TV Recap: 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 510 - 'Fifty Shades of Grayson'


the vampire diariesThe Vampire Diaries Episode 510
“Fifty Shades of Grayson”
Written By: Caroline Dries
Directed By: Kellie Cyrus
Original Airdate: 12 December 2013

In This Episode…

Damon’s cell may be “fortified,” but after 70 years or so, there are bound to be some problems. Damon manages to get his hands on one of the bullets that Aaron dropped, then he punches the wall until a chunk of stone breaks free. He then puts the bullet in the key hole and slams it with the stone. There is a small explosion, but the door still doesn’t open. Damon has a little temper tantrum, kicking the door. Then it just swings open, slowly. Seems the big scary vampire didn’t think to “pull.”

Katherine wakes up next to Stefan and she is quietly exuberant. She finally has what she has always wanted. But then a big chunk of her hair falls out and the bubble bursts. She wraps herself in a blanket and runs from the room before Stefan can see it. As she races out of the house she runs into Damon. She can’t wait to rub her sexcapades in to Damon, but he is searching for Elena, so he doesn’t care. Elena isn’t in her dorm, isn’t in the lab, and now he sees she isn’t at home. He grabs Stefan and they head to the university for Aaron. The plan is to use him as leverage. Aaron calls Wes with Stefan’s offer: Aaron for Elena. Wes agrees and tells them to meet him at his classroom.

Wes has Elena in the basement of her father’s old medical practice. This was where he helped the Augustines - and where he experimented on vampires. Elena has vague memories of sneaking downstairs, hearing heinous sounds of torture behind a closed door, remembering her father gently telling her to go upstairs, that this isn’t a “kid zone.” Grayson was helping the Augustines, but his intentions were purer - he was using vampire blood to cure human diseases. Anyway, Wes has no intentions of meeting the Salvatores with Elena; he has other experiments to do on her. Instead, he sends Enzo - who is the Augustine vampire. He is given explicit instructions not to return until Damon is dead. No problem for Enzo: he craves vampire blood, hates Damon… and Wes injects him with an “insurance” policy: a disease that will desiccate him unless he returns to Wes for the antidote. 

Damon, Aaron, and Stefan arrive and find only Enzo. Stefan calls Wes and it becomes clear that he isn’t coming. Enzo demands they stay and listen to his side of the story, which is the same as Damon’s side of the story. You would think that his tale of survival would be the bulk of the story; but it wasn’t. That was relegated to a single sentence about one of the scientists “saving him.” Enzo goes to grab some booze, and in the interim, Damon volunteers to kill Aaron. In a desperate attempt to spare his life, Aaron mentions the Augustine files he has in his dorm room. The boys split up: Damon stays with Enzo, back and getting drunk, while Stefan chaperones Aaron.

Enzo is still plenty mad at Damon and throws him through a window. He marches outside to attack Damon some more (I guess instead of a daylight ring he has some special serum…?) He doesn’t get very far, as the poison is acting quickly. Damon easily blocks a couple punches, then Enzo collapses, his veins turning black and his whole body shriveling up a little bit. Damon takes Enzo back to the lab and sticks him with vials marked “antidote.” One of them worked and Enzo woke up. Damon shoves his hand in Enzo’s chest so he can relate his side of the story, that he had to turn off his emotions. Enzo has no sympathy for Damon. He will always be a monster. But that is where their story ends. Seriously - that’s it.

Stefan and Aaron are in his dorm. Aaron goes for one of the vampire weapons, but Stefan is way too smart for that and he catches Aaron in a death grip. Aaron welcomes death - “I’m dead anyway and I would rather you kill me than give Damon the satisfaction.” Stefan allows him to tell about Damon’s psychopathic revenge plan against his family. “We’re not all like him,” Stefan says and leaves. Before he does, Aaron has a change of heart and turns over all Wes’s files.

Back in the basement, Wes is preparing to inject Elena with a serum that will make her crave vampire blood. He likens it to Pavlov’s bell: her body will be trained to salivate over vampire blood instead of human blood. Elena begs, reminding Wes that Jesse couldn’t stop, that she will be eating her friends. I am going to blame this stupidity on her excessive blood loss - under normal circumstances, no one could be so stupid as to not understand that that is the whole point of the serum. Wes sticks her with the needle - but before he can inject, Stefan flies in, saving the day. He knocks Wes out cold and collects Elena. Elena manages to grab her father’s journal before they leave. Aaron comes in later and, finding Wes unconscious, wakes him up so he can yell at him. He thinks Wes is kidding himself if he believes he is helping people with this “research,” but more than that, he is furious that Wes sold him out and used him as a bargaining chip. He never wants to see Wes again and throws him back on the floor. For whatever reason, he grabs the syringe, still full of serum that never made it into Elena.

At home, Elena is engrossed in her father’s journal. Damon comes in and is mad at Elena for defending him all the time, for all the horrible things he has done. Elena asserts that she loves him and she is sticking by her choice. Damon is making a choice too - to break up with Elena. Apparently he feels like he is dragging her down with him. That “monster” remark really hit home and since he can’t change, he doesn’t want to change Elena. I don’t know, the whole thing was ridiculously melodramatic. 

Let’s finish off with Katherine. Deciding on the opposite of suicide, she is on a health kick in the hopes of staving off death a few more hours. Nadia returns to confront her mother about her suicide note, and Katherine asks about forgiveness. Nadia is pleased and comes up with a plan for Katherine to put her spirit into another body, like a traveler. Her grandfather was a traveler, which means that she has traveler blood and can do traveler magic. Her father discouraged traveler magic and when she became a vampire it didn’t matter anyway. But Katherine doesn’t want to give up her smoking hot body and declines. Nadia realizes that Katherine was asking about forgiveness from Stefan, not from her own daughter. Again disappointed by her mother, Nadia gives up and leaves town - but first she stops by the Grill and asks Matt to hold onto the traveler’s knife, just in case. We still don’t know exactly what that knife does, but apparently it is necessary to do traveler magic. (Can I jam the word “traveler” into this paragraph any more?) But after Katherine has a heart-to-heart with Stefan, and she starts to think there is hope yet for a relationship, she calls Nadia on her way out and says she has changed her mind. She wants to do the body swap. But of course, she has a heart attack while coming down the stairs and collapses.

Dig It or Bury It?

That was a dud. That was such an epically boring, pointless episode. It felt like it was just wasting time. The Enzo storyline reappears and dissolves in two acts. Katherine is just, well, Katherine: still dying, still freaking out about it, still pining after Stefan. There was a lot of repetition tonight - more so than usual. We just learned last week about Enzo and Damon’s plot to escape the Augustines, and Damon’s revenge plot, but we had to sit and listen to it again as Stefan was brought up to speed.

I was surprised that they didn’t inject Elena with the vampire-craving serum. It is not like The Vampire Diaries to wuss out like that. I guess by taking the pussy way out is the only way they can keep people on their toes…?

I don’t understand the reasoning behind why Damon dumped Elena. I mean, I understand he thinks he is bad for her and like every other character on this show, he is looking for redemption. Somehow he feels that is redeeming. I don’t understand how that makes sense to him. It was just such a random, pointless martyr move. But it did make me laugh: now Elena is living with not one, but two ex-boyfriends.

Seriously, that episode was upsettingly dull. I feel like my soul has been beaten.

Dear Diary

Grayson Gilbert kept a journal. (Because who doesn’t on this show?) In it, he writes about how he treated a seven-year-old girl named Megan (yes, Elena’s former roommate) who had congenital heart failure. She was given two months to live. One injection of vampire blood cured her completely - that is why she had a photo of Grayson. He saved her life. Of course, having vampire blood in her system made her prey for the Augustine vampire. You win some, you lose some.


When we return in January, Katherine is in the hospital, literally on her death bed, so everyone gathers around to share their memories of Katherine. Puke. But it is the 100th episode, which is a big milestone in broadcasting, so hopefully it will be less soapy and more bloody.