TV Recap: 'Sleepy Hollow' Episode 110 - 'The Golem'


sleepy hollowSleepy Hollow Episode 110
“The Golem”
Teleplay By: Mark Goffman & Jose Molina
Story By: Alex Kurtzman
Directed By: J. Miller Tobin
Original Airdate: 9 December 2013

In This Episode...

Ichabod is in a bad mood over discovering he has a son. Not content with that knowledge, he calls Henry Parrish to help him “reach across realms” and speak with Katrina. Henry must get Ichabod “close to death” so he strangles Ichabod into unconsciousness.

In purgatory, Katrina is shocked to see Ichabod. She finally admits that she didn’t know about the baby before she entombed Ichabod, and didn’t tell him when she came to him in dreams because she had “precious little time” to tell him the apocalypse stuff. (She always has “precious little time.” Katrina, you’re dead - where do you need to be?) Anyway, after she entombed Ichabod, she went to Europe to find out how to undo her own spell. She failed on that end, but she learned she was pregnant. When she returned home, her coven was out for her blood. She fled to Frederick’s manor to give birth, but she knew she couldn’t keep the baby. They would forever be fugitives from her coven, and that was no life for a baby. She left the kid in the care of Grace (Abbie’s ancestor) and the church pastor, along with a doll she made to “keep him safe.” This is the doll that is always popping up in ghostly baby carriages - the scariest fucking doll I’ve ever seen. This thing has a square head and blank eyes and stitched-up lips... it borders on child abuse. The coven banished Katrina to purgatory, set up to look like the church where she last saw her baby (who she named Jeremy, after Ichabod’s grandfather). Ichabod vows to get her out of there and find out what became of their son. Then a huge demon that bears a striking resemblance to that scary doll bursts through the church doors and startles Ichabod out of purgatory.

Back in the real world, Ichabod, Abbie, and Henry head to a library that has an extensive historical manuscripts department. The librarian is less-than-helpful, but Ichabod charms his way past her. In the archives, Abbie finds that Grace Dixon died young, in a house fire. The townspeople were afraid of Jeremy, who believed that his crying would start fires. The morning after the fire that killed Grace, Jeremy was discovered amongst the rubble, completely unharmed. He was believed by many to be a witch, like his mother, and sent to an orphanage. This is all the trio can find in the books that the librarian allowed them to see, but Henry senses she has more. (“Lying is a sin and I can sense a sin a mile away.”) They look for her, but the librarian has left. But she doesn’t get far: they find her in her car, completely crushed. Abbie and friends don’t know it, but we know she was killed by a human-sized version of Jeremy’s scary-ass doll.

Abbie takes possession of the librarian’s personal effects after the investigation of her death begins. She pulls out a box that gives Henry shooting pains. He insists that there is nothing but pain inside the box. It is sealed with the symbol of the Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart, Katrina’s coven, so of course, Ichabod has to open it. To Henry, it reeks of death and pain. Inside is a tiny sketchbook with a child’s drawing that looks like Jeremy’s demon doll. Henry believes this book belonged to Jeremy, and has visions of his time int he orphanage. It was run by a cruel priest who flogged Jeremy regularly. During one of his beatings, a drop of Jeremy’s blood fell on the doll, which summoned a creature to kill the priest and care for Jeremy. Jeremy manifested his grief and rage into a champion. It seems that this champion is going after the coven that stole his mother.

Ichabod puts the pieces together and realizes that this “champion” is a golem. Abbie remembers the four veiled women she saw in one of her dreams or visions. These are The Four Who Speak as One, a group of palm readers who play the carnival circuit. The carnival tickets amongst the librarian’s belongings signal where she tracked the Four. The most recent one is just outside town. Time for a field trip!

Abbie and Henry wait just outside the carnival gates while Ichabod wanders down the empty fairway to the Four’s ornate tent. They tell him his aura is fractured and unreadable - they need his palm. He presents it, and they gasp at what they see. They know he is Ichabod, and have waited centuries, for his arrival would seal their fate. Tonight they die. He offers them safety if they release Katrina, but the women have accepted their fate, even after hearing about the golem. The Four say that Ichabod brought the golem with him from purgatory. As a defense (sort of), the women offered Jeremy a place in their coven, offered him help, but he chose his golem over them. He was too powerful and dangerous, so they invoked a hex to stop his heart and buried him. “Our fate is sealed,” the women say as the ground begins to rumble and lightning illuminates the sky. The golem is here. The Four offer one more piece of advice to Ichabod: only Jeremy’s blood can stop the golem. (We all know where this is going.)

Ichabod exits the tent and finds the golem tearing up the carnival. A shattered funhouse mirror impales him in the shoulder. He pulls it out and Henry points out that his blood is Jeremy’s blood. So Ichabod approaches the angry golem wielding the shard like a weapon (just in case) but first tries talking to it. He introduces himself, explains how grateful he is that the golem filled his shoes, yadda yadda yadda. “Jeremy is gone,” he explains. “There is nothing left for you to protect. We both have to let him go.” The golem considers this, then seems to remember he is a monster and starts smashing stuff again. Ichabod stabs it with the bloody shard and the golem goes down. Ichabod holds its hand while it dies, saying goodbye as if speaking directly to his son. The golem disappears, and Ichabod is left holding that demon doll.

Back at the police station, Ichabod is alone while Abbie runs for some food. A mirror cracks in a spiral and mends itself with a window to a dark forest. Ichabod is in this forest and hears Katrina screaming. A demonic voice assures him it is not Katrina - it is Moloch, who offers him a warning, something about the saint’s name being a sign and when Ichabod knows its meaning, war will take form and the end of days will begin. Moloch assures him that Ichabod will die, as will “the second witness.” “I touched her soul once; it will soon be mine forever.”

Also: the captain has been spending more time with his daughter. During a trip to the park, he buys them hot cocoa from a vendor while Macy goes to play with a dog. The vendor asks if his daughter is “strong enough to fight for her soul.” His eyes go white and demony, and the captain shakes him vigorously. The demon spirit jumps into a nearby middle-aged woman

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode had everything: an evil carnival; scary ladies in shrouds with fucked-up teeth; terrifying dolls; a giant faceless monster; and Walter Bishop. (Sorry, John Noble’s character in Sleepy Hollow is just way too similar to his role in Fringe. I can’t help it!)

I feel like Jeremy will come back to life at some later date, maybe season two. After all, the four crones said they placed a hex to stop his heart. Why place a hex if it can’t be unplaced? Seems a little bit of magic will wake that kid up.

Douchey Time Travel Thing to Say

At the carnival, Ichabod is surprised by his own image in the funhouse mirror. Henry explains to him what it is, which leaves Ichabod to ponder, “When did irony become a past time?” Clearly he has not yet been to Brooklyn. 

Also, Abbie gives him a Christmas stocking, something which was clearly not in vogue during his time. “You embroidered my name on an oversized hosiery,” he says with a bewildered smile. He loves it anyway.


That’s it for the year. There should be two more episodes in January before the second season premiere of The Following.