TV Recap: 'Under the Dome' Episode 106 - 'The Endless Thirst'



under the domeUnder the Dome Episode 106
“The Endless Thirst”
Written By: Soo Hugh
Directed By: Karl Skogland
Original Airdate: 29 July 2013

In This Episode...

Realizing the bomb didn’t make a dent in the dome, the people start getting nervous. Alice has missed several insulin doses and it is making her feverish and confused. She wanders into traffic (traffic being a single big rig) and jump away just in time, but the big rig swerves off the road and crashes into the water tower. Joe and Norrie save the driver, but now the water system is busted. Linda and the newly-deputized Barbie go to the lake to stockpile water - and discover all the fish dead and washed up on shore. The lake is polluted with methane - they can’t drink it. Crazy hillbilly Ollie has an artisanal well on his property, and will let the town have some in exchange for propane. Lots of propane, which pisses off Jim.

Water is in high demand. Food is getting scarce. Medications are running out. (Keep in mind they have been in this dome for less than a week.) The new currency is propane and batteries. And soon the rioting begins. Barbie chases down a looter and would have killed him were it not for Linda. The riot gear - including tear gas - that the feds sent after 9/11 are past their expiration date. Shit is getting crazy.

Angie breaks free of Junior once again, and runs into town - right into the riot. She sees Junior and seeks solace in Rose’s diner. Rose promises the girl that she believes her story, and that she is safe - which means she is not safe. A couple of thugs break into the diner, looking for meat and foodstuffs. They beat Rose to death and knock Angie unconscious. On the way out, one of the boys, Wayland, decides he wants a run at Angie and has his brother stand outside and keep watch. Barbie sees the guard, thinks something is amiss, and walks in to find Wayland about to drop his pants. He beats the hell out of the would-be rapist, but again thinks better of killing him. Barbie takes Angie - still unconscious - outside and discovers the police car has its tires slashed. Jim shows up and agrees to take Angie to the clinic.

The clinic is out of insulin, and Norrie is desperate to save her mom. She steals the patient files of several diabetics in town and goes looking for more insulin. The first guy took his last dose yesterday; the second guy is a six-year-old who Norrie feels too guilty to steal from. She does pocket one bottle and bring it back. It is just one dose, but at least it will stave off the inevitable. 

It starts to rain in the dome. Dodee gives us a quickie science lesson, about how the lake evaporates and turns to rain, filtering the water and making it potable again... whatever. Anyway, so the rain comes, which calms the townsfolk down as they work together to catch as much rain as possible. Some weird, screeching feedback has been interfering with all radio signals. Dodee builds a contraption that will track down the source of the interference, and she heads out with Julia to find the source. They find it: Norrie and Joe. When the kids touch the dome together at the same time, the interference goes away. The kids also show Julia the video of them having their seizures. Julia starts to theorize that maybe the dome is, somehow, alive, and trying to protect itself, its inhabitants, or just reassure them. Whatever it is, the ladies know that the kids are connected to the dome. They decide not to tell anyone about this, at least not yet.

Rather than take her to the clinic, Jim takes Angie to his house. She wakes on the couch and is afraid of being imprisoned again. Jim promises that won’t happen, that she is free to leave. But he wants to make her a deal. If she forgets this ever happened, and doesn’t say a word, Jim will make sure that she does not want for anything: food, water, propane, weapons, etc. Angie agrees to this arrangement after Jim promises Joe will also be covered.  Junior comes home just then, and everyone looks startled and angry. I guess this is supposed to be some ominous moment as we dip to black... but I think it was just melodramatic.

Dig It or Bury It?

Well, I will say this: at least this episode wasn’t boring. A few cheesy moments (like when Linda can stem the growing agitation with a kind word) but otherwise there was a lot of insanity to enjoy. Rioting, looting, bribery, beatings, murder, attempted rape, even a mild natural disaster. It’s like Roland Emmerich wrote this episode.


The town gets out of the dome! Nope, kidding. A pregnant woman touches the dome which sends her into labor. The circle of life.