TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 407 - 'My Brother's Keeper'



The Vampire Diaries Episode 407
“My Brother’s Keeper”
Written By: Caroline Dries & Elisabeth R. Finch
Directed By: Jeffrey Hunt
Original Airdate: 29 November 2012

In This Episode...

Another year, another Miss Mystic Falls pageant. As with all Mystic Falls activities, shit hits the fan. First the emotional nonsense: Stefan has the “pleasure” of telling Damon that he and Elena broke up. Caroline is horrified when Stefan tells her why they broke up. Tyler and Caroline are still carrying on the ruse that the broke up, which means that Caroline and Klaus attend the pageant together (and by the end of it, she has really warmed to him) and Tyler and Hayley go together (and Tyler is insanely jealous when he sees Caroline laughing with Klaus.)

Now onto the intrigue: Jeremy. Jeremy is having nightmares about killing Elena. He voices his concerns to Matt, who reads in the Hunter’s Handbook (assumedly) that eventually the need to kill grows stronger and stronger until it is an all-consuming obsession. Stefan texts Jeremy and has him meet him in the catacombs while the rest of the town is crowning a Miss Mystic. Stefan had gone to the hospital, checked a few patients, and settled on a convicted murderer with no remorse. Stefan feeds him some of his blood, then snaps his neck. (Hello Dexter.) When Jeremy arrives in the catacombs, Stefan has the convict chained up. He slits Jeremy’s wrist and forces a bit of blood into the convict, then grabs the frantic con by the chains and dangles him in front of Jeremy. “Kill him or I will really let him off the chains,” Stefan snarls. Jeremy does, somewhat begrudgingly. But once he does start stabbing, Stefan has to drag him off. Jeremy has the blood lust. He watches a portion of the tattoo appear, and refuses to tell Stefan how much has appeared - not even after Stefan says (I swear to Flying Spaghetti Monster) “Show me on the drawing where the tattoo touched you.” (The “touched you” might be a touch exaggerated - but not much.) Jeremy doesn’t trust Stefan.

Jeremy was supposed to be April’s escort for the pageant. When he doesn’t show up, Matt jumps in and Elena worries about her brother. Jeremy shows up, very late, and packing a hidden arsenal of Connor’s hunting toys. Matt had told Elena about Jeremy’s nightmares, so she goes to find him in an empty dressing room. He admits that now all he can think about is killing vampires. He doesn’t want to hurt Elena, but he can’t stop thinking about it. He has purposely cut open his palm, and Elena smells it. She gets vampy and begs him to go away. She throws him against the wall, and he attacks. The two struggle, he stabs her through the neck with a special toy and is poised above her to land the killing blow when Matt comes in. He tries to talk Jeremy down. Then Stefan comes in, throws Jeremy off Elena, and instructs Matt to take him away while he cleans up Elena.

Clearly, the two remaining Gilberts cannot live together for the time being. Elena moves out of the house, and has Matt move in to keep an eye on Jeremy. Elena takes her bag to the Salvatore mansion, which surprises both men. I, naturally, assume this means a Caligula-style orgy, but Stefan decides he is going to crash somewhere else. Stefan goes to Caroline’s house and Caroline suddenly realizes that the reason Elena has been acting so differently since she turned was because she has Damon’s blood in her - she is sired to him. (Um, duh?) While Caroline is having her “a-ha” moment, Damon and Elena are having sex.

Also: Prof. Shane is at the pageant as a judge. Damon doesn’t trust him. He reveals himself as a vampire and Shane warns that even if they can get the map, the “thing they need which they are looking for” (presumably the sword that Klaus already has) is sealed with a spell that can only be broken by a Bennet witch. And Bonnie doesn’t have her mojo back yet. Hayley has great success in breaking the sire bond with the hybrids. She just has a few more to go. It turns out she is in cahoots with Shane, but what they are cahooting about is unclear.

Dig It or Bury It?

While this episode wasn’t as sappy as I thought it would be, it was still a little too gossipy for me. There was just enough intrigue to keep me from tuning out. But still, there is just something about this season that doesn’t sit right with me. Is it just that Elena is a vampire? Is it because the focus is back on which Salvatore she is going to choose, and which is going to go on a downward spiral? I miss the last couple seasons, where the focus was on the Originals and not “she loves me, she loves me not.” 

Was the whole “Damon is Elena’s sire” thing supposed to be a surprise? Because I was more surprised that this was supposed to be a huge revelation than I was at the actual revelation.


Stefan confronts Damon about his sire bond. Damon doesn’t deny it. We also get some flashbacks, looks like to the 1930s or 1940s.