TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 207 - 'Restraint'


Teen Wolf Episode 207
Written By: Nick Antosca & Ned Vizzini
Directed By: Russell Mulcahy
Original Airdate: 9 July 2012

In This Episode...

We open with a young couple living in a trailer in the middle of nowhere. Down on their luck, the wife is not happy about their temporary digs, and says she is “tired of being slightly terrified all the time.” He goes outside to fix the generator, and talks to a strange hooded man. A gigantic tentacle reaches down from the trees, wraps itself around the husband’s neck, and yanks him into the foliage. The hooded man turns to the trailer and points ominously at the wife. Her husband’s body flies through the window, then is dragged back out. The kanima crawls in, threatens the wife - then stops when it sees her giant pregnant belly. It leaves her unharmed.

Now back with the kids. Lydia’s translation of the kanima myth reveals that the creature was often used to execute murderers - it was a “weapon of vengeance.” But when a kanima is strong enough, or has enough hatred inside, it can free itself of its master and kill on its own. Jackson has filed a restraining order against Scott and Stiles. Because they can’t talk to Jackson, Alison offers to do it. She follows him into the locker room and surprised by his full nudity. He is intense and scary, and she quickly changes her mind about talking to him. Jackson insists that they talk. He corners Alison, who uses some of her self-defense moves on him. They fail, kind of, because they end up on the floor - with Jackson on top. But it seemed to knock the Jackson back into him - he is confused as to what they are doing on the floor. He pulls on some shorts as Scott - who sensed Alison’s fear - bursts in and the boys rumble. The fight is pretty epic (they do great fight scenes in Teen Wolf) and spills out into the hallway, where Stiles, Matt, and Erica are caught in the fray. The chemistry teacher is there, and sentences them all to detention.

Derek had ordered Erica and Isaac to go make nice with Scott and Stiles. He needed confirmation that Jackson was the kanima, and they couldn’t take him on their own. So in detention (in the library, Breakfast Club-style), Erica finally reveals the info that Alison had tried to get out of Jackson: what happened to his parents. Jackson’s parents died in a car crash - Erica’s father was the insurance agent to handled the case. Cracking in to her dad’s files, they discover that his parents died the day before Jackson was born. In other words, they had to C-section Jackson out of his mother’s dead body. That’ll mess you up.

It is unclear if Jackson heard Erica, Stiles and Scott talking about this, but it seems likely, as he goes half-kanima, paralyzing Matt and Erica. In a zombie-like, half-transformed trance, Jackson writes “Stay out of my way or I will kill you all” on the chalkboard then transforms and leaps out the window. Alison calls an ambulance for Matt while Scott and Stiles take Erica - who is suffering from an epileptic fit - to Derek. Derek breaks her arm to speed the healing process, and drains some of her blood to try to clear the paralytic faster. Scott finally tells Derek he will join his pack just for the purposes of catching and stopping Jackson. His ground rules: they do it his way, and they don’t kill Jackson in the process.

Also: As it turns out, that mystery boy who was flirting with Lydia wasn’t actually a mystery boy at all. It was Peter. Kind of. She is immune to the wolf bite, which is why she didn’t transform or die. But Peter can use it to essentially communicate with her. His charred corpse is still buried beneath the old Hale house. Jackson is drawn to the creepy-crawlies in the science lab, especially a snake - which he swallows. Mrs. McCall discovers Scott’s near-empty box of condoms and makes it her maternal duty to alert Mrs. Argent - who is not happy about it. And the pregnant woman from the top of the episode gives birth to a healthy kid. She tells Mrs. McCall that whatever killed her husband wasn’t human. Mrs. McCall seems to pass it off as a delusion of medication, but shortly after she leaves the woman to rest, the hooded man sneaks in and suffocates the woman.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a great episode. Lots of action, no kissy-kissy crap, lots of new plot points, etc. It is with this episode that I feel like Teen Wolf is hitting The Vampire Diaries territory. Fast-paced, humor, action, gross-outs, and a little soapiness make tonight’s episode probably the best of the series.

Greatest. Moment. Ever.

The snake that Jackson swallowed came up OUT OF HIS EYE SOCKET. It slithers down the drain, leaving an unscathed Jackson. I am not sure the significance of the snake crap, and I am terrified of snakes (yes, even digital ones), but this scene was totally worth almost getting scared. 


Jackson heads to a rave to hunt, and it seems that in order to get the kanima, you must get its master. So that begs the question: who is the master?