TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 303 - 'Walk With Me'



The Walking Dead Episode 303
“Walk With Me”
Written By: Evan Reilly
Directed By: Guy Ferland
Original Airdate: 28 October 2012

In This Episode...

Michonne and Andrea watch as a helicopter runs into some trouble and crashes in the woods. a rescue team sweeps in, save the injured-but-alive pilot, and brains the dead people so they don’t rise. Michonne’s pet zombies are starting to make a ruckus, so she beheads them. It is too late, and they are found - by none other that Merle. Andrea passes out.

When she wakes, she and Michonne are being examined by a doctor in a room - four walls, a roof, a bed, the whole nine. Civilization. Merle comes in to “catch up.” He is truly sorry to hear about Amy, but doesn’t believe that Daryl is still alive. The girls believe they are being held prisoner, and are extremely untrusting, especially Michonne, who wants her weapons back. Without coddling, the Governor assures them they are not prisoners. They can leave in the morning (for their own safety, the gates of Woodbury are not opened at night) and will be given back their weapons, plus food, medicine, ammo, even a car if they’d like. But he believes they should stay - Andrea is in bad shape and needs a few nights of rest in a real bed. The girls are given a bedroom with clean linens, fresh food, even hot water for showers. By morning, the girls are given a fresh breakfast and a tour of the quaint town, which currently has a population of 73 (with a pregnant woman about to pop out #74) and schools, hospitals, even a coffee shop. Andrea is starting to let her guard down. Michonne is not.

Under the surface, there is some darkness. The Governor has a mystery lab where a timid yes-man scientist, Norm, is studying zombies (among other things; this seems to be their R&D department.) He discovered that Michonne was likely keeping her zombie sherpas as cover. If they traveled with walkers, the other walkers wouldn’t notice them as much. Michonne cut off the arms so they couldn’t grab, and jaws so they couldn’t bite. Eventually they just stopped trying to eat anything because they couldn’t. They were starving, it is just a much longer process than for humans. It would also seem that Michonne knew her zombie pets, but refuses to elaborate. At the end of the episode, we see that the Governor has a secret, hidden room filled with aquariums that are crammed full of human heads. Some zombified; others not.

The pilot that the Governor pulled from the wreckage was traveling with a group of about a dozen or so men after their compound was overrun. They hit a roadblock, so the pilot and a couple other men took the helicopter to scout. The governor promised they would go find these other men and bring them back. Naturally, they don’t. The Governor and his men ambush the stranded soldiers. They are all shot dead, and their supplies scooped up. Upon return to Woodbury, the Governor tells people the soldiers fell victim to the walkers, but they should keep them in their minds when the town used the supplies they managed to find. The pilot’s head was among those in the aquariums.

Dig It or Bury It?

Well, I’m already annoyed with Michonne. Bad shit happened to you; we get it. You don’t trust the Governor; you have no reason to. You miss your weapons; who doesn’t? Either accept life in Woodbury or leave. Don’t just sit around and mope about it.

Since the guys the Governor killed were U.S. military, is it safe to say that there is still some form of military or government that exists somewhere? Sure, they could just be the few remaining hold outs, but it would make sense that the Governor really likes his new position and is killing those who would pose a threat to his new way of life. I assume that whatever is in the tea is kind of like the non-lethal version of Jonestown’s Kool-Aid: something to keep the masses docile. But what is up with the Governor’s Futurama room? Freaky.

Kill o’ the Week

Goes to Merle, who, despite limited medical resources, fashioned a metal fixture that would cover his stump, including a knife, effectively turning the stump into a bayonet. When a walker tries to sneak up on him, he jams the knife up into the zombie’s skull, all without turning around.


Someone let the walkers in to the prison.