TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 402 - 'Infected'



the walking deadThe Walking Dead Episode 402
Written By: Angela Kang
Directed By: Guy Ferland
Original Airdate: 20 October 2013

In This Episode...

Things seem normal enough. Rick and Carl get up with the sun to work on the farm. Michonne heads out on a supply run. Glenn and Maggie sleep in shifts in the watchtower. But a huge crashing noise changes everything, and Michonne runs back into the compound to help, bringing a few walkers with her. She takes on two of them, and Carl runs to her aid, but without a gun he is useless. He finds one sitting by the watchpost and expertly drops the third.

During the night, Patrick slipped from the showers into the living quarter and settled in to eat a nice live one. Coughing makes him drop his current meal and move on to the next. By the time Rick makes it into the sleeping quarters, it is pure chaos. Zombies are killing people, people are killing zombies, everyone is in panicked lockdown mode. It’s total insanity. After a good 10-15 minutes of zombie carnage, things start to settle down and the damage can be assessed. Rick sees a walker locked in a cell and stabs it. It has no bites and no wounds. Hershel takes a look and thinks he choked to death on his own blood or fluid. There was pressure in his lungs, something like that, but it leads Hershel to believe he may have died from an aggressive flu strain. Rick noticed that he had bloody tear stains on his cheeks like the walker he noticed last week.

Carol sees that new guy Ryan has been bit and prepares to amputate - then she realizes he has also been bitten in the neck. It’s all over for him. He begs her to look after his daughters, Lizzie and Mika, like they were her own. Carol agrees and brings them in to say goodbye. The little girls do not handle it well, and one he dies, Carol pulls them away so she can kill him again. Lizzie, the older of the two girls, steps up, feeling like it is her responsibility to kill her zombie dad. Carol does not fight her on this, but does stand behind her just in case. Lizzie can’t do it and starts to hyperventilate; Mika helps her breathe while Carol finishes the job, then holds them tight.

The council convenes, worrying about what they can do about a deadly flu that seems to incubate and kill in under 24 hours. They turn one of the cell blocks into a quarantine unit for anyone with a cough. Karen and a guy named David are placed here. Tyreese feels bad about Karen ending up here and later in the episode brings her flowers... but when he arrives he finds her cell empty and bloody. He follows the blood trail outside and discovers two bodies, burned to a crisp. One is Karen; the other I assume is David.

Daryl gets to work digging graves and Rick offers to help. What Daryl really wants is for Rick to  arm himself again. Rick without a gun is like him “taking time off.” Rick feels that he has screwed up too may times, but Daryl feels like he has earned it back. They are interrupted by screams from Maggie and run. She is at the fence and there are even more zombies gathered, pressing at the fence, nearly bringing it down. Maggie needs help keeping it upright as the walkers are relentless in their quest for flesh. Rick has an idea. He and Daryl take the truck outside the gates with the piglets in a crate. Rick cuts them open and lures the walkers away with the scent of fresh blood. The freshly killed pigs are used as a trail of breadcrumbs to lure the walkers away from the prison. After all, they can’t eat the pigs, since right now it looks like the pigs are patient zero. This works, and Glenn and Sasha are able to fortify the fence.

Carl tells Rick about Carol teaching weapons training to the children. “She doesn’t want you to know, but I think you should let her.” Rick thanks Carl for alerting him. He has no intention of stopping Carol or saying anything to parents, who could insist the lessons stop. He hands Carl a gun - he has learned his lesson - and Rick puts his own back on.

And all is right with the world - as right as it can be in this world. Well, except for one thing: the episode opens with an unseen person sneakily feeding living mice to walkers at the fence. Sasha discovers a pile of partially-eaten mice corpses at the fence. Someone inside the prison has been luring walkers out to the fence.

Dig It or Bury It?

Chaos!! I love it. Okay, so swine flu is now responsible for zombification? I am still not sure which came first: death or the zombie flu. Remember, in season one (I think) they discovered that everyone was a carrier of the zombie gene, it just didn’t kick in until death. So this could be a particularly expeditious illness that really can kill in 24 hours, or that zombie gene could be mutating. Perhaps this flu causes the gene to mutate. Because it seems a bit odd for there to be a disease that goes from first symptom to death in only 24 hours or so. Ebola only kills that fast in extreme cases, and diseases that kill their host that quickly tend to kill themselves off because they run out of hosts.

But disease isn’t the only new danger. Now there is this sociopath who is using mice to lure the walkers over. There are zero hints as to who it could be. I have to guess it is one of the n00bs we haven’t met yet, or possibly one of the children, because they don’t seem to have a healthy fear of walkers yet. 

I’m glad that it looks like Rick has ended his two-episode pussy streak. I think that he was being a pussy more out of fear for the example he was setting for Carl than because he worried he would go to far. It clearly worked on the boy, because he seems to understand that he needed to be reeled in, and is ready to grow up.

I kind of wonder if the secret zombie-feeder could possibly be the Governor. The prison is big; he could easily hide somewhere, and no one would think of looking for him there.

Kill O’ the Week

This time, it was walker vs. walker for the kill of the week. When that throng of zombies was pressing against that fence, one of the zombies got in the way. He got pressed against the chain link so hard that the metal cut through his rotting flesh like it was nothing. Even the zombie’s eyeball got squished right down the center.


Life moves on (barely) as some of the camp heads out on a supply run while the others try to rebuild.