TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 710 - 'Death's Door'


Supernatural Episode 710

"Death's Door"

Written By: Sera Gamble

Directed By: Robert Singer

Original Airdate: 2 December 2011

In This Episode...

The boys rush Bobby to the hospital. Doctors don't have a good prognosis, but they finally stabilize him. The bullet is lodged in Bobby's brain, but it didn't shatter - the best case scenario in a worst case scenario.

Bobby's consciousness is flitting around crazily through his own memories. He comes face-to-face with his reaper who tells him he can't run from him. Bobby gives it a try anyways. He finds Rufus, who has faced the same comatose state. Rufus tells him the only way to find the door out is to go into the deepest, darkest memories, the ones he buried beneath all the other crap until he forgot it was there. They can't stop the reaper, but they can slow him down a little, by trapping him a symbol. Their first visit is to Bobby's wife, Karen, and a horrible fight they had just three days before she was possessed. She wanted kids; he didn't, and it broke her heart. Bobby says that, more than having to plunge a dagger into her heart, his deepest regret is this fight, and not being able to make amends for it. We see a happy memory, too: Bobby taking young Dean out for a game of catch instead of weapons training. Of course, John later gives him hell for it. Then Bobby confronts that deepest, darkest memory: a drunk, abusive father and a frightened mother who blamed her husband's behavior on Bobby. But it wasn't the memory of his father that was his darkest; it was the memory of murdering his father that was. When dad grabs mom by the hair and drags her to her feet, young Bobby levels a shotgun at his dad. When dad taunts his son, Bobby pulls the trigger, hitting his dad in the forehead, the exact same place Bobby was shot.

The reaper comes for Bobby again, but he rushes for the door and is absorbed into light. Back in the real world, Sam and dean are spending a few moments with Bobby before he is rushed into surgery. Bobby wakes, and writes his all-important numbers on Sam's hand.  Back in Bobby's head, the reaper tells him it is his last chance. The darkness that had been spreading across the dream world was closing in; this was the bullet killing off his brain cells and with it, his memories. The reaper promises Bobby that the boys will be okay without him; this house is his last remaining memory. "Then I'm glad it's a good one," Bobby says, and sits down on the couch with Sam and Dean, who are bickering about snacks on movie night. Bobby smiles at the two... then they fade away. The reaper opens up his pocket watch: "Stay or go?" The watch ticks as the picture fades to black.

Dig It or Bury It?

I hate it when shit gets real. Tonight, it got real. The only upside is that, in Supernatural, no one is ever really dead. Rather, just because a character dies doesn't mean they will never be back. Half the characters on this show are dead.

This was my least favorite episode this season. Partly because I don't like dealing with "feelings" and "emotions." Yeah, I'll admit it - it was sad. But also, I found it a little chaotic, choppy, and frankly tiring.

Spooky Humor

Well, not so much funny as it is sweet and fitting: Bobby's last word to the boys. After he wakes and writes the numbers on Sam's hand, he murmurs "Idjits" with a smile before he flatlines.

Sibling Rivalry

Dean plays the protective big brother when a hospital rep pulls him aside to speak to Mr. Singer's next of kin about what they want to do with his organs. This infuriates Dean, he tells off the nerdy administrator, and goes outside to cool off. When Sam asks Dean what the administrator wanted, Dean tells him the guy was just an "insurance mook."

On a more lighthearted note, in one of Bobby's memories, the boys are arguing over who is a better action hero. Dean says Chuck Norris; Sam says Jet Li. Personally, I'd go with Schwarzenegger.


Supernatural is down until January. I suspect that the boys will grieve over the break, then when we come back they will obsess over the meaning of Bobby's scribbled numbers. Then apparently they take on film noir vampires.