TV Recap: 'Under the Dome' Episode 105 - 'Blue on Blue'



Under the Dome Episode 105
“Blue on Blue”
Written By: Brian K. Vaughn
Directed By: Jack Bender
Original Airdate: 22 July 2013

In This Episode...

It’s “visitor’s day” at the dome. The government is bringing in people by the busload who have family in the dome. Linda sees Rusty, but has to tell him that his brother is dead. Julia looks for Peter, but instead finds his sister, who has a simple Dear John letter for her. Dodee talks to her mom in sign language. Norrie gets a visit from a man she has never seen before. He holds up a sign: his name is Michael and he is her father. Baby pictures and a picture of Michael with Alice back up his claim, and Alice’s fury when she sees him there confirms it. Norrie is furious - her moms told her they used an anonymous sperm donor.

As visitor’s day is wrapping up, Barbie asks Dodee if she can read lips. She can. He shows some military coin to one of the soldiers who recognizes it and snaps to attention. All the soldier knows is that they have been told to vacate the premises and not return. This combined with Lester hearing the word of god in his ear say “Moab” and another garbled transmission from Dodee’s radio leads Barbie to believe that the military is going to bomb them. Moab stands for “Mother of All Bombs.”

The town evacuates into the tunnels under the concrete factory. Jim goes to his bomb shelter and lets Angie go, telling her she should “die as a free woman.” She doesn’t think much about this, and runs home. Junior, who had first stopped by home only to be told by his dad that he let Angie go, waits for her at her house. With a gun. But when Angie enters, she is nice to him, caresses his face, and invites him to lay his head in her lap. She holds him. Norrie and Joe are also not in the evac center. They decide to kiss, just as the bomb hits. Fireworks, rockets launching, yadda yadda yadda. It doesn’t get much more cliched than that. 

Anyway, the bomb doesn’t make a dent in the dome, but it sure does in the surrounding environs. Everything visible outside the dome has been demolished into smoldering rubble. Jim looks out on the destruction and is approached by Lester, who claims they were saved because he repented. He would give Jim a day to “repent,” then he would do it for him - meaning he would spill the secret. Jim pats him on the cheek - then pushes his head against the dome. Lester’s hearing aid goes nuts, blood pours out of his ears, and he drops to the ground, dead.

Dig It or Bury It?

Only Under the Dome can make a bomb a non-event. The whole idea of “visitor’s day” should have offended more people - it made them seem like prisoners. Perhaps the best part was the worst part: when Norrie met her dad. What kind of douchebag would introduce himself to his daughter for the first time in that situation? It was almost laughably bad. Other things I didn’t understand include why Jim thought his son might have a good reason for holding Angie captive; and why, when confronted with gun, does Angie comfort Junior? Why not take the gun and get the hell out? I wish I could blame the town’s stupidity on the dome.


It rains in the dome. So I suppose that the dome encompasses enough atmosphere that it still has weather?