TV Recap: 'Supernatural' Episode 901 - 'I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here'



Supernatural Episode 901
“I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here”
Written By: Jeremy Carver
Directed By: John Showalter
Original Airdate: 8 October 2013

In This Episode...

We come back just a day after last year’s season finale, and we are essentially following three storylines: Castiel as he learns to be human; Dean as he deals with his brother’s impending death; and Sam, who must decide if he wants to fight or die.

Sam is in a coma, with Dean keeping vigil. The doctors don’t think there is any hope for Sam to wake up; it is “in God’s hands now.” Dean goes to the chapel and prays for Castiel to come help. When he gets no answer, he gets frustrated and puts out an open call to any angel who is listening. Several of them get the call and all head to help. Well, not exactly help - more like threaten. Dean is so desperate for help he is about to pull Crowley out of the trunk, but an angel accosts him. This angel wants to know where Castiel is, and he has a dagger to Dean’s throat. Another angel shows up, but this one is on Dean’s side. The two fallen angels battle and Dean manages to kill the evil angel.

The good angel is Ezekiel. Many of the fallen angels want revenge for getting ejected from heaven, but Ezekiel assures Dean that some are still good and believe in their mission. He is one of them. Ezekiel was injured in the fall, but he promises Dean whatever strength he has left. Unfortunately, Sam is too damaged for Ezekiel to just heal. An earthquake hits, and Ezekiel says it is other angels coming for him - and most are probably not coming to help. Since they can’t leave with Sam, Dean draws sigils on the walls and tells Ezekiel to stay there with Sam. Dean heads into the hallway to fight the avenging angels. They want to know where Castiel is, or they will “make Sam wish he were dead.” Dean is fighting a losing battle, but when they have him backed into a corner and nearing a fatal blow, Dean draws an emergency “button” on the floor in his own blood. When he hits it, the angels are zapped into nowhere.

Ezekiel has only one way to save Sam: heal him from the inside. Possess him. With only bad options left, this is the best one. But Dean is hesitant because he knows Sam would never want it. Ezekiel mind-melds the brothers so that Dean can see exactly how close to death Sam is.

In Sam’s mind, Dean represents the part of him that wants to fight. But Bobby shows up (yay!) representing the part of Sam that wants to give up and accept death. Sam seems to be leaning towards Bobby’s way. Bobby leads him through a forest to a cabin (Bobby’s, I think) and promises that the answers are there. Dean shows up and kills Bobby, and the brothers fight. Sam assures Dean that what he wants is in that house... and he goes in. To literally face Death. Death is honored to take Sam, and Sam wants to be sure that if he goes, this is it. He can’t be brought back in any way, shape, or form. This one has to stick. Death promises it will, and Sam is ready to go. But thanks to Ezekiel’s magic angel powers, he puts Dean in Sam’s mind (for real; not just the representation of him) and Dean tells him he has a plan, a reason to fight. Sam agrees.

When the doctors come check on Sam, they find Ezekiel laying in his place. Well, the physical manifestation of Ezekiel. For Ezekiel is now in Sam, walking away from the hospital with Dean. Ezekiel warns Dean that he needs to tell Sam about the possession. Sam could easily eject him, and if he does, he dies. Dean promises he will, just not yet, so Ezekiel deletes the memory from his brain. Sam wakes in the car, and Dean tells him they have been driving for a full day, and he let his little brother sleep. Sam has no memory of anything after the angels falling, and he feels pretty good. Ready to go to work.

Meanwhile, Castiel is having a hard time being human. He is nearly hit by a guy in a pickup truck, who takes pity on him and drives him to a gas station and gives him some money for a phone call and a sandwich. A girl named Hale, whom Castiel met once or twice in heaven, approaches. Like other angels, she is frightened, injured, and weak. Castiel points out that being on earth has its positives, like getting to do what you want. Hale wants to see the Grand Canyon, which she built during her last stint on earth. Castiel agrees to take her until he calls Dean, who warns him against fraternizing with any other angels. He tells Cas to go hide out in the bunker, alone. Hale does not take kindly to that. She knocks out Castiel with a plank of wood and drives off with him. When he wakes, Hale reveals her plan to possess Castiel because her vessel was weakened in the fall. It has turned into a Fatal Attraction thing really fast. Cas buckles up, then grabs the steering wheel and crashes them into a tree. When Cas wakes up, he finds Hale had flown through the windshield and landed on the grass, covered in glass and with two broken legs. She rants and screams about how if Castiel doesn’t help her, she will rat him out to all angels. Castiel kills her.

Dig It or Bury It?

I love Supernatural; I really do. I am hooked on those Winchester boys. But I really, really think it is time to put them out to pasture. Nine seasons is a lot; nine seasons is longer than the CW has been a network. The show has been feeling repetitive for the last few years, but this year feels especially repetitive. Haven’t we been here before, with Sam near death and Dean doing anything to save him? Haven’t we been here multiple times before? Let’s just give the boys a respectful send-off and let them die in peace.

On the upside, I do love seeing Castiel deal with being human.


Dean unpacks Crowley from the trunk of his car, and Abbadon shows up.