TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 506 - 'Hopeless'


True Blood Episode 506

Written By: Alan Ball
Directed By: Dan Attais
Airdate: 15 July 2012

In This Episode...

Russell is neutralized easily, thanks in part to the sudden attack of the Authority’s army. Rather than being killed back at HQ, Bill and Eric are treated as heroes. Salome tries to interrogate Russell into giving up his cohort, but it is no use. Roman doesn’t really care; he just wants to execute Russell. The automatic heart plunger harness thingie malfunctions, leaving Russell enough time to get the upper hand, and stake Roman.

Jason breaks down and tells Sookie about their parents’ death. The two find their way back to fairyland, where Claude (Claudine’s brother) fills them in on what he knows of their parents’ death. A vampire came upon their car one night, drawn by a scent which turned out to be an old bandaid that had Sookie’s blood on it. She has been ruining lives for decades, apparently. 

Sam and Luna are taken to the hospital with non-fatal injuries. Puppy-Emma runs to her grandma’s house for safety (Martha recognizes her grandpup immediately). They visit Luna at the hospital, and Luna finally agrees to let Martha be part of Emma’s life. That starts with her caring for the girl until they discover who is killing shifters. As it turns out, shapeshifters aren’t the only ones being targeted; all manner of “supes” are in the crosshairs, too. The same Obama-masked vigilantes drive by and stake a vampire outside of Fangtasia when they see him feeding - on Hoyt. What’s more, the good ol’ boys know Hoyt.

Also: Two members of Alcide’s former pack were guarding Russell when they discovered him. They are now dead, but Alcide is determined to take over the pack from JD. Terry and Patrick see the Ifrit coming for them. They escape, but Terry is insane with fear. He returns to Bon Temps and tells Arlene that he can’t see her or the kids ever again, for their own safety. Arlene lives in a town with werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, and all manner of supernaturals... but this she finds hard to believe. 

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was slow getting started, and felt uneventful, but the last act or so picked up the pace. I am sad that Roman was killed - I liked him, but his character needed to do more. I guess “dying” is doing more. I am starting to wonder if Salome may be too obvious a choice for the woman who is assisting Russell. I mean, all the pieces fit, and I guess not every plot detail needs to be a major reveal.

Blood Count

Interestingly, Roman didn’t just explode into blood. His face got all purpley and malformed, like worms trying to escape but, unable to, just end up twisting his flesh around.

Ass Factor

Other than a couple male prisoner ass, there was no sex and at least a couple kids came by after school to teach them a key chain letter.


Bill and Eric are back behind the Authority’s bars; Eric suspects Nora is Russell’s cohort; Russell is on the loose in the city; and Sookie finds out her powers are finite.