TV Recap: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 407 - 'Dead Weight'


The Walking Dead Episode 407
“Dead Weight”
Written By: Curtis Gwinn
Directed By: Jeremy Podeswa
Original Airdate: 24 November 2013

In This Episode...

Over the objections of several in his crew, Martinez invites the Governor and his new family to join their camp. The two rules: Martinez is in charge, and they don’t allow dead weight. Everyone has a job. For a brief time, everything seems good. The Governor, Lily, and Megan have their own RV, and they are essentially a family unit. Lily sets up a nursing station while the Governor goes on a supply run with Martinez, Pete and Mitch.

The guys come across a headless corpse with a sign on its chest reading “Liar.” A short distance away is another corpse, this one with a sign that says “Rapist.” Finally, the group gets to a cabin. On the porch is a third corpse, dead by a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. His sign reads “Murderer.” The Governor picks up a photo the corpse was holding, a family portrait nearly identical to the one the Governor used to carry. After clearing out a few zombies, the guys find some canned food and - score! - some beer. All in all, a successful outing. They stay in the cabin until morning. The Governor does not share any personal details, and Martinez reveals that he only let the Governor join his group because of the kid. He seems different now, and the Governor assures him he has changed.

Back at camp, Martinez joins the Governor, Lily, Megan, Tara, and Tara’s new girlfriend Alicia for a boozy lunch. Martinez hints at the wonderful job the Governor did in their last encampment, which is a topic that Lily is excited to hear more about - and the Governor doesn’t. After lunch, Martinez invites the Governor onto the roof to chip golf balls. He admires the Governor for taking on another family - Martinez couldn’t risk losing another. The Governor assures him he won’t lose them. Martinez then offers to “share the crown” with him. The Governor responds by hitting him with a golf club, kicking him off the roof, and feeding him to a pit of walkers.

When Pete finds what is left of Martinez, he just assumes he got drunk and fell into the pit. Pete will take the lead of the group temporarily, and figure out a voting system over the next few days. He takes his brother Mitch and the Governor out on a hunt. They come across another encampment, with no more than a dozen people, but they are well-stocked and have a barbed-wire perimeter. Mitch wants to storm in and rob them (“no rough stuff”) because they have plenty and their camp is running low. Pete refuses and the trio moves on. They end up with two squirrels and some condensed milk. Better than nothing. On their way back to camp, they return to the other camp - and find everyone dead, all their supplies taken. This was clearly an attack by humans, and Mitch is furious that someone else got the goods. “That should have been ours!” An old man tries to sit up, and Mitch stabs him in the head unapologetically. 

When he returns to camp, the Governor insists that he and his new family are leaving, that this camp isn’t safe. “Things are about to go very wrong here,” he tells Lily, who doesn’t want to leave. But she trusts the Governor, so they pack up, get Tara and Alicia, and hit the road. They come to a stop when they see a frightening site ahead of them: dozens of zombies, stuck waist-deep in the mud, trying desperately to claw their way out. I get the sense that these may have been the former Woodbury residents that the Governor massacred - or at least, he sees them as such. Either way, the Governor realizes they aren’t better on the road and returns to the camp before anyone wakes up.

He isn’t back in camp long before the Governor visits Pete. As soon as he lets him in, the Governor stabs Pete in the back and chokes him dead. Next he visits Mitch’s RV, and greets him with a gun. He doesn’t hide the fact that he just killed his brother, and Mitch thinks he is next, for killing the old man. But the Governor is not going to kill Mitch. He doesn’t care about the old man; he thinks Mitch was right, they should have taken the supplies. The Governor declares he is running the camp now, and invites Mitch to join him. They will tell the others that Pete died on a supply run, saving their lives. He will die a hero. In reality, the Governor weighs down the body and sinks him in the lake.

With the Governor in charge, he runs things tightly. Everyone has a job: rounding up ammo, digging ditches, setting up a perimeter. The Governor tells his people to avoid strangers, just tell him where you saw them. That night, he goes over his maps, thinking that there could be a better place for them. Lily is happy there; she feels safe. Of course, that all changes the next day, when Megan is playing tag with Tara and she is ambushed by a walker. She hides under a car and Tara desperately tries to drag the walker off her niece, but it is the Governor’s sharp aim (even with only one good eye) that puts the walker down and saves his would-be daughter.

The Governor goes for a drive. Perhaps he is just scoping the area; perhaps he knows where he is going. Either way, he ends up outside the prison. He sees Rick and Carl farming. He sees Hershel laughing - with Michonne. The Governor takes aim at her.

Dig It or Bury It?

Here comes the “I told you so.” I knew the Governor wasn’t done being evil. When you callously murder dozens of your own people, there is no coming back from that. At least this time his evilness comes from a well-meaning place: to protect his new family.

Honestly, it is hard for me to focus on this episode. Last week’s was so good and next week’s looks so good. It’s gonna be WAR!

Zombie o’ the Week

When the Governor killed Pete, he left his brain in tact. So when he dumped him in the lake, he knew Pete would zombify. That is the Governor’s thinking spot: on the dock, staring into the water, watching zombie Pete struggle in vain to get to the surface.


In the mid-season finale, it is all-out war between the Governor’s group and the prison group.