TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 212 - 'Better Angels'


The Walking Dead Episode 212

"Better Angels"

Written By: Evan Reilly & Glen Mazzara

Directed By: Guy Ferland

Original Airdate: 11 March 2012

In This Episode...

After the group buries Dale, Hershel moves everyone into the farmhouse. They are stocking up for winter, and fortifying the farm. When all that is done, Rick and Darryl will will take Randall out to the middle of nowhere and dump him. Try as he might, Shane can't convince Rick to let him go instead. Carl had confided to Shane that he felt like Dale's death was his fault and handed over the gun. Shane tells Rick; he just wants him to be a good father and husband. It falls on deaf ears.

Shane sits with Randall for a bit, obviously conflicted. He considers shooting the kid then and there, but doesn't. Instead, he unties him and sneaks him out to the forest. A safe distance away, Shane removes Randall's blindfold and gag and tells him that he wants to join Randall's gang. As Randall leads the way, Shane walks closely behind, pulls Randall behind a tree, and snaps his neck. He then smashes his own face into a tree trunk, and heads back to camp.

T-Dog had gone to retrieve Randall from the barn and when he found the kid gone, yelled for backup. Shane watches all this from a distance before stumbling forward, claiming that Randall broke free and ran into the woods with his gun. Shane, Darryl, Glenn, and Rick posse up and head into the woods.  Darryl starts asking questions, and Shane suggests they split up: Darryl and Glenn in one direction; Shane and Rick in the other. Darryl is the one who finds Randall and determines he died from a broken neck and no bite wounds.

As Shane and Rick walk, Rick knows what is happening. They stop in a clearing and face off: Shane with his gun on Rick, Rick calmly telling Shane he will regret this. Rick shows no fear as Shane spouts off about how he would be a better husband and father than Rick. Rick concedes, but tells Shane that he will have to shoot an unarmed man. Slowly, Rick reaches for his gun and hands it over to Shane - and with his other hand, he shanks Shane in the gut. "Damn you for making me do this," Rick sobs as he watches Shane die.

Carl finds his dad hunched over Shane's corpse. He pulls his gun, and Rick moves forward, slowly trying to calm the boy down. But Carl isn't aiming at Rick; he is aiming at zombie Shane, rising from his pool of blood. Carl takes him down with a single shot, then goes back to asking Rick what happened. Before Rick can figure out what to say, they are surrounded. A horde of walkers is moving in - and they are moving damned fast.

Dig It or Bury It?

Shane's death was surprisingly touching. It certainly wasn't unexpected, and it certainly wasn't sappy. Shane and Rick's tense, dark silhouettes against a slightly-less-dark sky was just a beautiful shot. The director did a magnificent job with this episode. Tonight's episode had this almost intangible quality that made it really work for me. All the pieces were clicking. Maybe losing Dale was what brought the whine-factor down.

Question: Shane turned, and he turned fast. To the best of my knowledge, it would seem that Shane was the first dead person on the show to come back as a zombie without having been bitten. Is the zombie "virus" or whatever now airborne? Is this going to be season three's "big bad" (for lack of a better term)?

Kill of the Week

Kill of the week should, in all fairness, go to Carl, for killing zombie Shane, not killing his dad, and doing it all on the first shot and with no training. But I need to give Andrea a shout-out. She, Darryl, T-Dog, and Shane, at the beginning of the episode, head out to hunt zombies in order to blow off steam after Dale's death. Andrea gets one of the undead fuckers with a pitchfork, right up under the chin, up through the top of the skull. Then the foursome proceeds to beat the crap out of a few downed zombies - Office Space-style.

Wisdom of the Walking Dead

Rick, to Carl, after Shane tells him what Carl told him. "No more kid stuff.  People are going to die. There's no way you can ever be ready for it - the best we can do for now is avoid it. I wish I had something better to say, something more profound. I'm tired."


I am very excited for next week's season finale. As far as I can tell, it is an hour of zombie hordes wreaking havoc on our little farm. I have decided to call it "Night of the Walking Dead."