TV Recap: 'True Blood' Episode 606 - 'Don't You Feel Me?'



true bloodTrue Blood Episode 606
“Don’t You Feel Me?”
Written By: Daniel Kenneth
Directed By: Howard Deutch
Original Airdate: 21 July 2013

In This Episode...

Lafayette / Corbett has drowned Sookie into unconsciousness when Bill senses her danger and releases the captive Warlow to save her. Sookie promises it wasn’t Lafayette who was hurting her, but her father. Warlow blasts her dad out of Lafayette and Sookie tells him to get the fuck out of her life. He obeys. Warlow feels Bill calling him back to him, so Sookie blinks the two of them into her private golden fairy forest. Warlow can feel the dark approaching - not sure if he means the dark of night or the dark of his vampire side - but either way he has Sookie tie him to a tombstone. He hasn’t fed and worries that he won’t be able to contain himself. Apparently Sookie can’t contain herself either. She offers up her neck so he can feed - then she turns around and takes a bite out of his neck. Then she undresses and fucks Warlow like crazy, while he is still tied up.

Eric and Pam are face-to-face while her shrink, the governor, Sarah, and other lackeys sit behind the two-way glass, waiting for the bloodbath. Eric may have released Pam, but he will always be her maker. Without a word, they float in the air, weapons poised for attack, but instead of attacking each other, they take out the guards as a warning to the governor. The two are taken away and Eric is shackled and locked up in a tiny cage. Nora is wheeled in, strapped to an upright gurney, and injected with the inaugural dose of hepatitis V, a new vampire epidemic that Eric later discovers is being distributed via contaminated bottles of the newly-back-in-production Tru Blood. Eric calls for Willa, who is in general population, playing Connect Four with Tara. Tara advises her to flirt with a guard, rip out his contacts, and glamour him into taking her to Eric. She does just that, then Eric takes it from there. With Eric in the guard uniform and Nora in the doctor’s coat, the three of them make it through the halls unnoticed.

Bill discovers that Jessica isn’t in her room, and quickly figures that the LAVTF has taken her. He has the professor put him into a coma by draining him of nearly all his blood. Bill talks to Lilith, but blames this whole mess on her, which infuriates her and tells Bill to never come to her again. The professor puts Bill’s blood back in, waking him up. He takes fairy blood the professor has (not sure if it is real or the synthetic he has been working on) and charges out the front door - in the middle of the day. He does not burst into flames; he marvels at the feel of the sun on his skin. Bill enters the detention center courtyard, where the governor sits with his guards. At first, the guards don’t recognize him as a vampire - after all, it is the middle of the day. Bill fangs out and they pepper him with wooden bullets. He laughs and opens his arms, inviting more bullets that have no effect. With his magical powers, he forces the guards to stop firing, turn their guns on one another, and shoot each other in a bloody circle-jerk. Bill takes a big bite out of the governor - then rips his head off and leaves it on display. (Seems to me that turning the governor would have been a better “revenge.” Killing him will only fuel the fire of hate.)

Jason has signed up with the LAVTF, but it is a ruse to get into the detention center and save Jessica. Sarah is pissed to see him, and more so when Jason threatens to tell everyone what a “whore for Christ” she is. She schedules Jason to sit in on a copulation study with a young vampire named James... and Jessica. Jason sits silently, watching with horror. But James assures Jessica - and his captors - that he is a vampire, not a rapist. When they start zapping him with UV light, Jessica feels bad and undresses, intent on having sex to save him. James is a gentleman and refuses to allow her to whore herself out. Eventually Sarah grows tired of this game and sends them back to general population.

Nicole convinces Sam that life on the run is no life for a little girl. He agrees to give Emma back to Martha, as long as Martha does not return to her pack. Martha is eager to agree - Emma is more important to her than her pack. With his dad’s help, Alcide tracks down Sam, but Emma is already gone, and Sam promises that Nicole won’t out the werewolves to the public. Alcide begrudgingly lets Sam go, but tells him never to return to Bon Temps, or anyplace else that his pack can sniff him out.

Arlene is growing increasingly worried about Terry. When Lafayette tells her that he gave him a safety deposit key, Arlene is convinced that Terry is going to kill himself. Holly suggests that they just have a vampire come over and glamour the PTSD and war memories out of him. She calls over her son’s friend’s dad to glamour him. It works like a charm, and Terry is a happy, smiling, devoted husband and father once again. Of course, he still has the hit out on himself, so when he takes the garbage out, he is shot dead.

Also: Andy finally gives his daughter a name: Adalind Braelyn Charlene Danica (the last three to commemorate her sisters).

Dig It or Bury It?

The whole Sookie / Warlow story is turning into a Harlequin romance novel... or Twilight. I would say a bad version of Twilight, but Twilight is a bad version of Twilight and at least True Blood has tits. Fairy sex is just painfully stupid. A purple glow shoots out of their genitals. The only way this storyline can be redeemed is if they introduce a unicorn that poops rainbows and farts glitter.

Terry’s death was awkward. First, I love his character and didn’t want to see him die. But it felt so anti-climactic. It was brutally obvious that he was going to die as soon as his PTSD was glamoured away, but then Arlene just didn’t seem to grieve for him as she should have. She didn’t seem upset or even really concerned. I don’t know, the whole thing just felt fake.


Jason finds Jessica; Sam decides to return to Bon Temps; hepatitis V is unleashed in the Tru Blood; and Eric begs Bill to save Nora.