TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 304 - 'Disturbing Behavior'


The Vampire Diaries Episode 304

"Disturbing Behavior"

Written By: Brian Young

Directed By: Wendey Stanzler

Original Airdate: 6 October 2011

In This Episode...

Gloria works her mojo to try to find Rebecca's necklace. All she gets are brief images of a girl with her friends. She needs more time. When she gets Stefan alone, she confronts him, knowing that he knows where the necklace is. Gloria said nothing to Klaus because she has no desire to help that "half-breed." But she does want it for herself - it belonged to the original witch - and will torture Stefan to get it. Before he reveals its location, Katherine comes in and stabs Gloria in the neck. They clean up, making it look like Gloria left town. Though Stefan doesn't want Katherine's help, he does take her advice about Rebecca being the mark. Stefan wants to know what she and Klaus were running from. Katherine had heard rumors about a vampire hunter, and now she wants to know. Stefan gets Rebecca alone and asks her about it. She becomes nervous and refuses to speak of it. Stefan backs off and they kiss. Klaus comes in, and she rats Stefan out, telling her brother that he was "asking about Michael" and "isn't with us." Klaus knocks Stefan out. When he comes to, in the episode's last scene, Klaus wants to know what it is from his old life that Stefan is holding on to. He throws open the door and reveals that they are in the back of a cargo truck - which has now pulled into Mystic Falls.

The Lockwoods are having their annual Founder's Day potluck (every week it's a new Founder's Day something-or-other). While Elena was preparing chili for the party, Gloria was performing her spell, and Elena's necklace burned her. Bonnie, back in town, takes the necklace and tries to figure out what is going on with it. The council meets uneventfully during the party, but as the adjourn, Bill saunters in. He has spent decades conditioning himself to be immune to compulsion. Bill taunts Damon, and Damon walks away. He grouses to Elena and Alaric, wishing he had killed Bill instead of compelling him. He gets no sympathy from Elena or Ric, so he "temporarily" kills Ric and goes back inside to permanently kill Bill. Caroline hears this, and pulls Damon off her dad. Damon may be older and stronger, but Caroline is angrier, and she wins, fleeing with her dad. The next morning before he leaves town, Bill thanks his daughter for saving him, and he and Caroline seem to part on good terms - until she promises she will be okay. "Honey, you're a vampire. I don't think you'll ever be okay again."

Jeremy can not only hear Anna, he can see her and talk to her. She has been trying for days to reach out to him, but it is a "push and pull" thing: he has to be receptive. She comes from the other side with a warning that Vicky brings with her the darkness. She is also very lonely. With Bonnie home, Jeremy feels a little guilty for hanging out with his dead ex-girlfriend, so he wills her away, then tells Bonnie what has been happening - which leaves Bonnie feeling guilty. Bonnie tries to talk about it with Elena when they meet up over coffee because Elena wants her necklace back. But Elena disappears in moments - because she is actually Katherine. Having been spurned by one Salvatore brother, she goes to the other, and asks Damon if he wants to on a road trip. With Ric being exceptionally mad at Damon for killing him, and annoyed that Ric wants him to "take a beat" from whatever burgeoning relationship he has with Elena, Damon decides to blindly go with Katherine.

Dig It or Bury It?

I don't have a lot to say about this episode. A lot happened, but it was kind of a middling episode. The "irony" of Bill treating Caroline's vampirism the same way homosexuality was treated 30 years ago (or possibly more recently, depending on where you live) was not clever. Been there, done that. I don't remember if we knew this before, but apparently the reason that her parents got divorced was because her dad realized he was gay. It's funny, but I didn't even realize there are no gay characters in TVD until Bill showed up. I think True Blood and Twilight have conditioned me to associate vampires with homosexuality.

Some things that concern me: this "vampire hunter" is going to get way too Buffy for comfort. Caroline and Tyler's relationship is going to be Romeo & Juliet. I thought we had escaped that, but in tonight's episode, at the council meeting, Ric made sure to mention Sheriff Forbes's vampire child and Mayor Lockwood's werewolf child.

Devilishly Charming

Damon is back to the humor in this episode. As Elena makes chili for the potluck, Damon teases her mercilessly. "Everyone makes chili." "But it's an old family recipe," she defends. "I knew your old family - their chili sucked." And of course, at the party, there were a dozen different pots of chili.

After Bill and Damon's first confrontation, he goes to Elena and Alaric for some sympathy. "Bill is impervious to compulsion. He threatened to out me - don't even get me started on the irony of that." Later, when Bill taunts Damon, he does so by saying he is not self-destructive enough to kill him. "You know, you are the third person today to underestimate me." 

Blood Lust

The bloodiest scene of note tonight was Stefan's torture at the hands of Gloria, but it still wasn't impressive. TVD has had better scenes of torture. In this one, Gloria hits him with a paralyzing mind spell, strips off his shirt (because why wouldn't you if you had a Salvatore) and pins him to a plank like a frog being dissected. She first makes long slits in either wrist to drain some of his blood, then outfits each with giant silver staples to stave off healing. Then she rubs vervane on her hands and holds them on his chest (because, again, why wouldn't you if you had a Salvatore). Katherine swoops in as he is getting ready to cave (pussy) and stabs Gloria swiftly in the neck.


Back home in Mystic Falls, Klaus has Stefan on a timer - he has to drink from Elena before the timer runs out, and Stefan knows he won't be able to stop. Which means that he will be able to stop, or he will switch her for Katherine.