TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 304 - 'Unleashed'



teen wolfTeen Wolf Episode 304
Written By: Alyssa Clark and Jesec Griffin
Directed By: Tim Andrew
Original Airdate: 24 June 2013

In This Episode...

A student named Kyle brings his dog, Bullet, to Scott and Dr. Deaton. The pup ate some mistletoe or something. Anyway, Kyle and Bullet leave, but Bullet runs off. (This is why we have leash laws). Kyle goes looking for him, but something nabs Kyle. Scott finds Bullet, alone, sitting outside the office.

In gym class the next day, the kids are running cross-country. Isaac thinks that the twins are behind the new spate of killings and picks a fight with them. Scott has his back, but before they can fight, a girl screams. Kyle has been found, garroted to the tree. The sheriff comes in and sends the kids back to class. Stiles is desperately trying to insert himself into the investigation, even going so far as to ask Kyle’s girlfriend if Kyle was a virgin. She confirms that he was not - after she slaps him silly.

Isaac is anxious and excuses himself from class to go to the bathroom. He faces off with the twins in the hall. One of the twins starts beating the crap out of the other, while Isaac watches, mystified. His class pours out into the hallway as the uninjured twin disappears. It was all a set-up. Isaac is sent to detention and tasked with restocking the janitor’s closet with Alison (she got detention for falling asleep in class). The last thing Isaac wants is to spend time with the girl who stabbed him 30 times. They manage to forge and uneasy peace. Someone locks them into the closet, and Isaac’s claustrophobia causes him to wolf out. Scott hears Alison’s screams and pulls the soda machine from the door and rescues his friends. Isaac calms down easily. Alison has been cut but is otherwise okay. I guess she will be a werewolf now...?

Anyway, the trio devise a plan to piss off the twins. Alison and Isaac hotwire one of their motorcycles while Scott takes motorcycle pieces out of his bag in front of the twins. One of them goes into a rage and races outside to check on his bike. He encounters Isaac in the hall, on his bike. The classes spill out, and Isaac jumps off the bike. Things are not over yet. Scott and Isaac face off with the twins after school. The twins form their mega-alpha. Scott, wisely, chooses to run, but Isaac is so filled with rage he wants to fight. It’s not a challenge, and the mega-alpha knocks the boys heads together. As it hovers over the two dazed boys, the mega-alpha suddenly freezes. Deucalion has shown up, and the brothers quickly separate. Deucalion reveals a knife in the tip of his cane and gives each twin a slice on the cheek in one sweeping motion. The three walk out.

Stiles is at a loss as to how the four murders fit together. He goes to Dr. Deaton, who reluctantly reveals what he knows. Stiles has put a good deal of it together, but Deaton fills in the blanks. These murders seem to have something to do with Druids, except that Druids are generally dedicated to nature and keeping the balance. They were not known to murder, so Deaton thinks it is someone who is perverting the Druid beliefs.

Lydia is drawing in class, and is snapped to attention by Danny. She is surprised to discover that she is in music class - a class she did not sign up for. The teacher never showed up, so the class empties out. Lydia starts to leave as well when she hears a strange noise. The teacher’s cell phone is on the piano, recording something. Lydia plays it back. The teacher was recording a piano movement, when suddenly there is a slam, like something heavy thrown on the keys. There is a strange, guttural chanting, along with some faint screeching. She closes the piano lid and discovers blood and scratches. A quick phone call brings both Stiles and Deaton to the classroom and the three try to figure out what the missing music teacher adds to the profile. Deaton says that Druids did things in clusters of three and the three had to have some link or meaning. The first three were all virgins. A photo reveals the music teacher was a Marine. Kyle was in ROTC - the second trio all have military ties. Stiles’s first instinct is to find Boyd - he was in ROTC with Kyle. But Lydia remembers someone else with a military background: the science teacher.

Sure enough, the science teacher is abducted. Stiles discovers he was grading papers with Rs and Hs. When arranged, the odd grades spell “darach” which is a dark Druid. Mr. Science is out in the rain, tied to a tree, begging for his life: “I did everything! You still need me!” Doesn’t matter. Mr. Science is dead.

Also: Carly and Ennis are sent to Derek’s loft to beat the crap out of him and his sister until Deucalion comes in. He wants Derek to kill one of the members of his pack. He is sure that killing one of his own will cause him to kill the rest.

Dig It or Bury It?

This one didn’t do anything for me. Isaac’s anger issues are no longer “cute.” I want him to either go bad or go dead. The twin alphas are creepy in a bad way, like someone tried to clone Matt Damon and screwed up in the process. Plus, I find it vaguely distracting that one is more cut than the other. And finally, Deucalion’s “destroyer of worlds” speech was ridiculous. He reminded me of the Monarch from Venture Brothers or some other cartoon villain.

Worst. Moment. Ever.

Isaac is suspected of beating up one of the twins. The cops are not called; he is not expelled from school. He is given lunchtime detention. Whereas one of the twins is “caught” riding his bike in the school and given suspension. 

A Lycanthrope’s Tale

As Deucalion explains (in the manner of a mad scientist from a particularly bonkers cartoon) when you kill an alpha, you gain his strength and powers. So Deucalion kept killing alphas and grew to be the “alpha of alphas; the demon wolf; the destroyer of worlds.” 


Derek wants to take on the alpha pack, but Deucalion seems to want to make more alphas.