TV Recap: 'Teen Wolf' Episode 311 - 'Alpha Pact'



Teen Wolf Episode 311 
“Alpha Pact”
Written By: Jeff Davis
Directed By: Tim Andrew
Original Airdate: 12 August 2013

In This Episode...

Picking up where last week left off, the kids all split up. Derek and Peter take Cora home and worry over her. An FBI agent shows up and asks Stiles some questions about where his dad is. Stiles is less than helpful.  He returns to the Argent house with Alison and Chris, who decide that Jennifer probably has Melissa and Stilinski at one of the three locations along the main current: the animal hospital, the school, or the bank. Isaac shows up, ready to help, and Stiles goes to find Lydia. Chris leads Alison and Isaac into the bank vault. He tasers Isaac and cuffs his daughter to the vault. Jennifer shows up and kidnaps him. When Isaac comes to, he breaks Alison free and they embrace, a little too closely. (Isaac is clearly being set up as a new love interest.) Chris has been taken to the root cellar and is tied up with Melissa and Stilinski.

Stiles finds Lydia at school and fills her in. Lydia shares what Jennifer called her - a banshee. Stiles gets a text from Isaac - Chris has been taken. Jennifer now has all three guardians, and she could kill them at any time. Stiles has a severe panic attack and Lydia rushes him into the empty locker room to calm him down. Nothing she says works... so she kisses him. It works. When they finally pull away, Lydia claims that she heard somewhere that, in order to cure a panic attack, it helps to hold your breath. Obviously, both were surprised by the “sparks” their kiss created. The pair go to Ms. Morell’s office, but the student waiting for her informs them she is 20 minutes late - which, to Lydia, means she is missing. They go through Ms. Morell’s files on Lydia, and Stiles realizes that the trees Lydia keeps drawing are the same, one tree. Exactly the same. But turned upside down, it is a tree trunk... with an intricate root system. The root cellar. Before they can leave school, the FBI agent corners Stiles again. He sends Lydia to Derek and Peter, saying that the will know what she means when she says “root cellar.” They do, but are of no help - Talia erased their memories of the root cellar so they don’t know where it is. The FBI agent asks Stiles more questions about where his dad is, questions which Stiles doesn’t have any answers for. Deaton shows up and collects Stiles. He may have a way to find the root cellar - but they need Scott.

Scott is with Deucalion in the forest, while the twins and Kali stalks Ms. Morell. She has placed herself inside a magic circle, but it can’t last forever. Deucalion believes Jennifer to be evil for killing innocents, and places Ms. Morell in that same category. She tells Scott to go back to his friends, that Deucalion was the one who killed Ennis, and that if Derek joins the alpha pack, it paves the way for Scott to join as well. Deucalion throws his spike-cane at Ms. Morell, which knocks her out of the circle. Scott catches her and vows that they will not kill her. She instructs him to find the nemeton.

Deaton collects Scott. He has a plan. It is very dangerous, but it is the only way. Scott, Alison, and Stiles can take the place of their parents in the sacrifice. Of course, it means they will die for a few moments, but Deaton should be able to resurrect them. However, in doing so, this will give power to the nemeton, making it a beacon for all things supernatural. It will also have a permanent effect on the kids, wrapping their hearts in darkness, something that cannot be cured or lifted. The kids still want to do it. They each hold onto a beloved personal item belonging to their parents (for Stiles, it is his dad’s badge; for Scott, it is his mom’s watch; for Alison, it is a silver bullet her father forged). They will be submerged in an ice bath, then held down until they are dead, by someone who has a close emotional bond, who will act as an anchor back to this world. Lydia assumes that she has the deepest link with Alison, but Deaton pairs her with Stiles. Isaac will have Alison, and Deaton will have Scott. As the kids get in the ice bath, Stiles warns Scott (in case Scott survives and Stiles doesn’t) that Scott’s dad is back in town. The FBI agent who was bugging him all episode is Scott’s dad. As the kids go under water... we cut to black. It’s a “to be continued....” Bastards.

Also: Derek can heal Cora - but he will have to give up his alpha status to do it. He does so without a second thought.

Dig It or Bury It?

The Derek/Cora storyline is killing me with boredom. I am not crazy about storylines where boys sit around and mope and brood. (I didn’t like Angel until he left Buffy and got his own show.) I feel like Derek’s story is being dragged out because the producers are contractually obligated to give him a certain amount of screen time. It just. Dragged. Out.

But this show is so addictive. So addictive. I can’t wait until next week. I like watching the kids interact. I like that the parents are finally talking - they all seem so segregated. Something that I notice every week is that all of the kids are only children - Alison, Scott, Stiles, Isaac. And all of them only have one parent (except Isaac, who lost his one parent). Is that just how it worked for the story, or will there be a deeper reason?


It seems that this whole serial murdering rampage that Jennifer has been on was just to meet face-to-face with Deucalion. At least, that is what he seems to think...

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