TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 308 - 'Visionary'



Teen Wolf Episode 308
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Russell Mulcahy
Original Airdate: 22 July 2013

In This Episode...

Through fractured flashbacks, we learn a little bit about the town’s backstory.

Kali, Deucalion, and Ennis all had their own wolf packs. Deucalion was trying to broker peace between the packs so that they could join forces and beat the Argents and their werewolf hunters. All the werewolves wanted to curry favor with Talia Hale, who was like the super-alpha. Her relationship to Derek is not made clear.

Fifteen-year-old Derek falls in love with a girl named Paige. Peter, being Derek’s best friend, tells Derek that he needs to turn her so they can be together forever (or nearly forever). The way Peter tells the story, Derek obsessed over the idea but it was Peter who set things in motion. Ennis attacks Paige at school late one night. Derek hears this and jumps into the fray, but Ennis is significantly stronger than Derek and throws him against the wall. I’m not sure if Peter set this up so that Ennis could turn Paige, or so that Derek would be forced to turn Paige so she could protect herself. Either way, it didn’t work. Ennis bit Paige, but the bite didn’t take and she died a slow, agonizing death until Derek put her out of her misery.

Gerard tells Alison and Scott that Deucalion’s pack attacked him and he did what he could to defend himself. It was actually Gerard who lured the pack to an abandoned distillery and gassed them all so that he could bash them over the head with a mace. Deucalion escapes, but Gerard follows him and jams a pair of  arrows into his eyes. Sparks (for some reason) fly out of Deucalion’s eyes. Gerard takes his arrows and goes home. Deucalion is blind... but he maintains his wolf vision.

We also learn a little bit about the Druids and how they fit into all of this. Werewolves have always had a relationship with the Druids, and they called them emissaries. Following the Greek myth of Lycan, the Greeks believe they owed theirs lives to more than just gods, but to Prometheus. Deucalion (though I don’t think this is the Deucalion we know) was the son of Prometheus. Prometheus and Deucalion threw a wild orgy and made Zeus feast on human flesh. To get revenge, Zeus turned the Lycan family into wolves. The Lycans sought help from their emissaries, who could not reverse the curse, but could turn them into shifters, allowing them to control their shifts. Deaton was once an emissary; so was his sister,.

Dig It or Bury It?

I liked getting backstory, but I feel like this episode was too fractured. We got slivers of story, but never the whole thing. There were two current tales and three told in flashback... makes it hell on a girl to take notes. I still feel like we only got pieces of the story. It just didn’t fit in with the narrative flow of the story.


Melissa is kidnapped; Lydia and Stiles kiss; and there are lots of fights to be had.

kid running awkwardly thru the woods, falls down emankment, sees one of those electronic fences. runs into another kid - you’re a hale aren’t you? the other kid gets shot thru the throat by argent and ger and their team. another kid saves derek from getting shot. chris wants them to be taken alive, by the code.