah calls her brother, who promises that this particular poison cannot be cured with vampire blood - in fact, they will never be able to cure it in time. Marcel had an idea that Klaus would pull something like this. When Kieran discovered the witches in his church, he called Marcel, who rushed down there. Sabine was the only survivor, and she only survived because she thought ahead and put a protection spell on herself. Marcel gives her two options: die right now, or cast that same spell on Davina. Sabine went with curtain #2. Eventually, Davina wakes with a gasp, but Tim is not so lucky.

Rebekah returns to the compound, Davina passed out in her arms. Marcel insists on putting her to bed. But once the door closes, Davina’s eyes pop open - she wasn’t really sleeping. Rebekah is back in the garden, feeding Thierry blood and asking him to help in her own plot. She wants to team up with him and Davina to steal New Orleans right out from under the boys’ noses.

Sophie has plans of her own. Not that she knows Davina is not under Marcel’s protection, she wants to finish the harvest. Apparently it is possible, even without an elder. All Sophie needs is the body of an unconsecrated witch. The only one she can think of is Celeste DuBois - Elijah’s one-time lover. Before she died, she made Elijah promise to bury her someplace quiet and hidden, away from the insanity of witches and vampires. Sophie needs Hayley to find out where she was buried. Hayley has no interest in helping her kill a teenager, but if the harvest isn’t completed, eventually their magic would be sapped. Hayley should care about this because it was her bloodline that placed the curse on the werewolves - and if Hayley helps her, she can undo the curse. So Hayley digs through Elijah’s journals and gives Sophie an idea of where to dig. And sure enough, she finds the coffin of Celeste DuBois.

By the end of the episode, Hayley realizes she has made a mistake. Elijah has come home with a stack of Davina’s drawings. These do not represent witches doing magic; this represents what Davina simply called “evil.” Elijah senses that this is some kind of premonition. He soon realizes that when laid out in the proper order, they form a much larger image. Of one Celeste DuBois.

Dig It or Bury It?

Ah, I have missed The Originals. The insanity, the twists and back stabbing and blood. This particular episode wasn’t really special, but it was still just totally engrossing. This new “girl power” kick that Rebekah is on could get a little annoying but so far, I’m on board. 

This tie-in with Casket Girls was a little weak. Rebekah didn’t really explain the significance of Casket Girls very well. Keep an eye open - I’m going to dig into the legend later this week.


Davina’s power is growing at an enormous rate, and she is starting to lose control. I guess that is why the other witches will lose their powers - it is all being dumped into Davina.