TV Recap: 'Under the Dome' Episode 103 - 'Manhunt'



under the domeUnder the Dome Episode 103
Written By: Adam Stein
Directed By: Paul Edwards
Original Airdate: 8 July 2013

In This Episode...

Angie suggests that Junior go into the cement works tunnels to see if they can get deep enough to go under the dome. Julia follows him. Junior discovers the dome goes all the way down, so he proceeds to beat it up (like you do). He is holding the flashlight, which starts to shudder from being in contact with the dome. Junior drops it, and it explodes. He is really, really scared. Luckily, Julia just happens to have a box of matches in her pocket, and she leads them out of the labyrinthine tunnels. She asks him about his black eye, and he pins it on an unprovoked attack from Barbie. Julia doesn’t know if she believes him or not, but that night, she sees Barbie’s knuckles are bruised. She sneaks a peek in his pack and finds the map with her husband’s dumpsite marked on it.

Paul breaks out of jail. Jim heads up a search party that consists of a couple homophobic old timers and Barbie. Linda, pissed that she was tricked and lost Paul, sets out on her own to track him down. A couple of really anticlimactic gunfights between Paul and Jim’s team ends with Barbie and Paul pulling guns on each other, Jim caught in the middle, and Linda sneaking up out of nowhere with a kill shot for the win.

Joe’s buddies turn his house into the party house because there are no parents and he has a working generator. He is not happy about this, but one of the girls is Nori, so he can block it all out. He has a crush on the new bad girl. A jock shows up, spouting jock douchery and charging kids to use the electricity. He tries to get rapey with Nori, and Joe stands up to her. Luckily the outlets explode which sends the kids away and prevents Joe from getting his ass handed to him. Nori stays there until Carolyn finds her and she reluctantly tells Joe that Nori has two mommies. She thanks him for standing up for her, and their hands touch. There is electricity between them - literally, and the two collapse into seizures in unison, chanting about the stars falling in lines.

Dig It or Bury It?

Man, what a boooooring episode. The most exciting part was the crazy kid getting lost in the tunnel. And that wasn’t exciting. That just had the potential to be exciting. And it wasn’t. Last week I thought Under the Dome would turn so-bad-it’s-good. This week I had to actively work at not falling asleep.

Backstory Bits

Junior’s dad is, if nothing else, emotionally abusive to him. He constantly tells him that he needs to stop being a boy and start being a man, macho stuff like that.

Julia and her husband moved to Chester’s Mill because she ran with a story that she thought might be bogus. It turned out it was, she was fired and disgraced, and the two moved back to his hometown.

Humor in the Dome

At Joe’s house, the kids put on The Simpsons Movie on a loop. It was the only brilliant thing about this episode.


Supplies are running thin, and the townsfolk are starting to grow cranky.