TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 605 - 'F**k the Pain Away'



true bloodTrue Blood Episode 605
“Fuck the Pain Away”
Written By: Angela Robinson
Directed By: Michael Ruscio
Original Airdate: 14 July 2013

In This Episode...

With a giant flame ball hovering over him, Warlow dismounts Sookie and slips into his British accent. He insists that he is not there to kill her; rather, he loves her, and it is their destiny to be together. Warlow insists that her parents were trying to kill her, and he actually saved her. She doesn’t believe him. Bill shows up, sensing something is wrong, not with Sookie but with Warlow, Lilith’s progeny. As his maker, Bill commands Warlow to leave with him and locks him up in his underground laboratory.

Lilith reveals to Bill (and to the audience) how she created Warlow. In 3500 BC, Warlow goes down to the river for water. Lilith finds him there, and is attracted to his scent. She immediately starts humping him, scratches his back up and tells him that God told her she would meet a creature like him, and that he would be destined to save vampire-kind. So she turns him into a vampire. Warlow returns to his village almost twenty years later and devours every single person - except Niall. Feeling horrible about what he did, he finds Lilith asleep in a cave and uses his fairy power to blow a hole through the ceiling, burning her in the daylight. Returning to the present, Billith reveals that she was hurt that Warlow felt the need to return to his family, that she wasn’t enough for him. Warlow has held on to his hatred for centuries and wishes extinction for the vampires.

We spend much of tonight’s episode in the vampire camp. There are research facilities, which see  vampires having their fangs removed, fucking like crazy, and running on a giant hamster wheel, all in the name of “science.” Pam is brought in as a level one, and forced to talk to a shrink (or some guy wearing a shrink’s sweater). She would rather be experimented on, but that is for level three vampires only (I have no idea what makes you a level one or three). She finally agrees to talk, but only after she is offered a living blood donor. When asked about the value she places on human life - the shrink’s life: “You are insignificant to me. You aren’t even food; I care more about the tuna you ate for lunch than you.” When asked about vampire bonding, Pam says that they bond when nesting together, but it is superficial. She does not feel remorse for killing vampires, and doubts that anyone else does, either. The one exception is with their makers. She plays off her own maker, saying that he released her, it hurt, she is over it. The shrink doesn’t believe her; I don’t either.

Eric is arrested and brought to the camp. He is dumped a large, white cylindrical room with three other vampires. They each take their places on red Xs marked on the ground. Three balls drop from the ceiling; the last vampire to grab one is shot by guards. Another round, another dead vampire. Down to two, cubbies open in the walls and reveal guns, leaving the last two vampires to to duel. Eric wins, and for that, he is put into general population.

Sarah is clearly pregnant - she is pushing Burrell to get married. Burrell doesn’t want to talk; he has to get down to the camp, where Willa is being transported. Sarah, decked out in black lingerie under her coat, feels unwanted. She goes to Jason’s house to seduce him. “I truly believe God wants me to fuck you” is the line that gets them in bed, fucking like mad. They are both passed out when insistent knocking draws Jason to the door. Jessica is there, desperate for an invite in. She is high on fairy blood, horny and manic, questioning God and Bill and her entire belief system. Sarah wakes and when she discovers that Jason has been screwing a vampire, a catfight ensues. Well, nearly ensues. Sarah banishes Jess from the house (not sure how she did that exactly - maybe Jason signed the place over to the Fellowship?) and once outside, the LAVTF take her into custody. She is tossed into general population at the vamp camp, and Tara becomes very protective over her. Tara is surprised to see guards bring Willa in, but she doesn’t go into gen pop; she is a “VIP” and gets her own solitary cell. Her guard makes a not-so-subtle offer of privileges in exchange for sexual favors. Willa threatens to sic daddy on him; the guard reminds her that she is there by order of her daddy.

Sarah, meanwhile, has had the cobwebs fucked out of her brain, pulls herself together, and drags Burrell to one of the camp’s viewing chambers. Eric is brought in with a smug smile, until he finds out that Burrell interred Willa in the camp. Eric’s plan backfired. A cubby opens and Eric retrieves the stake within. Another door opens, and Pam walks in, a stake in her hand. “Show me how little your maker means to you,” the shrink goads. Pam and Eric just stare at each other intently, tense and scared.

Sookie needs Lafayette’s help to channel her parents on the other side. She wants to hear their side of the story. In flashback-vision, we see Warlow go to the Stackhouses with his fairy contract, promising Sookie to him when she comes of age. Corbett is adamantly against this “unholy” union, even though Warlow promises Sookie will be loved, well cared for, and live forever as vampire royalty. Corbett and Michelle kick him out, but he promises to return. Corbett decides to put an end to this and promises his wife that “she won’t feel a thing.” He drugged her on Nyquil and puts her in the trunk of the car. Michelle screams the whole time, but has no choice but to join her husband as he drives off. This is a revelation to Sookie. “All this time I thought you loved me.” Corbett possesses Lafayette so that he can speak directly with his daughter, and insists he did it to save her. “Corbett” grabs Sookie and stuffs her in the trunk of Lafayette’s car, then drives them out to a lake. Sookie fights the whole time, but “Corbett” gets the upper hand and proceeds to drown her.

Also: Andy discovers his girls, but one is still alive. He takes her back to the precinct and uses some (unrefrigerated) V from the evidence locker to heal her. Andy has vowed revenge, but Holly talks him down... for now. Sam and Nicole are still on the run from the werewolves, but Alcide’s dad spots them across the street from the sleazy motel he is crashing at. Jason goes to join the LAVTF. Terry is so wracked with guilt over killing Patrick that he seeks the help of another Marine buddy, Justin, to do what he didn’t have the nerve to do: kill him. Justin says he will do it. There is a distinct lack of emotion with both Terry and Justin that is fascinating.

Dig It or Bury It?

Wow. I am impressed. This was a genuinely good episode, the first in a very long time. There was so much good content that the annoying content (the werewolves) was easy to forget. The vampire storyline is top-notch. The cheese-factor has been minimized - even the BC flashbacks that seemed reminiscent of Land of the Lost didn’t bug me. For the first time in a long time, all the characters’ storylines intersect. They actually feel like they are living in the same universe. 


Pam is hurt that Eric made another vampire. The governor is determined to “fix” Willa, while Willa is offended that he is playing god.