TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 310 - 'The New Deal'


The Vampire Diaries Episode 310

"The New Deal"

Written By: Michael Narducci

Directed By: John Behring

Original Airdate: 5 January 2011

In This Episode...

Bonnie is having a recurring nightmare where she goes to the witch house and discovers four coffins. Klaus is in one of them, clutching Elena's necklace. She is not sure what it means so she goes to the house to see if she picks up any "feelings." She does find Stefan there, and he needs her help in hiding Klaus's family coffins. She agrees to help - reluctantly. The witches of the house - though they are still mad at Bonnie - hate Klaus more, so they assist with a cloaking spell to make the coffins essentially disappear. Bonnie is convinced that the coffin she dreamt held Klaus is the one that holds the key to destroying him - but first they have to find a way to open it.

Klaus demands Elena and Damon's help in finding Stefan so he can get his family back. They insist they don't know where he is, so Klaus sends out a "warning:" Tyler, now buddies with Jeremy, compels Jeremy into standing in the middle of the street while another hybrid goon, Tony, speeds around the corner in an enormous SUV. Ric and Elena go outside to see this unfold. Ric throws Jeremy out of the way, saving his life but killing Ric. He's got his ring on, so he's fine - or he will be. Jeremy has no idea what happened - he had been compelled, and Elena pieced it together. When Tyler finds out what Klaus had in mind, he starts to seriously rethink this whole "sired" thing. Alaric finally wakes, but the ring didn't heal him like it usually does. He is hemorrhaging back to death and they have to get him to the hospital (later, Damon pops by to give him a vitamin V shot).

Bonnie finally admits that Stefan is at the witch house. Elena and Damon head there to speak to him, but the witches are still pissed at Damon and tamper with his daylight ring, rendering it useless in the decrepit house. He waits outside while Elena begs Stefan to return Klaus's relatives so that Jeremy will be safe. He refuses, she slaps him, and storms out to vent to Damon. Damon sends Elena home to deal with her brother while he deals with his. He braces himself against the burning, finds Stefan, and fights him out of the house. Stefan finally admits that he screwed up the plan to save Damon's life. Damon is unable to be grateful; that just meant another thing for him to feel guilty about. Stefan is adamant that there is another way to kill Klaus - there has to be. He finally relents and accepts Damon's help, under the promise that he not involve Elena in any way.

Meanwhile, Elena has made her own deal with Klaus. She gives him Rebecca, and in exchange he doesn't try to harm Jeremy again. He also has to protect her from Rebecca - Elena assumes she will be a little peeved that Elena killed her. Klaus agrees, and Elena turns over Rebecca's bod with a warning: she knows it was Klaus who killed their mother. Klaus takes Rebecca back to the house he is building, unstakes her, and talks to her while he waits for her to wake. As her finger starts to twitch, he tells her one day they shall be together again, and re-stakes her.

At home, Elena commiserates with Alaric. Jeremy shouldn't have to go through this - he deserves a normal life. They decide that the only humane thing to do is have Damon compel him again. In a surprisingly touching scene, Damon tells Jeremy he will move in with family friends in Denver, go to school, sneak beers, date (living) girls, and forget all about Mystic Falls.

Dig It or Bury It?

I've got to say, this was a weak way to come back from hiatus. It wasn't that it was a bad episode; it was just a little bland. It felt like they had to recap the first half of the season and didn't get around to furthering the story much. And of course, the "long awaited" Damon-Elena kiss was specifically geared towards... well, other, younger viewers. It was a classic "CW" moment. In fact, the more I think about this episode, the more bored I am by it.

Devilishly Charming

Damon is drinking in honor of "Klausageddon."

Damon finally talks Stefan into letting him help on the plan to take down Klaus by telling him, "You have to be cutthroat and devious [to take down Klaus], and I am so much better at that than you."

I know this isn't supposed to be funny, but I'm a smart-ass. Klaus is giving Elena an admonition to not got back on their truce, reminding her that she has "no shortage of loved ones." The first thing I thought was, "She kind of does - they keep dying on her, and half the time it is because of you." Also, I think we need to keep a tally of how many times in the show Alaric dies. I think tonight made three?

Blood Lust

Jeremy scores what I believe to be his first kill. Tony shows up at the Gilbert house and while he cannot come in, he is also preventing Elena from getting Ric to the hospital. Jeremy shoots him in the back with arrows - not enough to kill him, but enough to drop him long enough for Jeremy to go into the house, grab a meat cleaver, and saw the goon's head off.


Stefan and Damon can't agree on a plan to stop Klaus, so naturally Stefan runs off recklessly. Bad things ensue. Tyler stands up to his sire. And this week it is Caroline's 18th birthday (I have a feeling we have a lot more 18th birthdays to get through).