TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 319 - 'Heart of Darkness'

The Vampire Diaries Episode 319

"Heart of Darkness"

Written By: Brian Young and Evan Bleiweiss

Directed By: Chris Grismer

Original Airdate: 19 April 2012

In This Episode...

First off, Esther is back in town to make amends with Rebekah. She was being kept alive by the Bennet bloodline. With Abby now a vampire, there is not enough magic, and she is dying. She wants to make amends with her daughter - they she drops dead on the living room floor. Also back in town is Tyler. He has returned from Appalachia, where he turned more than 100 times, to test the sire bond. While there, he and Caroline meet up for sex in the old crypt ("Hey baby, wanna come down to my crypt?") He is going to crash at her house for a bit (on the couch, of course), but when he sees Klaus's drawing of her, he gets jealous and leaves.

Elena and Damon head out to Colorado to pick up Jeremy. Stefan thought the two of them should go so that Elena can figure out if she has feelings for Damon. They need Jeremy to contact Rose and find out who sired her (remember, she sired Katherine). They are surprised by Jeremy's new "friend," Kol. Kol and Damon fight and Damon stakes him, giving them enough time to get to a motel. Jeremy has never met Rose, so Damon will be his link to her. She is there, and instantly senses something going on between Elena and Damon. She was not sired by an original, but by Mary Porter - "Scary Mary." Rose doesn't know where Mary is, but promises to check with some contacts. 

No one can sleep that night. Elena pretends to sleep; instead she watches Damon drinking. He sees her awake and lays down next to her. They talk, and when their fingers begin to intertwine, Elena runs outside. Damon goes after her, and Elena gives in, rushing towards him and kissing him passionately. They probably would have started screwing right there in the hallway had Jeremy not come out and interrupted: Rose found out that Mary is living in Kansas. The trio head down there, and Jeremy is made to wait in the car. ("Why? So you two can go make out some more?") Scary Mary is already dead, staked by Kol, who is inside waiting for them. The boys fight, and Kol taunts them with the identity of Mary's sire. Apparently she was an original "groupie," and they all had a go at her. Kol beats up Damon a little more, declares them even, and leaves. Damon wants to pick up where he left off with Elena, who pulls away. Damon is not going to "make the decision" for her by being an asshole; for once he is going to be kind and make her choose for herself. In the car, going back to Mystic Falls, Rose is still with Jeremy. She tells him that Damon and Elena are good together: she makes him a better man, and he challenges her. 

Alaric is living in the Salvatore cellar, waiting for his Mr. Hyde to appear and reveal the hiding place of the final white ash stake. He tries sleeping. He tries drinking. Impatient, Klaus comes by and kills him. Nothing brings out Evil Alaric. Finally he takes off his ring and tells Stefan to beat him to death in the hopes that his evil side also has a sense of self preservation. It works, and Evil Alaric reveals he hid the stake in the cave - the part where vampires can't get to it. Rebekah takes him there to retrieve it. But he doesn't turn it over quite so fast. He wants to bargain. Rebekah is in no mood - and steps into the cave. It would appear that just before she "died," Esther took over her daughter's body. Esther is not a vampire, hence entrance into the cave. She is still determined to wipe out her children.

Dig It or Bury It?

Dig it. I mean, I don't give two shits about who Elena chooses. Hell, just screw both of them. And I don't know why Tyler is jealous. But I'm really starting to get into the Evil Alaric storyline, even though I know he will be off the show by season's end (he landed another pilot, and he can't be a lead in two shows on the air at the same time. He can, however, come back as a guest star, something that has been alluded to, so I figure he won't die).

These kids really need an subscription. Exactly how big of a nerd does it make me that I want to create a family tree for The Vampire Diaries? That big of a nerd, huh?

If Klaus is killed, will Tyler really die? Or will he just go back to being a regular werewolf, only losing the vampire part of him?

Devilishly Charming

Damon and Elena are getting ready to leave for Denver: "Have you ever flown first class?" "Who'd you have to compel for that?" "Please, I used miles."

Jeremy and Damon: "You want me to talk to a dead vampire?" "That's redundant, but yes."

Jeremy thinks that Kol is his new chum from school, and is surprised to learn he is an original. Damon, of course, must tease him about it: "Didn't you find it weird that you made a friend so fast? I mean, have you met you?"


It's time for the 1920s Decades Dance. No good ever comes from a school dance.