TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 703 - 'The Girl Next Door'


Supernatural Episode 703

"The Girl Next Door"

Written By: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin

Directed By: Jensen Ackles

Original Airdate: 7 October 2011

In This Episode...

After last week's run-in with Edgar, the boys are taken to the leviathan hospital. Bobby is alive, and he breaks the boys out. The three hole up in one of Rufus's old shacks. While Dean heals up after a nasty broken leg, Bobby heads out to gather up old tomes he has hidden in various locations. Sam is tasked with nursing Dean back to health, though Dean is far more concerned with Sam's mental health. He heads out to pick up some stuff at the store, and a headline in the local paper catches his eye. Back at the cabin, Sam decides the newspaper article is a case. When Dean is asleep, Sam leaves him a note, telling him he'll be back soon, and takes the car.

Sam is stalking a young woman through the forest. He catches up with her and holds a knife to her. We cut between flashbacks to reveal Sam's history with this girl, Amy. In 1998, Sam, Dean, and their dad were hunting a rare creature called a kitsune, a demon that feeds off pituitary glands. While at the library, Sam is taken by a young girl. She rebuffs him - she's not allowed to talk to boys - but when she leaves, a couple boys follow her and start roughing her up. Sam intercedes with mad self-defense skills, and Amy takes him home to tend to his wounds. They discover they both are "freaks" in a similar nature: single parents who move them around a lot, have strict rules, and disallow friends. Amy hears her mom come home and hides Sam in the closet. Amy's mom is frantic - a couple hunters in an Impala are on their way, so Amy and mom have to get gone. Amy sends mom outside to prep the van while she sneaks Sam out. He tells her those hunters in the Impala are his family, and there is a very Romeo & Juliet moment where she realizes he is a hunter and he realizes she is the monster he is meant to kill. When Sam realizes that Amy has never killed anyone, and neither wants to kill the other, a truce is found. But as Sam is leaving, mom comes in. Amy kills her mom before mom can kill Sam.

So naturally, Sam has a soft spot for Amy. She escapes from him in the forest, but drops a slip of paper and Sam is waiting for her when she gets home. She begs for him to listen to her for a moment. She took a job as a mortician so that she can feed herself and her son Jacob on the pituitary glands of corpses. But Jacob got deathly ill, and the only thing that could save him was fresh glands. He is better now and she swears she will never kill again. Sam lets her go. He returns to Dean, who isn't as understanding, even after Sam tells him the saga. But he relents and lets Amy go. The boys pack up and meet Bobby at a motel. Dean drops his brother off to check in, then peals out to "run an errand." That errand? He goes to Amy's house. He kills her. In front of Jacob. Dean is remorseless and threatens to come back for Jacob in a few years. Jacob welcomes the challenge.

Dig It or Bury It?

A really simple episode, told well. There was no action, there was little violence, but it was compelling storytelling done with a nice flow. I think Jensen Ackles may really have a career in front of him if this whole "acting" thing doesn't pan out. Jumping back and forth in time can be tricky business, but it was done well here.

I've got to say that Dean going out of his way to kill Amy was just not cool. Was that really necessary? And in front of her kid - offering no remorse. It was a little creepy. And he is worried about Sam not having a soul...

Spooky Humor

Not a particularly funny episode, but while Dean is passed out on the couch, the TV is playing an advert for My Bloody Valentine 3D - which starred Jensen Ackles. Also amusing was Dean deciding that he needed to chase after Sam - and using a rotary saw to cut off his leg cast a few days early.

Sibling Rivalry

When Sam finally returns to the cabin after taking off with the Impala, he opens the door... and is immediately greeted with a punch to the face from his brother. "Every time you take my baby, you get a punch to the face."


Well at least Dean seems to feel guilty about killing Amy, because next week he is chased by a guilt eater.