TV Recap: 'Under the Dome' Episode 110 - 'Let the Games Begin'



Under the Dome Episode 110
“Let the Games Begin”
Written By: Andres Fischer-Centeno & Peter Calloway
Directed By: Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Original Airdate: 26 August 2013

In This Episode...

Joe, Norrie, and Angie spent the night in the barn, protecting the mini-dome. Now there is a caterpillar inside. When the trio leaves the barn, Dodee sneaks in to see what they are hiding under the blanket (the worst hiding spot ever). She touches the mini-dome and is knocked unconscious. The kids find her, Dodee’s palm badly burned, and rush her to the clinic. Dodee doesn’t remember anything except for electricity and thinks it was the power generator. The kids let her go on thinking that. While at the clinic, Angie asks the nurse about anyone else who has had seizures. “Not since the 10th grade dance,” replies the nurse. It finally clicks with Angie: Junior is the fourth hand. Joe wants to kill him after Angie tells him about being kidnapped, but Norrie keeps the peace in the hope that they will get out of the dome. They bring Junior into the barn, and see the caterpillar has now spun into its chrysalis. Joe thinks it will become a monarch butterfly. The four kids put their hands on the dome, and the light in the barn blows out. The dome’s blue light fills the barn, and pink stars emanate from the egg, seemingly forming constellations.

Max collects Barbie and forces him to join her at her newest business venture: fight club. The cement factory has been turned into a fight club, where people can place bets on the winner using household supplies (salt, batteries, etc.) If you win, you win “big;” if you lose, all your goodies go to the house. The first rule of fight club is do not talk about fight club. No, actually, the first rule of fight club is that there are no rules. No rounds, no clocks, no refs. Just beat each other to a pulp until one person “loses.” (I assume that means until someone gives up or dies). The main event tonight is Barbie versus Victor Rollins, a man whose gambling debts caused him to lose his wife, his kids, his house, everything. Naturally, he blames the enforcer for his woes, and Max forces Barbie into the fight. Barbie throws the fight, thinking that it will screw over Max, but she was betting on him taking a dive, so she won big. 

Jim checks the town’s records and finds one house that was purchased nearly a decade ago by Max’s legal real estate business but never went back on the market: an enormous mansion on a small island that is conveniently still inside the dome. Jim heads out and finds a kindly old woman named Agatha, who maintains the house. She doesn’t know this Maxine person, and says that the owner of the house, Oliver, is on the other side of the island. Jim wants to wait for him to return, so they move inside. Agatha sets about making tea while Jim snoops around, looking for Max’s “insurance policy.” That insurance policy is Agatha - she comes out of the kitchen with a shotgun. Agatha is Maxine’s mom. She and Jim were classmates until she dropped out at 16 because she was pregnant with Maxine. She faced torment and ridicule, and turned to prostitution to support her baby. She knows about all the sordid dealings of the town’s residents, and it is from Agatha that Jim discovers Barbie killed Dr. Schumway. Agatha talks a big game, but Jim can see in her eyes that she is no killer. He disarms her easily, ties her wrists, and takes her to the mainland. On the way, Agatha falls out of the boat and begs for help. Jim goes back for her... then changes his mind and speeds away, leaving her to drown. (Naturally, we don’t see her drown, so you can guarantee that she will return.)

Julia helps Linda in her desperate search for answers as to Duke’s dirty dealings. They find a safety deposit box key hidden in his hat, and go check it out. In his box is a confession letter. Nineteen years ago, Duke lost his son to a drug overdose, and vowed to keep drugs out of Chester’s Mill. To do so, he made a “deal with the devil” (Maxine). Chester’s Mill would order and store mass amounts of propane under the guise of stocking up for emergencies. This would be the propane Max needed for her rapture drug, and it would keep the DEA off the scent. In return, she made sure the town’s coffers were full and made sure drugs stayed out of Chester’s Mill. Clearly, Lester was exempt from this - he was also laundering the money. Duke and Jim were the other two in on the deal. While there, Julia checks in her husband’s deposit box, and finds a million-dollar life insurance policy. That night, Barbie returns to Julia’s house with the intention of telling Julia that he was the one who killed her husband. Julia had already figured it out: his gun was missing, but all the bullets were there. Peter had planned on scaring Barbie so he had to shoot him in self-defense; suicide would have invalidated the insurance policy. Julia seems inclined to forgive Barbie.

Dig It or Bury It?

If Max holds the “I know all your secrets” cards over Jim and Barbie one more time, I may lose my mind. Tonight alone, I think she used the “I’m telling” threat five separate times. At what point does the threat become empty?

It only took ten episodes... but we are finally getting somewhere. We know the deal with the propane, we know the extent of everyone’s involvement, and we know what the deal with Maxine is. Still trying to decide if the dome was part of Jim’s “deal,” but I doubt it is - that seems more like an alien experiment kind of thing.

Does anyone else think that Max could be Jim’s daughter? I know that the characters are semi-stupid, but I feel like he would have pieced it together. Speaking of semi-stupid, I can’t believe it took the kids as long as it did for them to figure out that Junior is the fourth hand. Norrie and Joe had no way of knowing, but why didn’t Angie put it together the moment they realized they needed a fourth - mere hours earlier she was checking out Junior’s mom’s art with a “deeper meaning.”


Someone made the dome angry... you wouldn’t like it when it’s angry....