TV Recap: 'Sleepy Hollow' Episodes 112 and 113 - The Season Finale!


Sleepy Hollow Episodes 112 and 113
“The Indispensable Man” 
Teleplay by Damian Kindler & Heather V. Regnier
Story By: Sam Chalsen
Directed By: Adam Kane

“Bad Blood”
Written By: Alex Kurtzman & Mark Goffman
Directed By: Ken Olin
Original Airdate: 20 January 2014

In This Episode…

We have two episodes here crammed together to make “event viewing.” The first episode wasn’t bad, it was just kind of pointless, so let’s get through it quickly.

Andy surprises Abbie in her home. Washington’s bible leads to a map that Moloch wants. Andy suggests she turn over the bible and Moloch will grant her a seat in “Moloch’s new world order.” Naturally Abbie laughs at this. Meeting up with Ichabod at the archives, he has cracked Washington’s code. Remembering a tale his commanding officer told him, Ichabod looks up the story of Lazarus and finds that Washington’s bible has ten extra verses. Revealing the hidden ink, Ichabod and Abbie discover that Washington was kept undead for four days after his death with occult know-how. The map shows the path to purgatory. If Ichabod can get that map, he can free Katrina. An unnecessarily lengthy sequence follows, in which Henry is brought to the cemetery to “read” Father Knapp’s prayer beads, which he was buried with. Knapp was an occultist who helped with Washington’s zombification (and he was the priest who died at the beginning of the season). The beads have been hexed, burning Henry severely and diminishing his ability to see much of the vision. All he can see is that Knapp transferred Washington across water, and he was buried with the map. Then a whole bunch of demons attack.

Washington has several different public tombs, but Ichabod knows he wouldn’t be buried so publicly. They narrow down where he could be and go a’hunting. A pile of specifically placed rocks, and a very specific maneuvering of them reveals a hidden set of stairs that lead deep into the ground. Downstairs, the trio finds a massive, ornate tomb, complete with a pyramid in the center. Ichabod discourages Abbie from pulling the lever: it is probably booby trapped, and Washington wouldn’t be buried some place so obvious. He follows some symbols on the wall and concludes that positioning them just so would reveal a secret tomb. And it does. The coffin rolls out of the wall, and the lid removes itself. Sure enough, Washington - just bones dressed in shockingly well-preserved clothing - is clutching the map. Ichabod grabs it, but Andy has found them. He has become more demony since Abbie last saw him: a pointy alien head and thick black veins, plus he speaks with a deep Moloch voice. A harpoon through his head does little to slow him down. Ichabod is fairly certain that there is another exit through the tomb, and Abbie shoots the pyramid lever, causing the entire tomb to collapse. Abbie, Ichabod, and Henry get out alive.

Ichabod, naturally, wants to use the map to free Katrina; Abbie is worried that doing so will unleash a shit storm of demons on them and hasten the arrival of war. She is also concerned that fate is still prophesying that Ichabod will betray her. He promises to do what is in the best interest of the greater good and burns the map. Of course, later that night, unable to stop thinking about it, Ichabod uses his eidetic memory to draw a new map.

The second hour begins with Henry having nightmares about Moloch and summoning everyone to the archive. A solar eclipse is coming, 13 years to the day that Abbie and Jenny saw Moloch in the woods. He is going to try to resurrect the second horseman today. The only way to prevent the horseman from being raised is to bind him to his grave. That requires a witch, and all the witches Ichabod knows are dead. Except Katrina, stuck in purgatory. He reveals to Abbie the map he drew. She’s not thrilled about this, but they work it out.

Henry accompanies Ichabod and Abbie into the woods, according to the map. They find the proper place, and Henry advises them not to eat or drink anything, and avoid all temptations - none of it is real. Ichabod and Abbie recite an incantation together, and a shattering glass effect reveals a tunnel through the forest. They enter and are quickly separated. Abbie wakes in the cabin, convinced by both Corbin and Andy that she got a concussion during training at Quantico.  She buys into this until she is about to take a bite of apple pie and she remembers Henry’s admonitions. Andy and Corbin turn into demons and Abbie busts out of the cabin. Similarly, Ichabod is faced with his own temptations, in the form of his father welcoming him back into the family after Ichabod won the war for the British. He is thrust out of his delusion when he refuses to drink.

Both Abbie and Ichabod find each other in the woods, surrounded by demons and  lost souls rambling about. They identify one another with a fist bump - like a safe word - and journey on to the church that Katrina always visits. Ichabod explains to her quickly what they are doing there. Katrina cannot leave without forgiveness, but there is one way: if another will take her place. Abbie insists on staying, which Ichabod worries would be a sign that he is fulfilling Moloch’s prophecy that he would turn Abbie over to him. But she insists. Ichabod swears he will return to free her as soon as the binding spell is in place. Katrina gives her a bewitched amulet that will protect her from Moloch and the Cranes escape into modern day. Not content to hunker down in the church, Abbie wanders about. Moloch grabs her, and she fights him off with the amulet, which burns him. She finds safety inside a cartoonish setting which turns out to be a dollhouse she and Jenny had as children. Young Abbie and Jenny are there - they are the memory that Moloch took from the girls that day in the woods.

In modern times, Katrina, Ichabod, and Henry race through the woods until they find the four white trees. Katrina’s binding spell doesn’t work - the horseman isn’t buried there. Henry insists he must be - but it is a ruse. He uses mystical powers to pin both Cranes to the trees, which wrap them up in vines and hold them tight. Henry reveals all, which we see in a montage of scenes cutting between what Abbie is learning of her memory, flashbacks to other episodes, and what Henry is telling the Cranes.

The reason that Katrina couldn’t do the binding spell is that there was nothing to bind. The second horseman had been resurrected 13 years ago - that is what Abbie and Jenny saw that day in the woods, the memory later erased. Henry is that horseman, and he has been playing them all from the moment they met - before, even, as he disguised himself as Katrina when “Katrina” told Abbie about needing to find a sin eater. What’s more is that Henry, the second horseman of the apocalypse… is also Jeremy Crane, Katrina and Ichabod’s son. More than anything, this is revenge for Henry / Jeremy. Abandoned by both parents, Katrina’s coven cursed him to live forever and buried him alive. Henry offers Katrina up to the Headless Horseman, then he drops Ichabod into his former grave and seals him in.

Dig It or Bury It?

The first hour felt like a stall tactic. My husband came in between the two episodes and I realized that I could sum up the entire first episode by saying: “They played National Treasure for an hour and found a map to purgatory hidden in George Washington’s tomb.” Because that was really the only thing of importance that came out of it.

The second episode was much better. I am not surprised that Henry is one of the horsemen; I was rather surprised that he was Ichabod and Katrina’s son. So apparently none of the Crane clan can die…? I know, I know, magic and all that. But why did Jeremy age so much? He died when he was roughly 20, yet when he was freed at least 200 years later, he crawled out of the ground having only added about 40 years.

Douchey Time Travel Thing to Say

There was plenty of delightful time traveller nonsense here. Ichabod rails against consumerism - but promptly admits that it is consumerism that has convinced him his flip phone is outdated and he needs one like Abbie’s.  There is plenty of confusion when Ichabod wanders into a Revolutionary War reenactment, but he does get some new old-fashioned clothes there. When Jenny sees the new duds she asks if this means he can get rid of his old clothes. He won’t, because he fears someone will wear them “ironically.”