TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 206 - 'Frenemy'


Teen Wolf Episode 206
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Russell Mulcahy
Original Airdate: 2 July 2012


In This Episode...

Derek and the kanama fight in an alley. Argent shows up and shoots the kanama, but it only stuns the creature. It then stands face-to-face with Gerard until Scott jumps in and scares the kanama away. Scott takes off as well. He meets up with Stiles to continue tracking the kanama, and they find him in a gay bar called Jungle. Danny has gone there to try to get over his recent breakup, and it is presumed that the kanama is there to kill Danny. The kanama incapacitates a half-dozen clubbers before Derek shows up and slices its neck. The kanama takes off, and Scott and Stiles follow the blood trail until they find Jackson, back in human form.

The boys hide Jackson in the care and drive. They need a safe place to keep Jackson, so Stiles steals one of the sheriff department’s prisoner transport vans and drive out to the middle of nowhere to get some perspective. Stiles wants to kill Jackson and be done with it; Scott wants to help him find a cure. Stiles takes off for a bit, and returns to find Alison and Scott post-coital, and Jackson missing. Finally realizing they are in over their heads, the kids decide they need to tell an adult. Scott and Stiles head to the sheriff’s station, but find (human) Jackson and his (lawyer) father have beat them there. The smug smile on Jackson’s face tells the boys they are in a world of trouble.

Also: As it turns out, Lydia can read ancient Latin. She translates the bestiary pages for Alison, and decides that the word the counselor initially translated to mean “friend” is something totally different. “Master.” The new theory is that kanama-Jackson is looking for a new launching point.

Dig It or Bury It?

The best I can muster for this episode is a “meh.” The fight between Derek and the kanama was pretty great, but other than that, it was just all average. Nothing great, and a little heavy on the high school bullshit. It is way, way obvious that Gerard is somehow the kanama’s “master.”

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

Stiles and Scott get hit on by the boys at the club. Scott notices that the clientele is all men, and mentions this to Stiles, who is busy getting fondled by a trio of trannies. “Gee, nothing gets by those keen werewolf senses,” he quips. 


Jackson creates more trouble for Scott and Stiles, and Lydia is determined to find the truth behind the bite Peter gave her.