TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 414 - 'Down the Rabbit Hole'



the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 414
“Down the Rabbit Hole”
Written By: Jose Molina
Directed By: Chris Grismer
Original Airdate: 14 February 2013

In This Episode...

With Klaus still stuck in the Gilberts’ living room, Caroline and Tyler go looking for the sword. They find it in Klaus’s attic. Rebekah sends them pictures of Jeremy’s tattoos, but now they have to decipher it. It is written in Aramaic, an ancient dead language. There are only two people who speak Aramaic: Klaus, and Mel Gibson. But Klaus is slightly less insane than Mel, so that is who Caroline will have to rely on. Naturally, Klaus doesn’t want to help, but he gives in when she bats her eyelashes at him. The sword reveals that there is only one dose of the cure. When Caroline calls Rebekah to tell her they have the translation, Klaus shouts to her that there is only one dose before Caroline can hang up.

Elena, Stefan, and Rebekah are heading towards the well. Rebekah grabs a few minutes alone with Stefan and tells him that there is only one dose. She realizes quickly that if Stefan had his way, he would give the one dose to Elena. She snaps his neck and heads off on her own. Elena feeds him bagged blood until he regains his strength, then he tells her about the single dose. She feels it is more important to give the single dose to Klaus so he can be killed (forgetting that Klaus may have sired her bloodline, which would kill her in the process.) Elena sees this as a blessing in disguise: it is about time she accept her circumstances and move on in life.

Rebekah continues on to the well, where she find Damon and his captor, Vaughn. Vaughn is no nonsense. He puts a stake bomb onto Rebekah’s chest and pulls the trigger. He attaches Damon to a post with silver wire around his neck, and rappels into the well. Next come Stefan and Elena. She goes ahead while Stefan helps untie Damon. But Elena is attacked by an unseen person down there, and Stefan is quick to go in to help. 

Bonnie, Jeremy, and Shane were the first into the well. Their guide brings them to opening, but will go no further. His payment is the tombstone because it has calcified witch blood in it. The stone has no bearing on the ceremony. Bonnie slips on the landing and slices her hand open pretty good. The spilled blood causes her to see her Grams later on. Jeremy realizes what is happening and pulls her back from the edge of insanity. Shane drops down into the well and breaks his leg. He is hurt and angry that Jeremy and Bonnie wouldn’t help him out. When Stefan comes through, he begs for help from him; Stefan leaves him as well.

Okay, so we are at whole point of our story: Silas’s “crypt.” Bonnie and Jeremy are in there and they see the stony corpse of Silas, clutching the cure. They try to pry it loose, but cannot - he has been frozen there for 2000 years. The only way to get the cure, it seems, is to wake him with blood. Neither wants to do it. Vaughn comes in and sneak-attacks Bonnie, stabbing her. He and Jeremy fight, and Elena grabs Vaughn off her brother. She is about to feed when Jeremy yells “Hunter’s curse!” She throws him against the wall and rushes to Jeremy. He wants her to help Bonnie first; she wants to get the cure first. She calls him a brat, opens his veins, and forces him to feed Silas. At this point, we know it is Katherine - Stefan has found Elena in the cavern, bloody from a head wound. So Silas feeds, his grip loosens enough for Katherine to grab the cure, and she bolts. Silas feeds greedily on Jeremy - too greedily. He snaps his neck.

Caroline has convinced Klaus not to kill Tyler, but Tyler must leave Mystic Falls. Caroline and Tyler say tearful goodbyes on the porch. He leaves. Klaus comes outside, which takes Caroline by surprise. “I guess something has happened to your friend Bonnie,” he says with a barely disguised smirk. Klaus reminds her that he has shown kindness, forgiveness, and pity all because of her. He is hurt and leaves.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode didn’t really strike any chords with me. There was a lot going on in the sense that everyone had their own storylines, but it was all the same story. This episode was all about everyone finding out that there is only one dose of the cure. The only part that actually piqued my interest was the end - well, technically the scenes for next week... which I guess means I am more interested in the following week’s episode. Was Jeremy not wearing his ring?


According to the scenes for next week, Jeremy might actually be dead. For realsies. Maybe it all just takes place in Elena’s mind as she descends into madness. I dunno, I just can’t imagine that Jeremy really is dead. Then again, The Vampire Diaries has never shied away from killing off main characters.